The Princess Echoes

So the lovely Jean has challenged me to a cross linked post. And since I’m normally a big fat scaredy cat when it comes to challenges, I thought I’d live on the edge a little and just do it. Pick up the baton. Rise to the occasion. Face the demons.

Procrastinate a bit.

I’m not good under pressure, you see. Oh for work, sure, but for creative stuff, ag, well, not really.

But I digress.

The topic of our respective bloglets, is each other. Not strictly Dolce and Jean, but Jean’s posting will be on La Dolce Vita and I’ve got to scribble away on The Princess Echoes. Not really about each other as such, but what those innocent little phrases mean for us.

And what immediately sprang to mind is that this Princess does echo. For me. It’s weird. Reading her blogs is like reading a diary I might have written in another life. Lots of little moments of synchronicity. Time echoes, life echoes, love echoes, thought echoes. And they carry on. Not unlike an echo, funnily enough. In my head. Long after I’ve read them. Echoing on quietly.

Sometimes it’s like her life runs parallel to my own. Cross linked, if you will.

Off the top of my head, for example, like me she has a single FPU (female parental unit, in Jean speak) who struggled and undertook strange rituals to ensure good manners in her children. She likes to dress up. Hell, the woman has her own language.

And all of this has got me wondering about the sameness of people again. How much I believe that we’re more alike than we are different. How we’re just echoes of the same pattern.

And that’s one of the reasons I love blogging. We can’t see each other. Can’t judge as quickly. Our first impressions are of nicely arranged bit and bytes. And beyond that, if we’re lucky, an essence of a person. Very possibly a projected essence, but a part of that person, none the less (and I’d hazard a fairly truthful one, or the blog wouldn’t survive.) And once we begin to read and connect and delve we either like what we find or we don’t. And we tend to go back to the things that echo with us. The humour, the contemplation, the rage, the secrets.

Sure, there are moments of incredible individuality amongst all of us. Splashes of extraordinary genius and compassion and love and energy and desire that flare out from us as a collective. But if we listen for those echoes that bind us, rather than the things that separate us, the world is filled with more whispering sound than we could have ever imagined.

And for me, the Princess Echoes!

29 thoughts on “The Princess Echoes

  1. echoes says:

    it makes us human? Great post, D (but I expected nothing less really). I’m relieved the “dress up” link was to the Halloween post. For a moment there I wondered if I had done something on bondage… Obviously not. I’m such a good girl. Usually.

  2. dolce says:

    A little bondage, that is!

    Such a good girl?


  3. echoes says:

    The difference between Whips and Chains VS Paddles and Cuffs. Ek se maar net…

  4. ramon says:

    That’s a great post.
    Thank you.

    It’s one of those days today.
    I don’t get them often, but when I get them, I get them.
    I can’t be bothered today.
    I need quiet.

    But after reading this I feel much better.
    Thanks again.

  5. dolce says:

    does my blog always end up in the gutter!

    And I agree, Ms Echoes…style…

    sticks and stones
    may break my bones
    but paddles and cuffs
    excite me

    Or something.

  6. dolce says:

    they sneak up at the most inopportune moments…

    I find a dark room and a glass of something strong helps.

    Glad I could offer some small respite.
    Thank you.

  7. echoes says:

    When the paddles and cuffs are pink, it kind of loses the full impact, doesn’t it? But Can’t buy it (well…except for the Paddles. R230 at Kink. Ek se net weer).

    Ok. I’ll stop now.

  8. dolce says:

    You’re bad. Another reason I like you. Now, I ask you, who can afford R230? I’m all for a little affordable Kink…like a Monsieur Pricé for playware…y’know? This season’s cuffs at bargin prices. There’s a gap, I swear, a gap!

  9. echoes says:

    It’s the ties that bind *grin* Monsieur Price sells these nifty little scarves…et voila! And never…ever…discount the power of the wooden spoon. I think we should call it “EveryMAN’s Toys”

  10. dolce says:

    My mother used to have a spoon with “I love Dolce” written on it, in case she forgot (I was bad)….so that would be just a little too icky!

    But I do have some lovely silk scarves, now that you mention it. And you know, good old cable ties work pretty well too.

  11. echoes says:

    Cable ties. *snort* Oish lady.
    On the other hand…why faff aorund with silly little scarves? What’s the point? Tie ’em up good. It’s not like they have anywhere to go. Right?

  12. dolce says:

    And when they’re tied up good you ask them:

    “so, you gotta ask yourself, how much do you reeeally trust me”

    And then laugh evilly.

  13. dex says:

    …kindly stop. Dex is trying to work for a change.

  14. dolce says:

    is click on the litte “x” on the top right hand corner of your screen…I promise, that one little click and we’ll go away and leave you in peace.

  15. dex says:

    …can’t do it Captain, I don’t have the powerrrr

    well maybe I can.


  16. echoes says:

    Just loosen them cable ties and let Dex go…it’s no fun when they’re not playing with.
    I’m thinking D…There should always be a safe word. Like “Butter” or “Please God stop… Let me go…It hurts so much and I think I’m going to die”.

    I love hysteria in the morning…

  17. zephilla says:

    I would like to give you five stars…but alas I can’t 😦

    There are moments where I also find the Princess echoing me.

  18. missme says:

    echoes, i hear them all the time…scary how we’re all so alike and yet we strive to be different.

    lovely blog…got me thinking…

  19. dolce says:

    the star spangled banner. Would be quite fitting for this morning’s Bush, um, I mean Republican, ROUT!


  20. dolce says:

    I’m not sure Dex can say anything through that ball gag. Bless him.

  21. dolce says:

    like your poem this morning got me thinking.

    And thanks!

  22. echoes says:

    Except you’re the survivor. nuff said.

  23. echoes says:

    we’d better take out the nose plugs. Don’t want a little accident ya’know..

  24. dolce says:

    in the words of the Dextor himself:

    The Princess: 4012
    Dolce: 0

    Excuse me while I go and wipe out my eyes.

  25. echoes says:

    it’s about great service delivery and not doing a half-ass job. whatever it takes. If it’s liquid latex, nose plugs and clamps…Well, The EveryMAN Toys will cater to your every deviant need. And Dex will walk away a happy (but still breathing) man.

  26. zephilla says:

    Thankfully I don’t know the words…and just how would you know If I had actually sung it, hhhmmmmmmmmm?

  27. zephilla says:

    I’m a survivor, yes…but my choice was either die or survive. I chose the latter. Nothing brave about that.

  28. flutter says:

    But if we listen for those echoes that bind us, rather than the things that separate us, the world is filled with more whispering sound than we could have ever imagined.

    Very very cool 😉

  29. dolce says:

    you’re living in echoland with me too, it would seem ;p


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