A literary question or questionable literature….

I’m part of a lovely coven. Um, I mean bookclub. I joined because I couldn’t afford my own book habit and libraries don’t like it if you keep their books. We’re a nice little selection of bibliophiles. Some of us like Jilly Cooper, some of us like Salman Rushdie and some of us don’t even read. All of us like wine.

It’s not very civilized. Everyone talks at the same time. We rarely discuss the books we read, unless they’re controversial or particularly good. We drink vino, we eat food with our fingers and catch up on each others lives.

We also have a black-market book trade that happens between the more voracious of us. A secret swapping of titles that happens under the table.

Sotto voce:
‘Have you read the Thomas Covenant series?’
‘I’ll bring them next month’
‘Thanks, oh and here’s the complete works of Eric van Lustbader’

I swear, even the most erudite of our readers have been tempted to dip their toes in this perilous undercurrent. Interestingly, it’s mostly the Rushdie readers who are often found with the Cooper books, checking where they fall open.

Which makes me wonder. Why do readers judge other readers on what they read? I’m animalistic when it comes to books. I gobble them up like a savage. I loose sleep over them, I re-read the good ones and I can’t give a single one away. I spend grocery money on books and I’ve banned myself from Kalahari.net. I have an ex libris stamp, for god’s sake. But I still have to defend myself when I’m bust reading Louis L’Amour. Or Marian Keyes. Or James Frey.

So help me out here. As I potter off to bookies to get my fix, I ask this. Is it just me, or have you also been sneered at by a literary snob?


12 thoughts on “A literary question or questionable literature….

  1. andreas says:

    I have a confession. I sneer at people who read John Grisham and Michael Connely and shit. And especially Dan Brown. But I read my girlfriend’s copy of The Da Vinci Code. Secretly. When she was away one weekend. And I read my ex’s copy of Bridgette Jones’ Diary. I took the cover off so no-one on the plane would know what I was reading.

    And I proudly own every Flashman novel that George McDonald Fraser has ever written. Those are fuckin’ brilliant. Everyone should read them.

    So bite me, Kafka.

  2. except that you know if you wait long enough you will be watching the movie, which is usually star studded and not nearly as good.
    but then again let those who sneer, sneer and yes book clubs are rarely about the books. its the wine that makes or breaks these gatherings.
    love en peace.

  3. jacktonsil says:

    Jeez! It took me a month to read the D-Code.

  4. jacktonsil says:

    I recommend Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood

  5. dex says:

    if your only alternative is e-tv.

    and talking to your dogs.

  6. jacktonsil says:

    I forgot, the ‘loser’. Apparently, David Morrel’s First Blood is a halfway decent book.

  7. mandydewaal says:

    Welcome to the Jungle.

    Now let me tell you a few things about Andreas, and Dex, and Jack Tonsil….

    And Pious, and DS, and GaryM, and DO, and Zephilla…

    And Ramon and Marco, whom we affectionately refer to Ramarco or the trogs…


    On second thoughts it’s much, much more fun if you find out yourself.

    Hey cool blogs D. Very cool blogs.


  8. ramon says:

    So, have you read The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant? There’s also The Last Chronicles. Good old fantasy.

  9. wizard says:

    seemed to have been written in a great hurry to cash in on the popularity of the first book bu then it got better. Agreed it was a good read.

  10. get by without a daily fix. Catch ‘The Fall of Baghdad’ by John Lee Anderson for the best story on the illegal war. Keep blogging, Dolce, you ain’t the only one out there.

  11. dolce says:

    Some of joy, some of laughter, but mostly because I’m chopping onions.

    MdW – ta very much. So far, so much fun! And all because of your Biz com article (so you know who to blame). Andreas – funnily enough, I hid a Cussler in a Kafka once…DO and Jack – ALWAYS looking for recommendations (so I can viciously judge the recommenders) so thank you! And aren’t lepers sexy, Ramon and Wiz, or is it just me? Dex, do you read, or just use books as firelighters?

  12. ramon says:

    Indeed. I have dreams about Thomas. What a guy.

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