For the record

I needed a little break. This place snuck in past my carefully constructed ‘fuck you’ walls and I needed a little sanity time.

But let me say this. My last comment. For the record.

I’ve met her. I believe her.

And so, whatever the collective morality of this place, my own line is drawn.

So Jack-or Tentacletoon rather-fuck you back. She knows I’ll back her to the hilt if she decides to takes action, but what chance does she have for any kind of justice in a country that wants to make a ‘date’ rapist its next president? And, according to hearsay, you’ve done something similar to someone else before. Nice! Little pattern developing there? Oh, sorry, I don’t have any ‘evidence’ on that one. So I’ll just shut up.

On a lighter note-.

RAMONA??? CONGRATULATIONS. Will have a(nother) large glass of champers in celebration of the new arrival

And as for the Dolorez debacle-. I didn’t know, I didn’t. I just figured you had very similar, very twisted little brains! Fantastic, my schlockmeister-I’m in awe! Oh, and I like this new turn-very House of the Flying Daggers with a little manga thrown in. I’ve been partial to a bit of porn lately!

BB-I too am edging into a rather bad gardening habit myself (with associated cold beverage reward). But recently some little slimy fekkers have tried to nosh my impatients-.I have become their instrument of death. And I like it! Very jealous of your butt!

Mica-thanks for keeping me up to date. And excuse me? GaryM? I think not. I’d prefer to be the brain spasm of someone not so-nice (Jokes, jokes). And no, I’m back. Still reeling a bit. Still raging. Still pissed off. But back.

Flutter-mmm, quirks-where to start. I HATE being late for movies (and yes, I DO like watching the ads.) And I’m with Ramon on the bacon and banana sarnies-yum. Oh and salted crisps on white bread roll or hundreds and thousands with lots of butter on white bread or plump ripe sliced tomato on toasted seed loaf. Ooooh!

PiousPious?-.poppet, you might hie to ye old England (oh, the shoes in Camden Market and Covent Garden), but you’d better visit us here. (poor Dexie! Although, mind you, he did wangle your addy out of that-.!)

Hey, and speaking of which- Dex-feeling a little existential there buddy? Nice blog. I always wanted to swim out into a grey ocean, till I couldn’t swim any more.

But that doesn’t give you the right to call me ‘fishy’, not matter HOW grateful you are-I might live in Cape Town, china, but I keep clean you old fussbugit! So just shuddup and bring me a cold Amstel. (Assuming you can find one since the SAB debacle – *sob*)

As for the snot infested blog-answer me this-hankies?!

Bovril-.’Protea Passion Chat Forum’…? WHAhahahaahhaahaha! You’re kidding right? Protea ‘passion’ chat forum? No flippin’ way. You shagging the boys in the change rooms? Flip, I nearly lost a kidney when I read that. I’ve already spoken about this- click here’s Stockholm? Have you asked them why they stock Holms? What is a holm anyway? Silliness. Ag. My FAVOURITE little plane trip was sitting next to a collection of Hasids. Nothing against the Hasidic, but they’ve definitely got something against deodorant. And they really like roll mops. And they were nervous. Olfactory torture of a cruel and unusual kind.

Sundays-.if I could come to work in my pajamas, I would. But since I sleep in the nick, the powers that be might object. Or not? And I happen to like sloths, but agree that music was naaasty.

Bertie, is that you? absolutely delighted you came to visit sorry I wasn’t there to receive you-but please come and have a glass of Stormhoek soon! Ok? Ok? And yes, of course I’ll have your love children.

MissN-visit here-.she’s horny!

And Silwane kaNjila…..Nataniel IS a lizard. Ever watch ‘V’? I’d be worried!


22 thoughts on “For the record

  1. dex says:

    Nice to see you.

    A few blogs down, there’s a bloke giving advice on how to increase your pheromone levels.


    You gonna smell me all the way down there right next to Geeky Mountain. You don’t stand a chance now.

  2. dolce says:

    ‘ello Dexie. We can smell you all the way down here right next to Geeky Mountain. Only most of the Slaapenaars think it’s a blue cheese factory.

    Oh. Wait. Its Ramoana who writes blue cheeze.

    Which reminds me of a terrible Cape Town joke:

    What smells worse than an anchovy?
    And anchovy’s poes.


  3. ramon says:

    God, I’m so happy now!
    Thank you, Dolce.
    And thank you for coming back.

    I too have been taking a break – things turn shitty here every now and again, but I suppose the only way to avoid shittiness is to avoid it completely but that’s easier said than done.

    The baby is healthy and quiet, the wife is cooking again and the dogs still shit in front of the gate.

    Man, I’m happy!

  4. dolce says:

    Ag, Ramon, you sure know how to butter a girl up. And stuff her between two slices of white bread for a lite afternoon snacklet!

    And yeah, the ostrich M.O. Those blurry lines between here and the real were starting to mess with my head in a very big way.

    But this whole thing has been a lesson. Stand up for the people you care about. Know who you want to be. And don’t be surprised by the ability of people to delude themselves.

    Delighted the little one is thriving…got a name yet?

  5. ramon says:

    Her western name is Nadine, Thai name: Theerakaarn.
    Thai’s usually use the same letter at the start of the nicknames (or western names) for all their kids, for example Boom, Boss and Blockhead (I shit you not!); mine are Nadia and Nadine – I’m already confusing the two.


  6. bovinerebel says:

    Leaving ? Say it isn’t so….

    Oh come now….my message board idea was/is a proto-commericial prospect….sort of feeling out the idea of getting people to sign up , if there’s enough traffic , pay some one to upkeep it , load it over to it’s own domain and sell advertising….I’m big on any form of income that requires me to do fuck all work ….

    Anyway…I’ll miss trying to shag you Dolce…

  7. kchasu says:

    I know you don’t like me much, but it’s good to have you back on the blog.

  8. bovinerebel says:

    got to love those thai nicknames….

    Boss , Benz , Golf , Beer , Nut , Porn , Tip , Toon etc etc etc

    My ex surname was “THONGtiraj ” and I was just grateful it wasn’t “Tittiporn” as I have come across…

  9. bovinerebel says:

    It’s not that she doesn;t like you…she just considers you a threat towards winning the race to my “meat sword”..

  10. dolce says:

    huh? Take a deep breath. Read slowly. I’m not leaving. Just ran away for a while. But I’m back now.

    But you can still miss trying to shag me.

  11. kchasu says:

    Somewhat hard to believe that your “meat sword” is such a holy grail.

    Lots of love
    The brain-dead fuck toy.

  12. bovinerebel says:

    Acting like you don’t want me will own encourage me….

    Glad to hear you not leaving Dolce….and as for you K chasu……

    Arthur : let’s go to camalot !

    (enter long and complictaed song and dance number about camelot..end routine)

    Knights : No , ’tis a silly place

  13. dolce says:

    Eeek. Must be bad!

    Soooo, bucking the old Thai trend then? T ≠ N.

    Nadine. My dad wanted to call me Nadine or Janine.

    Now I’m singing that old C&W song Joleen by Dolly Parton.

    I’m beggin’ on ya, please don’t take mah man..”

    Fek. Need sleep.

  14. dolce says:

    I don’t like you.

    How are your deep and meaningful email conversations with Jack going? Having fun?

  15. kchasu says:

    Let’s not do this on blog huh? There is no point in perpetuating some ugliness that I am not a part of – all this went down long before I arrived.

    If you want to get personal, email me. In fact, I would quite like it if you did. Which probably means you won’t blah blah blah.

  16. garym says:

    Keep it on the blog – that way I can throw in my 2c too.

  17. dolce says:

    Naaah. Offline it was. But you can still put in your 2c worth. Nothin’ stopping you here. Say your peice. So, go wild. Have your say. Get it out. Get vocal. Say what you mean. Speak up. Go on.

    Hey. How were the Swedes? Did they stuff you in a hot room and beat you with birch twigs?

  18. garym says:

    a few times, but have come to believe it to be a pointless excercise. When you pin down ol’ Che Kazoo she just moves on and pretends it never happened.

    How were the Swedes…

    Well, no, no whips or twigs. But they did keep me working – on my last day there I worked from 5:30 AM to 2:30 AM the next morning. Being paid by the hour did reduce my level of discomfort though.

  19. dolce says:

    Aaah. The temptation to make some smutty comment…

    But no. I can resist my baser impulses. Sometimes.

    Yeah. I’m going to take a leaf. Move on. Pretend it never happened. Or something.

  20. bovinerebel says:

    She Admires him for his deep (and in her opinion not at all histrionic and insincere) poetry…but don’t worry…she’s paying the price for not having a keen eye for bullshit…she’s dating an artist…

  21. kchasu says:

    God this is annoying. I don’t date my artist. I live with him. I want to marry him.

    Talk about a deep misunderstanding of my life.

    Stop treating me like a child. I am a grown up.

    Mm – grumpiness rules. I think I must eat something.

  22. bovinerebel says:

    settle down girl…I’m winding you up..

    who you befriend /date /admire is really none of my concern …

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