Friday Frivolity*

The gym is never going to be the same again.

click here

*in keeping with Pi’s alliteration.

6 thoughts on “Friday Frivolity*

  1. zephilla says:

    My firewall at work won’t allow me to see it 😦

  2. dolce says:

    but if I say four men dancing on treadmills, that might give you an idea.

  3. dolce says:

    a little texual sention there, by any chance. No, no, no! No naked men! And if they were, it would be ugly.

  4. zephilla says:

    I need to understand why I just can’t see it…must be something porno about it. And shhhhhh D, I don’t want everyone to know

  5. flutter says:

    Impressive choreography and executions there 🙂 Really funny, thanks D.

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