Bar Blog

Tonight that ingratiating little smirk just annoyed her. ‘What a wanker,’ she thought, as she picked up her jacket and swung down off the bar stool.

She’d come here for a little light relief. The walls of her apartment were closing in and she’d needed a drink. The place was quiet. The barman knew her; pushed the glass of wine across the bar. Asked her how the kids were. She rolled her eyes at him and sipped the cheap booze.

She looked around. A happy, intellectual looking couple to her left, deep in conversation. A fading, weaving man in a leather jacket to her right. She looked over at the barman.

‘Roger, who the fuck are these people’
‘Shite, Dolce, sorry. Candice, Mark, um, Greg-Dolce’
[in chorus] ‘Howzit’

She sipped the wine. Smiled at the happy couple.

Mark and Candice gazed at each other. Touching each other in the way that couples do; a hand on a leg here, the light brush of a cheek there. Candice leaned over, hand outstretch. Dolce shook it.

‘Hi, Dolce. Cold night huh? See you know Roger. Shame, he’s been trying to show us his willy again. Hectic about the rate increase hey. I can’t believe this weather. Do you come here often? Where do you live? It’s nice here hey?’

She glanced at Roger. He was staring down his pants. He looked up. Raised his eyebrows and nodded.

‘Yup. I know you chicks dig it.’

She looked back at Candice, who giggled and nestled back into Mark’s arms, stroking his hands.

Dolce sipped her wine and turned to Greg. Greg gazed intently at his beer. Clearly not his first. He looked up. Sad eyes unfocused.

‘I used to be in the resistance, man. I was, like, hectic. I knew where the bombs were going off. Now they don’t want me. Who wants a dried up whitey revolutionary. Fuck, man. I knew about the bombs, bru!’

‘Sheesh,’ she thought, ‘it’s kinda like the fekkin’ blog.’

She finished the wine and slid some money towards Roger. His eyes firmly on her cleavage, he nodded towards the Jaegermeister, raising his eyes briefly in question. Smiled that fekkin’ smirk.

And as she walked home, jacket under her arm, she wondered about people and the circling connection of things. And how similar we are. And how a single moment can change everything. And as she turned the key in the lock, she shook off her annoyance. Smiled to herself and was glad to be part of the wheeling, turning nature of things.


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