Welcome to the world

I sat last night, with an old friend. Holding her day old baby girl. Both were achingly beautiful. I’d felt the flutterings and turnings of this child in her mother’s belly. And now she was here, in my arms. Sleepy, yawning.

When J took the baby to her breast, I was literally overwhelmed with how simple, how natural, how connected this mother and child were. My own life suddenly felt so very far removed; flesh and stink and shallow grasping in a hard and metal world.

Sad, but also filled with awe, I was so moved by this glimpse of who we should be. Touched with tenderness and a fierce river of love. Communal, connected, deeply rooted in the presence and the cycle of our bodies, our lives. Safe. With none of the things that weigh and hinder us. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Welcome to the world, baby girl.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the world

  1. hanabi says:

    just like your blog, dolce.

  2. jessie says:

    for an awesome occasion.
    I hope you are the honourary Godmother Dolce!

  3. dolce says:

    Thanks Jessie and Han. Although I disagree – fluffy ramblings that don’t give justice to the moment. I still feel completely blown away by this little scrap of a person. And her awesome mother. And gobsmacked by my own reaction….I’m not normally this sentimental.

    Funnily enough, my mum is godmother to my friend, so the little bambina is kind of like a god-cousin, or something. Family, capice, family!

  4. benzo says:

    Dear Newborn

    In your purity, Welcome to a world that is clouded in Injustice and Human Frailty.
    In your innocence, Welcome to a world that will corrupt you within the hurricane-like twirl of growth and experience
    In your fragility, Welcome to a world that will strengthen your bones with the many scars and blood flows from your falls and stumbling as you try to learn to skillfully work upon the earth’s graveyard earth.
    In your unknowing, Welcome to a world that will teach you knowlegdes that cage our human strivings to limited possibilities.
    In your seeking, Welcome to a world that will lead your name to institutional findings.

    Sweet baby welcome to the world.

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