Expecting rain….

I’ve been thinking about sex. Recently, a lot. All the time in fact. Because, after a rather pathetically long-um-hiatus from all things coital, I’ve been seduced back into, well, the world of seduction.

One of the reasons the hiatus was so long was largely because I was uncomfortable dealing with my sexuality. I like sex. Always have. Actually let me rephrase that: I luuuurrrvve sex. All things about it. Highly charged. Ready for action. But the combination of a typically South African upbringing, which inferred that good girls can’t be sexy or sexual, and some nice, 21st century body image issues (probably from the same root), meant that it took me a long time to accept who I am.

Hence the hiatus. I went from rampant student to sad nun in the space of a few years. Projecting way too much into casual encounters left me feeling empty and used and with the distinct impression that there was something wrong with me. Which I now know, after a long and exceedingly dry couple of winters and some deep and meaningful soul searching, is complete and utter bollocks.

But this year has been a year of surprises. I seem to be shedding the past. And one of the most pleasant surprises was a slow, sexy seduction. And with all things, the moment something’s on your mind, it appears all over the place. Like when you start seeing someone who drives a Toyota. And all of a sudden there are Toyotas everywhere. Well, that’s a bad example because there are Toyotas everywhere. But you know what I mean.

So, it seems to me, that everywhere there are people, like me, who fantasize and imagine and edge towards the boundaries of what is considered acceptable. Which seems silly to say in our sex-obsessed age. But I’m talking about completely everyday people who blur the line between fantasy and reality. Who not only embrace and express their sexual selves, but do so with passion and abandon and joy.

Like one of my friends, who I met for a drink the other day. He mentioned his penchant for fetishism. We talked-and talked-.and talked-.and he suggested I pop in a quaint little coffee shop he knows for a cuppa and a bit of-um-exploration.

Then another friend suggested we go shopping at a a wonderful little place she knows. She swears by their corsets.

And then today I stumbled across a story about a women who’s been blogging anonymously about her sex life for 2 years, maintaining that anonymity to publish a book. She was recently viciously outed by a Sunday newspaper, which has caused all manner of uproar in the UK, just proving how far we still have to go for women to claim and own their most intimate desires.

An extract reads:

Just because a woman enjoys sex, it seems that she must be seen as pathological in some way; that she must be abnormal, or bad, or as in my case an addict. Why can’t women just like sex? Why can’t we be seen to enjoy it, without being called ‘sluts’ or ‘whores’ or ‘addicts’? Why must something be wrong with us, just because we openly express our needs, desires and wants?

So, my point is, I’m going shopping. I might pop in for that cuppa. I’m feeling just a little bit wicked. And for once that feels good. Toyota drivers: be warned-


16 thoughts on “Expecting rain….

  1. marco says:

    are you a fat chick, just asking hahaha.

  2. wizard says:

    I thought you had finished with London site-seeing. When you are bored go read some stories at http://www.literotica.com.
    PS you can shop there as well – plain brown cardboard boxes anyone?

  3. garym says:

    “Bleached Jack” Tonsil. He’s always up for it. However, a warning: he has a penchent for … well … being hoist by his own petard.

  4. dolce says:

    An appearance. A comment. A dig at Jack.

    I’m touched.

    You sure you’re not up for it?

    *Dolce shakes her head*

    I mean, thanks china…how’s the book going?

  5. dolce says:

    sheeet! I’m blushing….

    Actually, there’s this aisle in Sainsbury’s where they sell the most rampant bodice rippers I’ve ever seen….who needs http://www.literotica.com when you’ve got Sainsbury’s…

    And the condom aisle….flip….


  6. marco says:

    long time no hear, remember the old days hey, we must bring this place into order what you fink.

  7. marco says:

    you know what Dolce means in Italian ?

  8. bluepeter says:

    … with everything in that blog, D. Amen. Hallelujah. And happy shopping and coffeeing (or teeing) and reading and flirting and teasing and well, you know, you know. *blush* gotta work now … But that’s a cool site Wiz. Didn’t know that side of you. As for Marco, say hi to your friend JT for me …

  9. bluepeter says:

    BTW that coffee shop looks cool. I’m definitely, um, up for a cuppa sometime 😉

  10. bovinerebel says:

    dull , dull , dull.man I’m bored of girls ranting on about this so called “double standard”

    girls…just shag around if you want to …..I can freaking assure you you are not really princesses….daddy lied….your people free to act in the ways you wish…

    sadly your request for this not to have consequences will not be approved….like men ,if you shag around you will be labelled…..boo freaking hoo…….and it will mostly be by other women….there is not one single law , civil rights clause or activist group trying to stop you…….you built your own damn cage……

    you don’t want equal rights as men…you want special rights….you want consequence free shagging around……

    until men have that……er……no.

  11. dolce says:

    Ja man. Of course there is no action without consequence. But the blog wasn’t about shagging around or wanting special rights. It was about me. About how I feel about myself.

    And we’ll be ranting about it for as long as rebels rant about their sandwiches: bovril or cheese anyone?

  12. dolce says:

    that “blue” in your name…it’s all making sense now…


  13. dolce says:

    nice name, btw! 😉

  14. flutter says:

    You go girl!! Life is just full of little titilating surprises!

  15. dolce says:

    it’s actually really odd…this was also supposed to be something introspective, a kind of a blog of an internal dialogue about reaching a space where what’s always been me is just settling into place…and I’ve been getting all these “jolly good show, welcome to the other side of the curtain” kinds of responses….

    Although, that said, had some nice pointers too *tips hat to Wiz*

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