Paranoia. Aaah…nothing quite like it.

So my dad’s not completely tech illiterate. He’s been known to trawl the web. He likes to ferret about in new things. Have a looksee. Trundle about muttering to himself. And now

(oh my god)

his tiny, local village paper has an article on blogging in it. And offers two possible places to foray into the big bad world of blogging;

the ubiquitous


(oh sweet mother of jesus)

you guessed it….

our very own little ‘marklet.

I feel a bit sick.

What if? What if? What if?

And if. So what?

Too close, though. Way too close.


33 thoughts on “Paranoia

  1. dex says:

    I am your father.

    You realize, don’t you, that this post is like a huge arrow –

    Daddy! Daddy! here I am! It’s me… your little Dolce!


  2. simont says:

    We too will be old and technologically challenged one day…As fro Paranoia, well thats easy to remedy, you have been watching too many episodes of fear factor!

  3. dolce says:

    But unlikely.

    [oh crap]

    *gnaws knuckles and frantically scours the “who’s new”*

    You’re a bitch Dexter.

  4. ramon says:

    One of my students searched my name on the net(I asked why??? and got a shy smile).
    Now he follows my blogs.
    So, I have to swear on other people’s blogs.
    That’s what you get for using your own name.

  5. dolce says:

    What’s that? As fro Paranoia. Is that like when you’re scared that your bum fluff has gotten out of hand?


    With all this spelling malarky going on, I can’t resist.

  6. dex says:

    What would that help? He doesn’t even have to log in. He could just be… reading.

    So: Hi Dolce’s Dad! You got a naughtly girl there dontcha?!

  7. dolce says:

    I thought you were my daddy?

  8. dolce says:

    Swearing is a crucial element of the english language. I say share the swearing with the ones who would learn. Share!

  9. dex says:

    you’re being disobedient and need a spanking. The rest of the time, you’re not my problem.

  10. dex says:

    Ramon?! Watse soort Afrikaner is jy met ‘n naam soos ‘Ramon’?!

  11. simont says:

    Hey a good mind and coherent typing skills do not often go hand in hand. Now you know paranoia, try the other greek word. Metanoia. Google it. It will give you a thrill

  12. misericordia says:

    Who said “Metanoia, and I will make you fishers of men?”

    He, he, just messin’ with your mind, Simon. Also try orthonoia, epinoia and ennoia.

  13. dolce says:

    they was wanting to laik to call him Rambo, but they called him Ramonder instead. Ramon is just laik to be his nickname.

  14. simont says:

    Its easy to mess with my mind. I also now other big words thou. Panantheism, Heilgeschight and Delicateson.

  15. dolce says:

    cold, buddy, cold!

  16. dolce says:



    soggy crusts

  17. garym says:

    Now there’s a good word for you to spell, Simon!

  18. simont says:


    Last used in the Sound of Music.

  19. garym says:

    Mines a real word! It’s what I do with your blogs 🙂

    Click if you don’t believe me.


  20. dolce says:

    Had to read that one a few times. Sounds hot. Like something you do with a whip and a jar of pills when you’ve really sinned. I’m off to google it now to see how wrong I am.

  21. simont says:

    Sorry i cant open porn sites at work…or at home!

  22. garym says:

    Simon can take a little friendly abuse. I think he quite likes it sometimes. I think he may even need it from time to time.

  23. simont says:

    Gary, dude, you read me like a book. Now SOMEBODY tell me how to upload apic on this site> Please?

  24. flutter says:

    You a nice blogger.

  25. dex says:

    I can’t stand to see a guy suffer like this. Hopefully someone will tell you soon… 😉

  26. flutter says:

    Don’t make us regret it!

  27. garym says:

    words like Simon, I would have to take you on ….

    Nice blogger …… Indeed.

    Would you put up a better fight than our dear sweet Dolce did? She even has Pa here on the blog to help her out.

  28. flutter says:

    That sounds like a very tentative challenge.

    I only fight bad boys!

    I suspect you’re just way too nice.

  29. dolce says:

    I can’t fight a man who uses such a plethora of multi-syllabic weapons. My normal advantage of a well framed décolletage and some well timed eyelash batting is lost on the blog, so I tend to do what most people do. Pick on those who are more syllabically challenged than myself.


  30. ramon says:

    I’m a naais boy, Geraldine.
    My nameis Ramon (but you can call me Ramona).

  31. ramon says:

    Ok? Moenie vra nie.
    My dad used to read these novels translated into Afrikaans about some Spanish hero (almost like Zorro, I imagine – without the gay mask, but definitely with the gay boots).

    Hence my writing style (and issues.)

  32. fishboy says:

    Iv’e been laughing so loud I woke my wife, now I have to sleep on the damn couch. We are about seven hours behind in the US.
    Behind what?

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