Vincent Maher is a fluffy bunny*

If I wanted this type of blog, I would have stayed with my blogspot one.


 Blogmark was cool because it:

a) was a communal blog

b) was easy to navigate (don’t have to have 18 pages open to keep up with blogs)

c) was different to anything else out there. 


 This sucks.  Seriously.  If we wanted “individual”, stand alone blogs, we could have joined wordpress or blogspot or

 Can we have blogmark back?  Or at least, can’t you give its carcas to one of the clever, IT illlerate bloggers here and we’ll just limp along without you?

In the meantime.  Bye.

*ok happy now


8 thoughts on “Vincent Maher is a fluffy bunny*

  1. kchasu says:

    i could host it. i have a server that would manage it. plus i just need to issue instructions and it would happen.

  2. I get what you are saying, but you’re also not listening. We are working on the communal aspects and will be doing lots more in this area over the coming weeks. However, it is ridiculous to have a forum masquerading as a blog – i.e. no actual blogs behind the “blogs” and that is what we are rectifying.

    You might have noticed we have already restored the latest comments and they are better than the previous ones. More of that to come.

  3. dolce says:

    Yeah, ok Vincent, but what I’m saying is that we liked it the way it was. Sure we had a few moans about some features that disappeared. And so what if it was half blog half forum? Are you the blog police (well, um…I suppose you are, kinda). What’s makes THIS different to just having a standard wordpress blog (seeing as wordpress is the forum anyway) and being linked into amatou or something similar.

  4. dolce says:

    PS matt and vincent…nice little piece of PR there…putting your blogs automatically on our blogrolls…

  5. Ramon says:

    I just want my old stuff back, fucks very much – I can’t fuckin’ log in, man – my password has disappeared – I emailed Dolorez – fucked.

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