Seventeen times. Seventeen.

She pulled the knife out of Steven’s chest. It made a wet sucking sound. The blood, already thick and sticky in the heat, dripped from the dull blade.

She put the knife down.

Took a deep breath. And another.

Sitting back on her haunches she considered his naked body. Another fine specimen. Dark. Toned. The curvature of well defined muscles on his arms and legs. His groin. His chest was a bit of a mess, admittedly, but she could still see the dark curls that covered his pecs matted in the blood.

She stood. Stretched. Walked over to the fridge, trailing bloody but shapely footprints. Opened the door and looked inside. Bathed in blue light, she reached for the milk and drank greedily, directly from the bottle.

Thirsty work.

Returning the bottle, now marked with a darkening red hand, she closed the door, looked at her watch and was surprised at how little time had passed. If she hurried, she could still make the theatre.


20 thoughts on “Seventeen

  1. clare says:

    this is just the first of many installments. I like this girl already.

  2. flutter says:

    Working through some repressed anger there? 😉

    Nice one D! Keep them coming!

  3. dex says:

    Nice & creepy – I like. She’s going to see Swan Lake, isn’t she?

    You a scary blogger.

  4. dolce says:

    it’s a once off, Clare. She might do this often, but I don’t have the stomach for it. I’ll leave the blood ‘n guts stuff to our resident expert, Ramona “The Hack(saw)” ThaiDie Meister.

    And actually, Fluts, just feeling a little don’t fuck with me today, y’know?

  5. dolce says:

    She’s actually off to see that Scottish Play.

    Out out damn spot

    (see spot run)

    Ag. I digress.

    But, that reminds me. If you’re in Cape Town DON’T go and see Romeo and Juliette. It is utter, utter bollocks. I giggled in the balcony scene, not least because Romeo had his hand down his jacks and was havin’ a fondle…and Juliette and the worst Jo’burg kugel accent I’ve ever heard. Frikkin’ hilarious! In a really baaaad way!

  6. dex says:

    sounds KAK.

    I saw Chicago up here a while ago. Man, that was hot I tell you.

    See? Capetonians really can’t do anything right.

  7. dolce says:

    that’s cause we’re liberal. We do everything left.

    And trust you to dig Chicago. It’s just tits and ass. No soul.

    Ag, Dexy, I’m just pokin’ with ja.

    How’s that nice wife of yours?

  8. dex says:

    Wouldn’t know, Dolce – can’t remember marrying a nice one.

    But The Bat, she’s just fine and dandy, thanks. I think she went to visit some old friends of hers today, because there’s a withdrawel on my bank statement this morning that reads:

    ATM withdrawel – Autobank Seventh Circle of Hell: -R700-00.

  9. ramon says:

    I especially enjoyed the part with the milk bottle.
    And the hair on the balls.

    Just what I needed.
    A bit of gore.

  10. dolce says:

    Hair on his chest.

    You’re further gone than I thought.


    I must admit. It was written with you and the Dexterminator in mind. I wanted to play psycho psycho too!

    It’s fun!

  11. dolce says:

    that Standard Bank services hell.

  12. ramon says:

    You really think I am psycho, don’t you?

    Say, I’ll fly over just after the baby’s born, and then we go camping.
    Magaliesberge or somewhere.

    It’ll be fun!

  13. dolce says:


    You’re creeping me out.

    No really.

    Camping? Camping?

    What kind of woman do you think I am, you sick bastard?

  14. zephilla says:

    You and Dolorez drinking the same water, down there in Cape Town?

  15. ramon says:

    I forgot you had phobia for hiking and fresh air.
    I’ll buy you a nice pair of hiking boots.
    Those brown ones with the red laces…

    Come on! It’ll be great!

  16. flutter says:

    Monday was don’t fuck with me day.

    But then again so was the whole of last week… sighhh…

    Think Dex might be right. (Did I just say that!) Having a bit of a lingering menstrual cyclone!

  17. dolce says:

    I always liked our Dolorez!

  18. dolce says:

    those come with stilettos?

  19. simont says:

    Sounds too much like my neighbour…he’s a bit far gone too..what do you do with freaky neighbours?

  20. dolce says:

    SimonT. Are you saying your neighbour is dead or a sociopath? Or a South African living in Thailand with a penchant for blood lust?

    And, just wondering, why do you start each comment with your name. Does it help you remember?

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