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Kissed a barman a few weeks ago. Not necessarily a cunning plan. Now, I like barmen. They are usually charming, flirty, sociable. And, let’s be honest, they tend to ply one with drink. But, if you’re looking for someone who you can see during the daylight hours, like vampires and porphyriacs, they’re just not the most clever choice. But it’s been a while, so I ignored my internal voice of reason (which sounds suspiciously like my mother) and well, went there.

So after few weeks filled with lovely kisses, some rather smutty sms’s and some serious lack of sleep (out of the gutter I’m used to a hot bath and an early night rather than shooting Jaegermeister until the wee hours), said barman went arctic.

Naturally, I was curious.

Me: ‘So, why you back off’
Barman: ‘Might be dating someone else’
Me: ‘Ouch’

Ask a silly question!

Anyway, so that was that. Not one to mash and ponder the whys and wherefores, I was nevertheless in a quandry. I was all reminded of how delicious lovely kisses and late night flirting can be. So I soothed the bruised ego, thanked the ‘kick-in-the-pants’ gods for another nudge into life and lamented the loss of a really lovely drinking establishment.

And moved happily on.

Then,last night, snuggled in my snake pit, struggling through a dire book, I get a sms:

Him: ‘Are you alright? Ain’t seen you in a while.’
Me: [W.T.F.?] *long pause* ‘I’m fab, thanks darlin’! Been celebrating the old birthday. And you?’

He manages a stupendous ‘happy happy’.

And all I thought was, bless, he thinks I’m pining! And went to sleep.

44 thoughts on “Random fluff

  1. jacktonsil says:

    well then maybe something to do with the lack of sex?

  2. dolce says:

    But his choice! I know, I know….

  3. andreas says:

    I love it when girls say that. It’s the tone…who would have imagined condescending could be sorta sexy?

  4. jacktonsil says:

    I was a barman once you know. Ja, at the Bohemian Club, back in the day, when it wasn’t the sanitised yuppie scum joint it is now; back when it was all just Rolling Stones and pool and drugs and booze.

  5. marco says:

    you also made the right choice, my sympathies for you but surely theirs plenty single guys in CT that will be waiting for you one day.

  6. dolce says:

    What was your over the counter speciality?

  7. marcoswife says:

    most of the men in Ct are gay but their are some taht are real men and they will be much happier to find out your a virgin.

  8. U mean the bohemian, near Mellville? i have been playing there for years. Who knows, maybe you even served me.

    i write what i like

  9. dolce says:

    you like it when girls wear black boots and leather corsets and carry horse whips too?

  10. jacktonsil says:

    I’d give ’em Jack, D…

  11. dolce says:

    Bottled at source

  12. dex says:

    Give yourself some Jack too, Jack?

  13. dolce says:

    As in an instrument, the field or the fool?

  14. andreas says:

    But it’s the attitude I prefer…I just dig those sharp tongued girls.

    Kinda like how cowboys dig those wild broncos. Sure, you might get thrown, but man, they’re fun to ride.

  15. jacktonsil says:

    that autofellatio thing again, aren’t you, Dex?

  16. dex says:

    that would be too in your face, as they say.

    haha okay I’ll stop now.

  17. dolce says:

    What are you implying?

  18. dolce says:

    You’re funny, man!

  19. jacktonsil says:

    stick-ball. you know it?

  20. jacktonsil says:

    think it was funny.

  21. dolce says:

    I’m familiar with the game. Misspent youth, and all that.

  22. dolce says:

    *giggle*, I know *snort*, you’re right *splutter*, it’s not funny at all.

  23. andreas says:

    Your tone just drips, uh, contempt.

    And by “tone” I don’t mean as in “skin”…

  24. jacktonsil says:

    I’d not be so presumptious as to call it a speciality; but I like playing.

  25. dex says:

    come on Jack

  26. back then i played my pool on the roof of tandoor
    wait does that make me yuppie scum? But even if the place has lost its edge, it certainly beats Stones

    i write what i like

  27. marco says:

    vita i was’nt implying nothing, just that one day you might meet the right guy like jack maybe.

  28. dex says:

    when’s your autobiography ‘Jack on Jack’ coming out?

  29. …but the fool as well; however the extent of the latter was always directly proportional to number shots of Johnny Walker black Label i could afford on any given night. And you would always know when I had enough ‘cause the said foolishness would inevitably resolve into me taking a (often ineffectual) swing at someone (who might or might not be deserving). Suffice to say, I don’t drink anymore

    i write what i like

  30. dolce says:

    Ja, maybe you’re right, Marco, wise man. But then I’d have to move to Jozi.

  31. jacktonsil says:

    and you never hear the end of it. I’m outta here!

    Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare to land.

    No way, baby. Ja, maybe you have that sexy stewardess thing down pat, and you can make me feel that if you weren’t on the job we’d be in bed; that’s all well and good, but I’m driving down: loading my Golf, pointing it at the N1… and I’m gone! The ride’s the thing. I’m launching at 5, making a run for the England/Trinidad game at 6. My only regret: blowing through places like Hanover and Three Sisters at 171 kmph. That’s where my machine peaks. Ja, there’s only one way I’m making that game – attack! So when she says slow down, I’m gonna say, suck my dick! Speed’s the safest way for me. Safer than the sex will be, at any rate. Cos, like, this girl’s got quite a literal take. And me, I’m in a ‘fuck it’ kinda mood.

    Another book I’ve read is Hunter Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. And I just love it, hey. So, ja, gonna go past my friend Herbse before to pick up some e. Haha, no, it’s not for me; these days I get my rush vicariously.


  32. stick says:

    The fuck out of this.


  33. marco says:

    love is in the air, i should give up my day job and become a matchmaker hey.

  34. marcoswife says:

    what day job you bum you just sit here to chat to these other unmeployed people all day long. what dolce got that i dont you cheating fool?

  35. marco says:

    but you know i’m not cheating, just a matchmaker that’s all.

  36. marcoswife says:

    its ok baby i just wish you could get a job thats all.

  37. dolce says:

    Drive safely now, y’hear! When can we except your shining visage back?

  38. marco says:

    my skin is’nt…… enough its difficult you know.

  39. marcoswife says:

    maybe marco we can ask jack what he does for his skin? it seems like he can take anything face-on.

  40. […] in its streets could mean naked chicks, mozzies or overfriendly barmen, often all at the same time.  Any number of interesting fringe stuff happens in the bars and cafes […]

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