Urban Chick

Hola the blogging chiquita’s…

Lookie here…a little opportunity to strut your talented stuff….

Yes, this a little punt.

No, I wasn’t asked to punt it.

But I figure, if I bitch about SAArse and Truwarts then I can point you in the direction of something rather nice too!

(And Bov, please try and keep your scathing comments to an absolute minimum.)

….A Brand New Collection of Urban Women’s Writing

Urban Chick
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Friday night. The bar is filled with smart, sexy, sussed women fresh from a week hard at work. They have cocktails in hand and are deep in conversations with girlfriends, lovers or potential new partners. They are Urban Chicks, women who live in fast paced, traffic choked, money hungry, concrete landscapes. Landscapes where working hard is as much a priority as playing hard. They?re not superwomen. They’re able to laugh at themselves, even as they struggle through their experiences.

In recent years, the blogging phenomenon has allowed internet users, male and female alike, to explore the stories behind the relationships, with work and their individuality. Their stories are told with candour and humour.

Urban Chick: A Users Guide plans to showcase these kinds of stories

If you’re a 20 to 30 something, and you feel you fit into this category, then we?re looking for your stories. Tell us about a lives of these women and their daily battles with their crazy night out, a skewed work experience or a tangled romantic relationship using your intellect, wisdom and wit.

Visit the website http://www.urbanchick.wordpress.com for more information, submission guidelines and examples. Also sign up with the blog for news updates, tips and hints and join the Urban Chick community.

Short story submissions should be no longer than 3000 words.

Send your stories to:



PO BOX 292048

Stories must be no longer than 3000 words, typed and double spaced in order to be considered. Include all of your contact details with your submission.

Submission close end of May 2007.

5 thoughts on “Urban Chick

  1. kchasu says:

    i submitted already and they want it longer. you will note that there is no mention of minimum word count.

    Besides, from what i gather, it’s just another case of “let’s get some people to fill our publication for free.”

    They ain’t paying.

    Writing for free is not that bright. Nevertheless, I am sending a longer version of Ah, Men which they asked for.

    Never claimed to be bright. Helps not to need to earn a living from writing.

    Does anyone do that anymore? As a start out job? I did, but on newspapers….

  2. urbanchick says:

    Hi K Chasu
    Apologies for the lack of mention of minimum word count on the original press release. We have updated this on the site.
    We don’t want people to write for free. At this point, we have not secured a publisher although we are in discussion with at least 2. As writers ourselves, we understand that work should be rewarded…so we are certainly hoping to pay people if we can.
    And we are looking forward to your longer version!

    Hey Dolce…thanks for the punt.

  3. kchasu says:

    Peeking around and seeing what people are saying. I like it!

    I am goofing around, but will update it before the deadline. Anyway, I actually think it’s cool, what you are doing. Was being cheeky to Dolce – something completely out of the ordinary and hardly ever happens.


    Lots of love.
    Saint K Chasu.

  4. urbanchick says:

    Actually, my crazy publicist pointed this link out…

  5. dolce says:

    any time chica!

    PS stunning photo on Aquila’s flikr blog awards selection…looks like you were having fun. Tried to get up to Jozi, but no luck. Oh well!

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