The Sea II

The dark sea. That most familiar theme. Mostly still and silent. Waves only rarely drawn beyond the high water mark, carved like a warning. Sometimes drawn by the swelling and receding of the moon. Sometimes by tremors in an unexplored core.

Rising again.

And I can’t resist walking into the lapping night lit dark. Following the shimmering light line into the deep, deep part of it. Where I can sink a little. Give up the weight. Float just beneath the dividing. Where sound and sight are muffled and blurred. Where taste is salt and brine. Where I will not be reached by love or tenderness. Where the aloneness is not about being separate, but is a melding into self. Full of fear and the treachery of unsounded depths.

And I hope. Floating in the watery, barely echoing black. That my feet will still touch ground. When I come back up for air.


2 thoughts on “The Sea II

  1. sugarnspite says:

    A bit like swiming in a large, salty tear.

    Beautiful D!

    “you’re going to have to save yourself”

  2. dolce says:


    I couldn’t get the first bit right. But then, I’m not wallowing anymore, so short of waiting ’til I slide down again, it was post or delete.

    And I’m a sucker for punishment.

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