The chick on the horse

Obsfest is always interesting. Tales of dwarves and hippies and goths and kilt-wearing nutbags are believed. Tales of stage diving, band-snogging and car surfing are believed. Tales of blue drinks and bad schwarmas and the unfortunate confluence of both are believed. But no one ever believes me about the naked bird on the horse. Godiva. In the flesh. So to speak.

So. To the doubting Thomas’s out there. Here she is.

Image Hosted by

P.S. Apparently the horse delivers veggies on his average weekday. Bet he loves Obsfest too.


14 thoughts on “The chick on the horse

  1. zephilla says:

    Why is such a tiny picture? I mean you really can’t see if she is nekkid.

  2. dolce says:

    she’s not actually nekkid. She’s got socks on.

    And it’s tiny because I stole it off the Obsfest website.

  3. zephilla says:

    You’re gotta keep those feet warm

  4. dolce says:

    who clearly thinks essential Survivor wear is a pair of knee high socks. Duh!

  5. zephilla says:

    how does one qualify to ride around nekkid on a horse at Obfest. Do they audition people?

  6. dolce says:

    why? You looking for some part time work? Just a different type of broadcasting….

  7. zephilla says:

    I’m feeling so much more open these days.

  8. micatyro says:

    You gotta be pretty open to have a whole horse between your legs…

  9. wizard says:

    The girls – not the horses Dolce, pay attention! – look familar, I didnt know you were a blond.

  10. dolce says:

    haven’t seen you round these parts in a while – hope you are well?

    Heading off to Stanford this weekend for the Stanford Welsh Pony Show…lots of farm kids and their bruk ponies….and then, more excitingly, lots of carriage driving. One guy has a 6 in hand team of the most exquisite black ponies with manes and tails like something out of a fairy tale (or a Barbie’s own Stud Farm, rather)….unbelieveably controlled movement and precision.

    Ag, Wiz, I wish I had the cajones to do a Godiva number…

    …actually….they have a dress-up event at the show….I could cause a wee stir….


  11. dolce says:

    reminds me of a time my dad came across a women riding in the forest. Her horse was covered in sweat and foam and was panting and rolling its eyes. My dad looked at the woman. Looked at the horse. And raised a very questioning eyebrow.

    and she said archly, “If you’d been between my thighs for an hour and a half, you’d also look like this.”

  12. […] in its streets could mean naked chicks, mozzies or overfriendly barmen, often all at the same time.  Any number of interesting fringe […]

  13. Nossie says:


  14. Nossie says:

    We are planning a week to 10 day trip in Ct and then along the Garden route on the bike. I’d really appreciate some suggestions….you seem to know all the out of the way places….

    Love the “Lady Godiva” thing….hehehe…it must turn some heads!!

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