20 gees

Oke: Ja, so this mate of mine is, like, over from Dubai. And they make lank money there, hey. And he like dropped 20 gees on us last night, like, just because he can. Anything we wanted, man. He was just flickin’ out the wads.

Me: that’s nice.

Cue a clenching of fists.

20 gees could educate a school’s worth of kids for a year and some wanker is dropping it on his mates in a bling hole somewhere. And I’m driving home last night, thinking about this idiot, watching the hollow faces of the Cape Town street children. Wondering again how those with random wads in their pockets can’t see what they could do. How much they could change.

It’s grotesque.

And it makes me sad. Sad in a way that is deep and unfathomable and biting.

And I can’t stop thinking about it.


30 thoughts on “20 gees

  1. sundayschild says:

    I get so angry with the way things are that sometimes I can’t sleep. And encounters with dickheads like the one you describe are bound to set me off. It’s the single most compelling reason I can find for wanting a hell to exist – it seems not only fair but necessary that there’s some form of retribution. But I guess in this unbalanced and not very kind world order, we’re all guilty to some or other degree.

  2. dolce says:

    the rage often goes hand in hand with guilt, I guess. One man’s luxury being another’s necessity and all that. Who am I to point a finger when I spend the money I do on shoes and sushi. But such colossal waste…. Even if those boys had gone out and only spent 10 grand, I bet they’d have still been rolling around in a happy gluttonous stupor. And the other 10 could have gone to a shelter or towards schools fees or to “introduction to ethics” courses for parliament or something.

    but you’ve got a point. If we just had one less beer. One less sliver of sashimi. One less pair of summer flops. We could add ’em all up….

  3. straatmeisie says:

    that is what we call a vulgar display of wealth.new money. its quite a shame that we continue to associate ourselves with people like that. always finding excuses for them. i say abort that friendship. I’m sure its draining as is. I find it so shallow that people can just drop things like that as if totally oblivious of what others’ response will be. shame, he is quite shallow. i know a girl who’s a model.whenever I see her she goes – i know i know….people call me a supermodel nowadays. somedays i wish i had a plank in my bag so i could just give her a reality check. i say to you, if you want to drive yourself to a drinking problem then hang out with people who can only see as far as their noses. good luck to you.

  4. sundayschild says:

    I know what you mean Dolce – on that scale it’s obscene, unfeeling and turns my stomach. And you’re right – a little could go a long way. So I’m committing to at least one less pair of shoes, a few more evenings in, and paying someone’s school fees.

    (Hmm… just a thought, but drinking just the same amount but of a cheaper wine could also work)

  5. dex says:

    Helping those in need is all good and well, but that’s just crazy talk!

  6. sundayschild says:

    you get cheap wine and cheap wine, if you know what i mean…

    no, you’re right. I’ll just get an extra job.

  7. dex says:

    Hey, that kinda reminds me of someone: a cheap whine

  8. sundayschild says:

    with that kind of whine, cheap is so much better than expensive…

  9. dex says:

    And I suspect the whine is pretty standard, anyway. So you might as well save a couple of bucks.

  10. sundayschild says:

    ALWAYS sour… i prefer to avoid it altogether. In fact, the best thing to do with whine like that is put a cork in it.

  11. dex says:

    I get the feeling you’re as bored as I am.

    Which is very.

    As bored as a bison in bristol.
    As bored as a bucket of beavers.
    As bored as a bloemfontein babe at a babsfontein braai.

    As bored as a blogger at blogmark.

  12. flutter says:

    Just had an obscenely expensive office lunch at the Mount Nelson where after way too many glasses of w(h)ine I told everyone Sunday’s corny joke: “Whats pink and lies behind the Labia?”

    The dangers of too much w(h)ine…corny jokes.

    My male audience, a tipsy lot, roared with laughter.

  13. tamaryne says:

    a bushie in boksburg

  14. freespirit says:

    Yeah bored here like a chameleon on khaki…

  15. sundayschild says:

    a bacon-eating, beer-swilling bi-sexual barbarian at a Bryanston Batmitsvah…

    I’m supposed to be writing about (gulp!) water…. what’s your excuse?

  16. dex says:

    I have real, actual work to do. BUT: I’m on leave as of tomorrow afternoon. And the boss encourages us to think ahead. So my mind is already on leave…

  17. sundayschild says:

    strangely enough, i don’t remember that joke, but i’m glad you made them laugh. And yes, ALL kinds of w(h)ine can be dangerous… but corny jokes are a very mild pitfall…

  18. flutter says:

    That’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

    Thinking ahead!

    *Flutter valiantly fights of the puppy syndrome by playing Word Mojo while pretending to knock out construction drawings.

  19. sundayschild says:

    a head’s a very useful thing to think with Dex, but I thought your mind left month’s ago. Mine’s hibernating till i find it something more exciting to do…

  20. dex says:

    I’ll have you know I was once in the running for Employee of the hour. Didn’t win though; was beaten by that over-achieving envelope licker in the basement…

  21. ramon says:

    bored at a babsfontein braai is not really a bad thing, Deks, believe me I grew up in Skaapstad.

  22. dex says:

    Was in bloem for a weekend a year or so ago. There is some real talent down there, man. I reckon even more than in C.T….

  23. flutter says:

    Walking on cobblestones with three inch heels after a few glasses of w(h)ine! It was touch and go there just walking from the restaurant to the carpark.

    Someone idiot took pictures which I can’t wait to delete.

  24. ramon says:

    Besides Bloem girls aren’t into designer eye wear when they are bored. They leave that to the Capetonians and Israeli’s.

    That’s what they want.


  25. flutter says:

    Be nice. You Goatangers will have to come done here and harass us at some stage you know.

    At least they grow some fine steak up there in die ou Vrystaat.

  26. dolce says:

    you go off to one lousy board meeting and the whinos take over.

    ….I was so bored, I went to a board meeting….

    Boreder than a blonde boeremeisie at a bosberaad for brail writing blind Bolivians.

  27. flutter says:

    It’s that envelope glue Dexie. It’s like speed on a coke high.

  28. flutter says:

    Who are you calling whinos ?

    I’m just plain dddronk thank you very much 😉

  29. dolce says:

    hypothetically. You write a semi-serious blog. You step away for 2 hours. And you come back to w(h)ining and bored boksburgians and korupt kurgersdorpians…I just flipped.

    So sorry, lady. I will refrain from referring to you as a whino. From hence forth, thou shall be dubbed “Bergie”, in honour of your origins.

    I is a plain dddronk too. Actually, no. I is quite a pretty dddronk. According to my mirror, which shows two of me when I’m smudged.

  30. bovinerebel says:

    As someone said…(and I was mighty impressed)….”new money” .

    Sadly someone people will always only dislike this type of behaviour because of envy….I just think it lacks class…

    What we have today is the “content” of capatislism without the “context” ….we know the cost of everything and the value of nothing……..

    It’s no big deal…and what your friend did does not bother me … I’m speak on the general scale…..on every corner /tv station /bill board we are having cold hard materialism shoved down our throats…..50 cent drinking his overpriced champagne and wearing his fur coats with his hand on his gold digging whores , offering us the message that education and hard work are over valued….whilst brash gestures of mispent money and apathy for social issues are “in”……..it’s all become confused for “cool” …

    My definition of what is cool , will always be that wonderful elegant satisfaction of playing down your power, wealth….that’s what a responsible society needs…and is supposed to form the moral basis of capatalism , if it is to work .

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