A long, nasty, terrible day….

And all I want is one of these….*weep*


Oh bottle of amber joy.  I miss your golden neck flakes stuck to my teeth.  I miss your peeling label.  I miss that first deep draught of a sip. 

Curse you, SAB!


30 thoughts on “A long, nasty, terrible day….

  1. Just picked up this post from Amatomu so obviously that’s sorted out yay

  2. K Chasu says:

    My crap day: I have a suicidal account director after we got terminated on a R35k piece of business because of politics and other crap. Now – that’s not a lot of money, but last we chatted to client (monday) the retainer was increasing and we needed more resource. so we hired. now i have AD going mental, wounded pride etc. Plus one more head count than i need. some days i hate this business…

  3. dex says:

    Dolla, you’d never guess. The pub in the office park where I work – and I do mean INSIDE the office park, as in walking distance – still has it!

    Okay so it’s not the bottles, but the long toms. Still, it’s good. Real good.

  4. dolce says:

    Vincent, aye, the Amamotu thing def working, but my site is STILL asking me to approve the comments. Am I going mad?

  5. dolce says:

    KC…I know. I’ve loved my job for longer than I’ve ever loved a job. Ever. But dammit, if our new MD isn’t making me wish i was somewhere else. Our frikkin’ global CEO singled out the work I do as some of the best in the network (*blush*) at a recent group meeting…and yet Baasie still tries to push me around. *gnash*

  6. dolce says:

    Jaysus, Dexter. Where? I’m catching the next flight. Or buy me one an ship it. I’m getting the ATs (Amstel Tremons)

  7. Are you sure its not just emailing you a notification?

  8. K Chasu says:

    Ag Dolce… sounds like your boss is vaguely threatened. Has a need to Keep-You-In-Your-Place. Just feel pity for him/her – it really is a sign of weakness/low self-esteem. Besides, when I was actually doing account based work, it was never where i worked but the clients i was on that blew my hair back.

  9. Micatyro says:

    Living in the past Dolla… it’s now Windhoek, or “Hansa Mouldy”… or something…

  10. Dusty Muffin says:

    Dolce, I have access to a stash of your amber gold (sorry, only in 340ml tins, not bottles) in the deep south (Masque Theatre in Muizenberg, to be exact). Will be happy to supply you with at least a six-pack, on me, as thanks for the ‘SQ’ thing. Just let me know when it suits you to drop by, and I’ll make a plan. I’ll be there most of this weekend, as I’m involved with the play that’s currently showing.

  11. Dusty Muffin says:

    Dolce, please send an email to me (if you’ve turned your email thingummy on). I want to check which address our blogmeisters are sending out to all and sundry.

    Thank ya kindly.

  12. kyknoord says:

    Fight it. The withdrawal is always worst just before you break the addiction. Remember – beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

  13. Dolce says:

    Mica Oh My LORD it’s good to see your pixels here…I thought you’d left us for good. Don’t do it, Mica, don’t do it! Pleeeease?

    Dusty Ok will do…give me a little while to get there! And really, you’d send me a 6 pack just for a little ranty response? Girl, don’t encourage me!

    Kyk Aye, and let me tell you, after 6 of those beauties, folks start looking beery nice!

  14. K Chasu says:

    Dolce – don’t take it personally, but i can’t bear having to fill in this bloody name and email thing…. it’s a hassle.

  15. Flutter says:


    There are some supplies of Amstel around but in limited amounts. I saw some at the Sushi Zone around the corner from you, last week!!

    I’m a Windhoek lady myself. The only organic beer. YUM!
    So much for buying South African hey?

  16. Flutter says:

    You what’s the scary thing D.

    You can type in anyname you want. Heaven for replicants who aren’t logged in.


  17. Flutter says:

    I knew you couldn’t stay away. W know you’re lurking.

    Just give it up already and COME BACK!

  18. dolce says:

    Hey KC – I promise you, I’ve TRIED EVERYTHING…I’ve even begged Vincent to lurk about in my code and work it out. It drives me mental too. I’m TRYING I’M TRYING!!!!!!!

  19. dolce says:

    Sushizone huh? mmmmm…..I will investigate immediately! Hey, btw, wanna have lunch sometime next week? Percy’s?

    And I know what you mean….but replicunts have always been there…just a sad fact of the blogosphere!

  20. dolce says:

    Yeah Mica – COME BACK!!! We don’t care if you just lurk….and comment occasionally…it’s all about knowing you care??

  21. Flutter says:

    Hey D, sounds goooodd!!

    Mmmhhh.. bangers & mash with a beer at Percy’s???

  22. Ectoplasm says:


    I don’t think it was SAB’s decision to stop with Amstel. I stand under correction

  23. dolce says:

    Flutter Bangers…mmmmm….mash…..beeeeeerrrrrr….I’m email you next week!

    Ecto Hurmmpph. They lost the distribution rights. They knew what was going to happen. I reckon they deliberately set it up so that the handover wouldn’t be smooth…that they’d have a couple of months to tout their new brands before Heineken could get Amstel back in the market. I blame them. I gotta blame somebody 🙂

  24. Hey, Doll

    Don’t you know that if you invite someone around to your new pad, you should at least leave them your address or leave some breadcrumbs.

    Don’t make me hunt you down girl!!

    Finally found the link over at Jams.

    So how ya doing?

  25. dolce says:

    Bollocks – could have sworn I left the link. Bugger! Sorry sweet pea.

    You hunted me down? *blush*

    I love a bit of stalker in a man!

    Am marvelous, despite a distinct lack of amstelerish liquids and the fact that I can’t come up with a good enought excuse to get out of here early.


  26. Not being in the office is overrated. I’m apparently home today cuz of sore throat and spluttering cough ad that type of thing. Except, I count 28 cellphone calls back and forth thus far with office and clients + 2 urgent email responses.
    Not sue if this still qualifies as sick leaves.

    I even managed to get 2 client invoices paid.
    Now that I think about it, maybe I should work from home more often.

  27. dolce says:

    dammit if it ain’t true…I’m all for pajama’ed conference calls. I’m far more productive from bed….

    ….or is that reproductive?

  28. Jam says:

    More like bugger Heineken which is where the problem started…SAb had no choice!

  29. dolce says:

    Cooommon! All powerful SAB? They coulda done something? Ag. I’m just bitter. Ignore me!

  30. bpskxwhuwl says:

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