Went to see SHORTBUS yesterday. It’s the kind of movie that sticks in your brain. Sending out little tentacles connections – long after the popcorn’s out of your teeth.

What an incredible flick.

The opening scene, where one of the characters is trying to suck his own dick, immediately made me think of the ‘mark. The camera pans through a beautiful stylized art mock-up of New York, zooming into a window suffused with light and into the bathroom, where a man is filming his penis.

And it’s a rocket ride from there.

I first heard about the film when I was slightly obsessed with Girlwithaonetrackmind. I’d read her blook (and enjoyed the mile-high-club-for-one because of it) and was cruising her blog soon after, when she mentioned the movie and its impact on her. I had to see it.

Named after the bus that people with disabilities use in NY, it’s an achingly tender film about relationships and sex and love and voyeurism and relationships. And how we confuse them. Perfect for a bunch of bloggers like us, really.

I’ve never seen a movie where such explicit sex has been so un-erotic. Or rather, so real. Or rather, where the aim hasn’t been to titillate, but to reach out. Full of the pathos and ridiculousness that our fornication is filled with. There are moments that are laugh out loud funny. Parts made me cringe. Parts made me cry. And parts made me ache with recognition.

So. Today I’m thinking about my own journey to orgasm. I’m thinking about group sex and how unbalanced and dangerous it can be. I’m thinking about BDSM and how hard it is to ask and how hard it is to stop. I’m thinking about the dissonance of libido. I’m thinking about my own taboos and how many of them are actually mine or just part of the social construct I live in (a most familiar theme). I’m thinking about intimacy and love. And I’m unbelievably sad. But in the way that we are when we’re saying goodbye, before we start something absolutely new.

A warning. It’s graphic. But go see this movie.

5 thoughts on “Shortbus

  1. dex says:

    So HE is in the very first scene? Impressive. Hehe.

    Sounds like a good movie, will check it out.

  2. jacktonsil says:

    i got that as well. it wasn’t very subtle. silly little reference to tentacles: that’s quite direct. making sure i’d get it. talking to me, practically. and that’s just bending. she’s bending on her precious principles that that is disgusting. jeez. i’m making it to HER front page. next she’ll be talking to me straight. and i’d fucking hate that, man. yuk. can’t you people just let it go, for crying out loud? i mean put me in jail or put me in the ground. just commit to a course of action. cos innuendo’s for pussies, dex.

  3. dex says:

    Sorry dude, didn’t see you there right away. You were sitting kinda low in your seat.

    ‘nighty-night jack!

  4. dolce says:

    Sorry dude. We can’t play by the same rules. Against my better judgement, I’ve agreed to leave it, unless you comment on a post of mine – a girl should be allowed to fight back. And unlike you, when someone says “no more”, I tend to listen.

    Yes, the beginning scene of Shortbus reminded me of the autofellatio convo, when the blog was still fluffy and harmless. But, unfortunately for your monstrous ego, not everything is about you. The tentacle comment was more about metaphor.

    So fuck off and leave me alone Jack.

  5. Martin says:

    No comment on Jack.

    On Shortbus however, I had a good chuckle. Mainly because I was also motivated by The Girl‘s coverage to go see it.

    Yes it was real. Yes it was un-erotic in a strangely erotic way, but for some reason I just couldn’t get myself to really enjoy it. I *tried* to identify with the gay characters, but as hard (pardon the pun) as I did, I just couldn’t. Usually, I enjoy a movie’s subtleties when I imagine myself feeling what the character’s feeling… In this case, I just couldn’t make that happen; which means, probably, that I can be pretty sure I’m not gay. VERY sure, in fact 🙂

    Hope you didn’t happen to (per chance) also bump into someone you know in the cinema, like I did. Yes, it was a cringe moment!

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