Sliiiightly less grumpy now

have vaguely figured out how to use some of this stuff.  Still grumpy because I’ve gone all strawberry on myself (cover me in cream, baby) and because I can’t be arsed with a lot of this to’ing and fro’ing. 

 But I think I can live with it.


 Which brings me to a small point.  At what stage did I opt in for the daily grind?  Life is very much wake, gym, eat, work, sleep, wake….all very well, but not exactly what I had in mind.

 And it makes me nervous.  Because when I feel like this, I tend to poke very happily pottering parts of my life that shouldn’t be poked.  And there are usually lovely consequences.  Which make life, um, interesting.  Which is kind of what I want.  But not really.



4 thoughts on “Sliiiightly less grumpy now

  1. K Chasu says:

    Dolce – I do the same thing. Well, I used to. I still get a chronic itch to shuffle things around. These days, instead of dumping job/boyfriend/friend – I try to add things in. Yoga, scuba, catholicism – these were all additions to stop me making an attempt to fix something that ain’t broken.

  2. Ramon says:

    Dolce. I’m dying here – can’t log in!!!!
    Help, man – I need help

  3. you still not allowing comments?

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