Random observations from a rather random week

I swear the mozzies in Obs are hydroponically grown. Those suckers are on a mission. They zone in, drill down and go for the gusher. And, dammit, if they don’t focus on the face every single time. I’m sick of waking up looking like Rocky, with a swollen eye lid and a compulsion to itch like a fevered crack addict. It’s just nasty.

Went to Nia last night. The dwergie, also known as mom or mooma, was keen to see if this esoteric form of exercise would cover her cardio requirements. I thought I’d be laughing. Or at least stifling a giggle or two while I watch women writhe and strut to a bongo drum beat. But I got totally in to it. The stamp and breath and rhythm of moving my body. Not to the cyberpump of sterile gym overlords. But to the celebratory hum of Café del Mar type sounds and the swish of arms and hair and the thud of naked feet.

Those fekkin’ mozzies are injecting something Obz-like into the old bloodstream I reckon.

The Obz Fest is coming up. Can I face another year of hippies and students and vomit and so called ‘live music’ and dirty footed alternative folk. I have nothing against alternative folk. When I whip out the kaftan, I almost am one. Or dirty feet, for that matter. Mine are frequently. Comes with preferring either a minimum 3 inch heel or nothing at all. But that ingrained dirt of centuries, combined with yellowing toenails, crusted with black rings of unidentifiable filth. And cracked. Under the toes and on the heels. I can’t. I just can’t.

And the heave of sweaty, December heat flesh mixing with the sweet smell of cannabis and turning beer. The wild or blank eyed stares of people drinking to get drunk. Keyed up or dumbed down. I still love it, but only when I’m in the mood. And I’m so often not, these days. If people would just bathe a little more regularly. I knew I was getting old when I watched the Lord of the Rings and my primary thought, when Aragorn was plunged over the cliff into the river, was: ‘at least he’s getting a wash.’ Ja. This is not good.

So, as I scratch absentmindedly at another red bump on my arm, I’m wondering, on this Friday evening. Do I go home for a bath? Or just head out into the night and see where it takes me.


10 thoughts on “Random observations from a rather random week

  1. Dirty feet are hippies gift to the universe!

  2. bluepeter says:

    … my way perhaps? Well I’m not working – haven’t done so for hours. Handed in my essay and then ….. nothing. That post-essay stupor where I’m just staring at the Internet thinking, what if I google this random person? Sorry D, just rambling. Time for …. a walk in the park. Or I’ll call you. Whaddyousay?

  3. dolce says:

    gotta sink a couple of cocktails with the girls, as promised, but if the night ends early….

    Otherwise, tomorrow….one destress lady of leisure at your service…

  4. dolce says:

    I figured you’d be with the cloven ones.

    And, I think the night is calling….

  5. zephilla says:

    that’s got hurt…hehehe. Just kidding

  6. dolce says:

    what’s going to hurt…the cocktails…or de-stressing one very stressed BP?

    Hey, how’s the unfurling of Zephilla going…is life sweet, my friend?

  7. zephilla says:

    No you turning B_P down in such a public place….Ag, he’s a big boy. He can take it.

    Things D…are sweet. But I’m taking it easy this w/e. Sounds like yours will be a bit more hectic, no?

  8. dolce says:

    not turning him down…I’m in trouble because I don’t see enough of my girlfriends anymore (the curse of a crazy life)…so the end of the blog was more about going home to change and freshen up or just going straight out and hitting the town rather than an actual choice…..I’m out with the chiquitas tonight whether I like it or not! BP, however, has been promised the full de-stress treatment tomorrow….he’s just trying his luck…seeing if he can lure me, bad boy! And I’m tempted….very, very tempted….

    But angry chiquitas must not be poked with a stick.

    (oh fek, after Pi’s blog, being poked with a stick takes on a whole new meaning…fekkity)

  9. zephilla says:

    background info does come in handy….

    It wasn’t Pi. I think it was Little Lady Mystery. Could be wrong though. Ja, chiquitas do not like being ignored.

  10. […] in its streets could mean naked chicks, mozzies or overfriendly barmen, often all at the same time.  Any number of interesting fringe stuff happens […]

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