Stupid girl

I’m not what you’d call a girly girl. Sure, I like pedicures and facials and Balinese Spice rubs. I probably have too much pink in my wardrobe. I definitely have too many shoes. I don’t like spiders. And I’ll admit to the ubiquitous collection of fluffy toys, hidden in the spare room.

But I also love camping. Getting my hair wet. Scrambling barefoot over the rocks at Boulders. I’m usually covered in all manner of bruises and scratches. I’ll arm wrestle you (if I think I can take you.) And I’ll try your home made, speed McQueen, downhill, go-cart named Kit II any day of the week.

The point of all this random rambling (I think) is that girls who act girly, who giggle and simper and play thick for their audience, really really piss me off. There is nothing that winds me up faster than an intelligent woman who pretends to be dim. Actually, I’m an equal opportunity ranter. I knew a boy in London who downplayed how bright he was because it didn’t fit with his captain of the cricket team image.

Drives me nuts.

Look, I know I’m not making much sense here. I’m no rocket scientist. (And I’ve been known to let the odd comment slide to avoid a deeply dull discourse.) And I certainly have no problem with endless amounts of lumo-pink fluff. I’m not saying don’t trowel on the war paint. Or haul out those heavenly heels. Or wear those dresses I wish I could fit over my head, let alone my womanly curves. But please, please don’t play brain bimbo. Don’t you feel just a little bit daft, playing the dimwit? Sure, if you actually are a bit short on firing synapses, fair game. But thick for thick’s sake is just silly. Isn’t it?


Whaddever. Hi all.


21 thoughts on “Stupid girl

  1. zephilla says:

    You know I was in Hyde Park today, and I was looking at these gorgeous woman who have kids but look as if they’ve just stepped off the cover of a glossy magazine. And I was wondering if I’m actually a girl. I don’t do perfect hair, and fabulous nails etc. I’m me. It’s cool to hear someone else sorta feel the same way.

    How was the holiday?

  2. dolce says:

    to look after their children, clean their houses, suck their husband’s…..oops.

    But I don’t mind those women that much…it’s the ones who act dumb with it that get me.

    [Flick hair]
    So like, where do the flies go at night?
    [flick hair]

    And you know she’s got an MBA….feeeeeek, it makes me grumpy!

  3. zephilla says:

    Haven’t come across people like that in my circles though Dolce….

  4. micatyro says:

    …maybe it’s a useful weapon… like…

  5. helwa says:

    Hallelujah Dolce,

    tittering and tottering in malls, even at little league soccer games.
    [Flick hair]
    so like do they know which thingamabob is theirs?
    [Flick hair]
    whats this game called again
    [me rolling my eyes]
    do you know which child is yours????

    The world will always try to fuck you over, and I say fuck BACK

  6. micatyro says:

    …howzit tjinas! Plus Ramon, Flutter, K Chasu, Wiz, Miseri… welcome to 2007.

  7. dolce says:

    and a flippin’ happy 2007 to you too…

    …can someone remind me never to go to Jo’burg again on holiday. No offence Jozi people…you know I have a soft spot for the mine dumps…but if you’re trying to avoid a back biting, power weilding, consumer driven season, it just ain’t the place to be.

    man, I even almost happy to be back at the grind stone.


  8. dolce says:

    I sense those teetering mommies shouldn’t be messin’ with you in the first place…

    The world will always try to fuck you over, and I say fuck BACK

    You seem a little cross?

    But it’s true. Although, I must confess, I still don’t know what a googly in cricket is. Or who’s playing half the time…..

    (oooh, fek, I’m going to regret this blog)

  9. dolce says:

    an evil game to…um….to….??

    What do you think they using the weapon for?



  10. dolce says:

    sharks swim in circles, I tell you….and an unsuspecting fishlet can get very, very dizzy!

  11. bovinerebel says:

    Good for you Dolce…that pisses me off too , because there is nothing sexier than a smart , fun woman taking control of their life…and nothing more irritating that some “play the victim ” femme fatale , ditzy idiot who thinks she’s a princess in some disney movie….

  12. micatyro says:

    …the complicated machinations of the female mind… playing dumb in the Marilyn Monroe mould is a classic ploy, getting away with murder and worse.

    Your mother (and grandmama) obviously taught you to be a strong, intelligent woman, and not to hide your light under a bushel… or your torch under a blanket(?). Other moms may encourage subterfuge and deceit… I have a sister-in-law who plays the dumb blonde very well and boys just fall at her feet.

  13. flutter says:

    Happy New Year and all that…

    Glad to see the old faces back too. Have popped in now and again over the holidays.

    Sure missed you lot! Welcome back Bloggers!

  14. dex says:

    I reckon the dumb ploy works because it plays on our caveman instinct to take care of and protect the girl.

    And, it makes us feel smarter and stronger than we really are.

    Damn, they got figured, man…

  15. bovinerebel says:

    the greatest trick women ever , pulled , was to pretend their power didn’t exist…

    women are all “strong” and “equal” to men…until something requires tedious physical labour…then suddenly as if struck down by kryptonite we are informed of their inadequisies….and while we carry out the dustbin with a shit eating grin on our faces , feeling glorious and self assured of our superiority…she’s laughing her ass at how dumb we are….

    Well i ain’t buying it…open your own doors and change your own fucking tires wenches..

  16. flutter says:

    And say I’ve had done the ‘helpless’ thing… especially with items that require tedious physical labour . But truthfully men love to be needed and I figure its a give an take thing. We always pay them back in ‘other ways’ 🙂

  17. ramon says:

    I always knew it!


    Misplaced comment…

  18. helwa says:

    But you know what I am rather laid back….But yes, ” helpless” females irritate me to no end….

    Also, I coach an under 9 boys soccer team which is really cool. But the reason for my signature of FUCK back, is the imagery when you see it in your mind, cos how precisely do you fuck back??

    Also veering off the topic, but yes a googly, is a method of bowling ( me thinks)

    but angry? Me? Nooooooo

    The world will always try to fuck you over, and I say fuck BACK

  19. helwa says:

    I think too much Ritalin as a child, diet pills as a teen, like.

    And too much weed and prozac as a girlie ( wait hmm I shouldn’t knock the weed)

    The world will always try to fuck you over, and I say fuck BACK

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