Weekend thoughts

It was a weekend of moments. An anthology of moments I wish I had the words for.

Driving to the farm. The setting sun slowly turning the air to gold. Getting a headrush from singing out loud. Flashes of bright yellow canola fields in amongst the mid winter green. Taking the long way round, just for the joy of the road. Thinking; what would it be like to make love hidden in those green and yellow fields with acres of unbroken blue above you?)

Fire sculptures on the village green. A row of rapturous little faces turned, open-mouthed, up to the flickering light and then shrieking as the dragon exploded from the paper heart.

The taste of ice cold beer.

Sitting on the floor with my sleepy dog. Scratching her soft ears. Half listening to my dad talk about tractors. A kind of meditation.

Watching a newly hatched chick struggle for life. Knowing it won’t make it. Wondering whether to try and save it. Wondering how big a life needs to be before it’s unquestionably worth saving.

Walking through one of the paddocks. Being followed by my favourite pony. Knowing she’s going to start searching my pockets for the carrots I’ve hidden there. A familiar game. Loving the feel of her velvet nose in my hand. Feeling her nudge me with a gentle weight.

Drinking champagne alone in the night lit garden. Looking up to the sky. Following the arch of the milky way. Automatically searching for the Southern Cross. Watching my breath disappear into the dark.

Seeing my father slip his hand into my stepmother’s, when he thought I wasn’t looking.

Surreptitiously licking the last bits of greek yoghurt and honey from the bowl.

A languid, steaming, fragrant bubble bath and the best part of a good book.

Listening to Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor.

Hot tea and long, slow kisses that last a whole afternoon.

30 thoughts on “Weekend thoughts

  1. sara says:

    sigh. sounds lovely. long slow kisses, hey? all your male fans will be devastated.

  2. dolce says:

    Male fans? Where, where? Oh, and yes, long slow kisses are lovely. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. Mmmmm. I love kisses. Kissing. My favourite thing to do.

  3. jacktonsil says:

    I love slow, it’s an art form. Languid, yet deliberate, very nice. But I’m perturbed, obviously. The whole time you seemed so alone – another art – and yet… it takes two to tango, as it were…

  4. sara says:

    this is what I was saying, dolce. I mean on the blog. let’s see. there’s jack. but he’s easy. there’s blue peter, obviously. and there’s dex and andreas. all big fans. I’m just glad blue peters speedo story came out after dex’s pool party blog. can u imagine what him and andreas would have done with that. hee hee.

  5. dolce says:

    I was alone, in the best sense, for most of the weekend. And then I wasn’t.

  6. jacktonsil says:

    It’s a credit to your writing that it all sounds so sublime. And, no, I’m not upset if you’re wondering; just looking forward to more snog-inspired blogging 😉

  7. dolce says:

    JT? That deep oke who broods in the corner? The one who can spin you out in just a few lines of vertical? You think he’s easy? Sheesh…

    P.S. Giggle…good point. In fact, giving A and Dex any ammunition on anything…not cunning.

  8. dolce says:

    Too much caffeine? Not enough bad ass marketers interfering with your creative? You’re being just nice, Tonsil. Is this another tactic to keep us on our toes? You make me nervous when you’re nice. Where’s the hidden meaning? The velvet barb?


    Thanks JT! And I hope to be inspired by more snogging.

    P.S. would never imagine you’d be upset by anything….seriously, I mean, why would you? 😉

  9. jacktonsil says:

    I know when I’ve been beaten to the mark. All’s fair… as they say. Besides, my verticals are loss, not snog, inspired.

  10. dolce says:

    Beaten, schmeaten. You talk kak, JT. Spectators can’t be beaten.

    So, ok, I hereby throw down the snog vertical gauntlet. Think of your best slow, sensual, synapse searing snog session ever…and work a little of that JT magic. I’ll be first off the mark to linger over it’s luscious lines.

  11. micatyro says:

    Dolce, you have to be taking the piss with this blog! If I’ve blown anybody’s romantic bubble, apologies, but this is too much Dolce Vita. This is Black Beauty, National Velvet and oversweet Enid Blyton all rolled into a Girl’s Own attempt at titillation.

  12. micatyro says:

    …titillated too..

  13. sara says:

    you sound like the blog cynic. that’s what I’d expect jack or andreas to say, before they became mr nice guy. next thing you’ll be saying dolce is an invention of mandy de waal and benzo is hanabi.

  14. micatyro says:

    If those guys get nice somebloggy has to tip the balance back to normal don’t you think? By the way, I went through my cynicism phase a long time back and am now practising a higher form of humour that requires me to be anti-people and disbelieving of everything they say.

  15. micatyro says:

    …that Sara is Dreaded Outsider – a shaggy dude in shady girl’s clothing – but he doesn’t get a lot of time online. I’m keeping a beady eye on you.

  16. dex says:

    Don’t say shit like that man – The Crying Game haunts me to this day…

  17. micatyro says:

    I know man, sorry. I’ve seen DO’s head and facial hair – you’d have to be blind to miss that as a lovestruck blogger… but if the pubic hair is the same it’ll make The Crying Game look like a small, pale Irishman running into an alley and puking after discovering that the woman of his dreams is actually a ma… wait a minute? That sounds familiar…

  18. dolce says:

    I was getting worried there for a minute. Yeah, I know…but I get all Girls’ Own every now and again, so deal with it. And if you were titillated, think about how I was feeling!

    Are you in Blighty yet? The powers that be have just confirmed that I need to be there for 5 weeks from the 12th….rather exciting really…I’m going to loll about in Waterstones for hours and hours. And drink buckets of Directors. And see if I can find Neal’s Yard again. And, and, and….

  19. jacktonsil says:

    Neal’s Yard – that’s there by the West End, isn’t it? Ah, London, long time, but still, its vivid (even if my Geography is out). For me it was Trafalgar Square: the British Museum and the National Gallery… all though I’d need to run out of the latter after 2 hours or so. Just too intense, hey, our history splattered on those walls in all its trragic glory.

  20. flutter says:

    Sounds heavenly!!!

  21. dolce says:

    The National Gallery: me too, I’d be exhausted! (Man….I’m so excited.) I used to spend hours looking at the Degas stuff. And Dali. And Klimt. And Gauguin.

    And I loved the Goth market in St. Kensington. And listening to someone play Stravinski in the the corridors of the underground. And going to the Globe theatre. And drinking Directors at the Ship. And Camden Market.

    Four weeks is going to be way, way too short.

  22. dolce says:

    I love weekends like that. Unexpected, but very very cool!

    P.S. Thanks!

  23. dolce says:

    Our holding company is rolling out some info to all its subsidiaries. So the major regional events are happening in China, the UK, SA and the USA. Muggins here is organising.

    Excuse me while I dry retch quietly in the corner.

  24. micatyro says:

    Flying out on the 16th. My brother has a work ‘awayday’ on the Friday, so I’ll be heading into London from his place in Hampshire to meet my b&s-in-law, see some sights and grab some bites. I have only one week unfortunately – could handle five, but I have to earn. My trip is a brother bonding thing.

    I’ll look out for you tucked into a corner of a Waterstones – I’ll buy you a pint of Directors if you’re up for it.

  25. dolce says:

    I know…those four weeks are gonna fly though. I’m toying with taking week’s leave on the end to do a bunch of things I never did while I was living there (like the Tate, for goodness sake)…

    I’d take you up on that pint…but I know all about quality familial bonding…it’s unexpectedly time consuming…another time, another city.

  26. micatyro says:

    bb_mat and I are as much friends as brothers – so it’s more of a ‘go out for a few drinks and chat’ type of bonding. We’ll be knocking around London a bit, so hey, if you change your mind:


  27. dolce says:

    I’m in. I’ll drop you a line before I leave.

    Man, I can taste that lovely DB!

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