The subtle shift

With a nod to the crap poets society. And because I’ve been trying to avoid this for a week. And it wanted to be written. And so, because I blog, I inflict.

So ignore. Or click.

In a willing waiting game
(A subtle shift from there to here)
I watch the seagulls fighting
But every time you ask me this
I feel the twist
I sense the knot
I know you think the world is flat
I’m too awake to argue
But when the rolling game is up
I know I’ll fall. I know I’ll fall.
Through the sky
And through the dawn
And through the darkened lightening
I know I’ll fall. I know.
So why am I still wanting?


10 thoughts on “The subtle shift

  1. bluepeter says:

    … D been thinking of that movie we went to see, Little Miss Sunshine. Remember that line where the pre-eminent Proust scholar who tried to commit suicide tells his loser nephew about how life is about suffering and how adolescence is the best time for suffering? So your poem has a bit of that for me – the falling (the suffering). As long as there’s someone there to catch you, right?

  2. dolce says:

    you’re alive, and you can blog….YAY!

    Nah, I wasn’t thinking about LMS…but I can see the connection…seagulls, losers.

    I’ve been thinking about the suble shifts we want from people (the here to there)…nothing big, but important. Maybe. Enough to matter. And whether we just think we want them, or if it’s us who has to do the shifting.

    Nothing too deep, just a pondering.

  3. zephilla says:

    I was actually quite concerned about you….but now that you’ve explained it all I feel much better.

  4. dolce says:

    You know me…repress all that nasty darklingness and then when it oozes up, I fritter it away on an incomprehensible blog.

    But thanks.

    And I’ve been meaning to say….CONGRATULATIONS! How is salacious divorcée life anyway? Are you breaking up marriages and stealing husbands and drinking and hanging around in honkey tonks or something?

  5. zephilla says:

    I may do many bad things as a salacious divorceé, but I’d never steal someone else’s husband. You’ve gotta draw the line at some point 😉

    And on the contrary I’ve been hanging out in some fancy-ass places lately.

  6. dex says:

    ..I’m safe?

    Damn you and your morals Zephy! Damn you!

  7. zephilla says:

    I might make an exception for you 😉

    But I really not up to fighting with Ramona over you.

  8. dex says:

    It won’t be the first time Ramon will get his ass kicked by a girl.

  9. zephilla says:

    It sounds like his wife does a fair amount of kicking

  10. ramon says:

    right you are.

    no one kicks ass like my wife.

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