The downside of sharing with boys

Why living in digs was never dull….

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8 thoughts on “The downside of sharing with boys

  1. K Chasu says:

    that’s just nasty dolce.


  2. Dolce says:

    Naaaasty indeed, Ms KC. One of the many reasons I will no longer live with other people (other than a lover). The curlies in the soap were another….


  3. arbchick says:

    Pooofie….gross. I lived in a commune with 5 guys once – I was the only chick. Have to say it was a blast most of the time – back then I guess this sorta thing wasn’t such a biggie for me – I had backpacked round Europe for 2 years so had pretty much seen it all. The worst part about that scenario was when we use to go clubbing together. It was like having 5 older brothers…GRRRRRRR

  4. Dolce says:

    Poofie? pooofie? *giggle*

    I haven’t heard that since my mum told me not to pick my nose at 5!

    Nice, Arb, nice!

  5. arbchick says:

    Same genre – nose picking and shower plughole cum…blaaahh

  6. Dolce says:

    yeah…and back schnorting…when you sniff/suck the mucus in your nose back so hard it makes a grauching noise.


  7. Suddenly I am thinking back on every single year of my life, as I have lived with guys for all 26 of these, and suddenly I am freaked out and feeling a little dirty. And I don’t think a shower would help!

  8. dolce says:

    *cackle* SORRY champers! Yeah. It’s petty grim. And don’t say you feel a little dirty on this here amagama space… boys here will offer to soap you up and wash you down!

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