Faintly disgruntled hurmph

I was wondering. Do you ever get annoyed with someone asking such an obvious question that you have to lie just to see if they believe you?

Like when I was at school:

Me: ‘I was at my dad’s this weekend’
Them [with a caring little moue]: ‘Oh, are your folks divorced?’
Me: [*sigh*] ‘Oh, no. My parents have an open marriage. Dad has his house in Constantia, and mum lives in the flat in Kenilworth. They spend a couple of nights a month together, but mostly they like to have the freedom to see other people. It’s very cool.’
Them: ‘Um, oh, um,ok’

[cue ‘concerned’ call to parent]

Like today:

Boss: ‘So, is that report going to be finished today?’
Me: ‘Sadly no. I’ve just been diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and I’m feeling a bit moody.’
Boss: ‘Um, oh, um. Ok’

Have I ever missed a deadline?


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