*we interupt this transmission*

Oi, Dolorez? That you lurking on the side bar? Dolorez?

Ramona, this chick is evil. Bad bad bad. Lovely!

Have you crossed over?


11 thoughts on “Dolorez?

  1. dolorez says:

    Those people have no sense of humour.
    It went OK for a while, but then Zeph evaporated and I threw in the towel.
    Now I’m officially in the trailer park (as those bitches call it).
    I like trailer parks, you know? Scratching my tits in public if they itch.
    I couldn’t stand the Kittens and Santa Clause outfits anymore.

    Fucking losers.

    I’ve visited your blog many times getting the same old “place to lay my hat speech, what’s wrong with you, woman? I’ve beginning to think I suffer from kind of terrible disease. Actually I defected, because I’m in lurve with Johan Beaueuaeaurain 😉

  2. dex says:

    Zeph evaporated??

    (And don’t diss kittens – they are very, very versatile little things)

  3. dolce says:

    welcome to your spiritual home!

    Although enough with the bitch tits references…I’ve got a well developed gag reflex.

    And no offense, chica, but I ain’t had time to do much more than keep up with the waves of mediocrity here. So haven’t been lurkin’ anywhere else (much). So glad you decided to join us though. I need a little uber dry D!

    And agreed. The kittens. The kittens.


  4. dolorez says:

    Their piss smell and the little fuckers kill birds without even consuming them (I do the same with mosquitoes, but that’s not quite the same, now, is it?)

    Mind you, birds can be fucking horrible little animals too.
    I can carry on and on…but I know you have work to do.

    Get to it, damn you!

  5. dolorez says:

    There’s a reply button.

  6. dolce says:

    quick ‘mark tip…you have to use the reply button on comments, otherwise it’s all out of context.

    Use it, don’t use it. Okes like Bovinerebel still haven’t got the hang of it.

  7. dolce says:

    it takes a little getting use to. Bit like black ‘n white movies. And bondage. But you’ll like it in the end!

  8. dex says:

    do everything but answer my question, okay?

  9. dolorez says:

    Fuck, Dolce that stuff stinks, woman.
    Leather and rubber and lubrication.

    Not for me.
    Give me glass of red wine, a big joint and a duvet.
    E-Z (by easy I mean that it’s better for me, not that I’m easy to get, you get?)

  10. dolorez says:

    I don’t know where she went, O.K.?
    Zeph has disappeared.
    I’m her replacement and she doesn’t know it.
    And Newbie is soooooooooo 90’s.

  11. dolce says:

    (Not even some silk wrist ties)

    No no.


    I’m outta here.

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