Thai coup*

Grey tanks and flowers
But behind the lines we know
Things are just the same


*especially for Ramona….


5 thoughts on “Thai coup*

  1. ramon says:

    I appreciate that.
    And it’s so true.

    I’m starting to wonder if Mr Thaksin had anything to do with it himself. Seeing how all his assets were flown out of the country three weeks before the coup. Could it be that someone paid him to go? Did he stage the coup like he staged an attempted murder 4 weeks before the coup?

    Something ain’t right.

    BTW, you forgot to mention the gogo-dancers in front of the tanks – promoting their brothels for the whole world to see!
    What a joke!

    At least nobody has been hurt, except for a 60-year old anti-coup idiot who smashed his taxi into a tank.
    Taxi driver: fuckall.

  2. dolce says:

    Go-go dancers strut
    the world’s cameras on them
    coup d’tat PR

    I remember those chicks from my brief times in Bangkok….“you wan gurl fucky? you lie my liddle pussy? Onry 50 Baht”

    Eye opening stuff for a naive little Saffer trundling around South East Asia. Very wide eyes!

  3. flutter says:

    Sounds hectic! Interesting though.. that no one saw this coming. Those go-go dancers sound like a hoot!

  4. flutter says:

    Sent you mail..did you get it?

  5. ramon says:

    emailed you back.
    take it easy.

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