For Dex*

To keep in the Kaap theme; if you’re bored and in need of some lite entertainment….

click here

(*if only to assuage his unvocalised, deep and morbid anguish about living in K’dorp…)


8 thoughts on “For Dex*

  1. micatyro says:

    That place is funny… got lost there for a while when I found an article on ‘kitten-huffing’.

  2. dex says:

    Love it – what a cool site. Just for that I’ll let that last line slide. (that and the fact that I can’t think of any clever retorts just now)

  3. mediastudent says:

    The next time you find such a gem, I urge you to label it “for anyone with a functioning sense of humour”. Had I not been such a nosey parker, I would have missed it!

    You have made my day.

  4. dolce says:

    that every one here is a fekkin’ nosey parker…

  5. dolce says:

    See, I can laik to lawf at us Souties in the Souff too!

  6. dolce says:

    I didn’t see that one….mmmmm….

    ….must do some work…..


  7. ramon says:

    Thanx – add to favourites I guess…

    Mountain of work can stay a mountain for all I care.

  8. owwkktcnru says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! ubkwhugnacqk

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