I wanna give you a *hug*

This guy is why.

It reminded me of when I was living in London.  Without family or close friends.  And no one really touched me.  For months.  I’d come home to SA and just hang on my mum. 

I like ‘tartion*.  So here.  Have a *hug*.  Have 3.  Have as many as you like. 

I’m in a huggin’ mood.

*’tartion.  A word I stole from Sally Anne Cole.  Meaning “attention”.  Or affection. ‘tartion.  My word de jour.

100 thoughts on “*HUG*

  1. Arbchick says:

    What the hell is wrong with you Dolce! Snap out of it!

  2. dolce says:

    hey Arb…*hug*

  3. dolce says:

    Have you WATCHED that link, Arbchick? I challenge you not to feel fluffy after that.

  4. Ramon says:

    Thailand has blocked youTube after some twat had posted a thing on HM. Who’s the guy = I’m jealous!

  5. arbchick says:

    No idea what you’re talking about woman – what link??? What the &*%^………Who are you and what did you do with that horror chops, Dolce?

  6. arbchick says:

    OK – the link – can’t see that – filters installed by the powers that be – but I can’t think anything is worth losing your dignity over!

  7. dolce says:

    Ramona it’s this guy who’s gone around the world with a “free hugs” sign….huggin’ people. Man. It makes me want to change the world. I’ll try and download it for you and send it via email.

    Aarbie “this guy” should be in another colour. click on it. that link.

    And “horror chops”? Niiiiice, china, niiiiice!

  8. arbchick says:

    Why be jelous Ramon….get your free hug here….Dolce is handing them out to everyone – you can have mine too *vomit*

  9. dolce says:

    Dignity sê voet.

  10. dolce says:

    sounds like you need a hug, Arb. You scratchy, bitey little poppet you.

  11. arbchick says:

    Get your gammy hands off me woman!

  12. sick puppy says:

    Nevermind the sign, that song is awesome!

  13. arbchick says:

    You’re one sick puppy..

  14. semisweet says:

    I saw him on Oprah the other day. I think the concept is brilliant. I wanna give out free hugs as well :). It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Im with you Dolce

  15. arbchick says:

    Look Semi Sweet – are you sorted woman?

  16. Ramon says:

    I love vomit, arb – after rotten spinache and the magotty flesh of dead rats (I ‘marinate’ them myself) – I must say, vomit is my favourite – espacially if I can’t bite off the slime and it gets stuck in my throat. I usually vomit at this stage, but my vomit is much more bitter than any other I’ve tasted – it leaves a fantastic after taste.

    What’s for dinner?

  17. Ramon says:

    Cheers, Dolce – would love to have a look!

  18. arbchick says:

    Jeezuz Ramon…what the hell has happened to this chick.

    By the way…dinner: Dried blood sandwiches, piled up thick…washes down nicely with a bottle of sick…..yummm

  19. K Chasu says:

    Dolce…. want me to call a doctor?

  20. kyknoord says:

    Back off! I have a defibrillator and I’m not afraid to use it.

  21. vapour says:

    Fuck him if that nerd comes hear me I’ll smack him in the jib. Always this passive aggressive shit from Americans…come here let me give you a hug, oops killed ya…..oh shit collateral damage

  22. semisweet says:

    I actually think the guy is Australian…and not American.

  23. arbchick says:

    Vapour…thought you would have been first in line for a ‘free’ hug from one of the GT?!

  24. K Chasu says:

    they did it here. an art happening. have footage about four years old of Artist and his cronies doing exactly that. oooh. he is gonna be pissed off.

  25. vapour says:

    GT? Arb, semisweet Australian ! even worse they get told what collateral damage they can do by the yankers and in addition they keep on stealing south africans to run their sport, their country criminals the lotta them, real arses.

  26. vapour says:

    K you mean all the artists like hugging each other, what after a good day at Zoolake?

  27. semisweet says:

    Vapour, do they even know what collateral damage is????

    I think the concept is cool but maybe he got furballs from hugging too many sheep and had to upgrade to the human touch.

  28. semisweet says:

    Apparently they taking it global again. After the footage on youTube, 25 countries have subscribed to it.

  29. arbchick says:

    GT Vapour…….GT – can’t explain now…….some other time.

  30. vapour says:

    Semi ja send him this way post him on the side of the road in Emmerentia next to the new”Mosque” lets see love at work!

  31. semisweet says:

    LOL…or lets put him in Hillbrow to spread the love

  32. vapour says:

    Arb stand and deliver GT?

  33. vapour says:

    semi I got it he is an aussie and sili wants to ride a goat oooooh I can just feel the looooove

  34. K Chasu says:

    vapour – nah, they did this thing where Artist was followed around by a film crew while he hugged random strangers. it’s actually a better clip because everyone loved being hugged. still think it’s lame though.

  35. semisweet says:

    Brilliant match vapour.
    Go get him Sili…..take no prisoners!!!

  36. vapour says:

    KC yiena so it’s all on tape and once again effing Aussies stealing from South Africans!

  37. K Chasu says:

    mm- just showed artist this clip. he now wants to transfer his stuff to digital (done so long ago it’s on vhs). they also did another project – same crowd – where they wore things that looked like cop jackets but instead of Police, they said Polite. A little team of artists roaming the streets being nice to people.

  38. vapour says:

    KC Polite indeed, ……..you remind me of that show that Cedric Sampson did when he acted like the bum and asked people for money….it was funny!

  39. Dolce says:

    sick Damn right. Frikkin’ awesome song. I gotta get me that. *wonders off to iTunes*

    Ramonasty I’m a sympathetic vomiter. Even some one gagging makes me nervous. Ik. Ik. Ik. Now there’s vomit all over my bloglet. Bad boy. Bad! But I’ll send it to you – taking ages to download through my sneaky downloader thingie. I like to use the technical terms!

    Semi hurrah and huzzar with highly polished brass knobs on. I like it when people are with me. Makes me feel less like a social pariah. Oh, god, now I sound like Ramona. Next I’ll be watching gay porn. Eeep.

    KC A girl is allowed to be fluffy. Now shuddup and give me a hug (pssst, boys…look…girl on girl action)

    Kyk It’s very current, this hug thing. I find it electrifying. It’s quite shocking how many people don’t want to hug. This guy’s is quite the bright spark. Now put the difib DOWN!


    KC…again Oh…but he didn’t have YouTube

    Arb…again GT? Globe trotter? Girl Trouble? Gorgeous Tart? Grecian Tottie? Great Toblerone?

    All of you Ag shame. He’s just a great big hippy. Give the man some LOVE you cretinous hole dwellers!

  40. K Chasu says:

    cretinous hole dwellers? now now dolcerina…. you will hurt our feelings.

  41. vapour says:

    dolce my rules are simple…sex first then ja if you want to we can hug, it beats lying in each others arms spilling poetry

  42. Ramon says:

    Take yer time, luv.
    Not going anywhere in a hurry (nor am I striking).

  43. Dolce says:

    KC. Ag. You know. I just can’t bring myself to use the term blogbuddies. No offence. But nit infested word whores just makes me feel more fond of y’all some how!

  44. Dolce says:

    Vaps. You’re sleeping with half the site already, you tart. I don’t share.

    Except with Ramon and Dex, and then ONLY if Dex brings the kittens. Oh, and sometimes with Flutter. But that doesn’t count.

    Withdrawing the offer of a hug.

  45. Dolce says:

    Ramona. Thanks bud. I’ll get there. In the meantime…*hug*

  46. On-Strike-Blogger says:

    Aw fuckit!

    *HUG* to everybody…

  47. Dolce says:

    That’s the spirit Striker. Let us hug on the front lines. Let us toyi toyi and hug. Let’s burn property and hug.

    That way we get to be violent AND squishy.

  48. vapour says:

    Aw dolce that was just lust, I was being used, now let’s talk true love hunney

  49. arbchick says:

    Dolce – GT – Goof Troop.

  50. Dolce says:

    vaps yadda yadda…oldest trick in the book!

    arb ??????????

  51. arbchick says:

    Never mind Dolce……..it’s neither an insult, nor a compliment……trust me

  52. dex says:

    So Dolce.

    You feeling better today? Got over the temporary insanity and all that?

  53. dolce says:

    Arb. I just sometimes don’t get you. Like goof…like as in what DS smokes or as in thicko?

  54. dolce says:

    Dexter…are you just grumpy because you didn’t get a hug?

  55. vapour says:

    Hey Dolce baby come on…Think Barry White…”My darling I, can’t get enough of your love babe…” wetyet?

  56. dolce says:

    EW! Vapour. Darling. Barry White does not get girls wet.


  57. vapour says:

    You see, you see, fuck foreplay!

  58. Arbchick says:

    Neither Dolce – like I said – nevermind.

  59. Dolce says:

    Vapour, Vapour, Vapour. You don’t get laid a lot, do you?

  60. Dolce says:

    hey Arb…not being a growly bitch. Just trying to understand. You ok today?

  61. vapour says:

    Dolce I’ll have you know that I am a well known pleasant pheasant plucker of note ……no not much at all really

  62. Dolce says:

    Aaah! Vaps. We’ll help you, won’t we girls?

  63. vapour says:

    Girls yooohooo girls will you fukin answer Dolce…mutter mutter talk about blowing and other things I a can’t even pronounce and when I want a bit of action……….

  64. vapour says:

    Thanks for trying Dolce….do you have Jezebels number?

  65. K Chasu says:

    dolce – you pimping us out again?

  66. Dolce says:

    haha KC…my bordello fantasies strike again.

    Nah, but maybe we point Vaps towards suitable bedroom behaviour.

  67. Arbchick says:

    Pffffftt Dolce…..I’m never OK – either fucking awesome or just plain shit. The latter today but thanks for the concern…….*grumble…..mutter………..lots of pffffttting*

  68. Arbchick says:

    Come here Vaps – I’ll give you a good solid screw then……..

  69. K Chasu says:

    vap – suitable bedroom behaviour? you could try asking if you can poo on her/him/it?

  70. vapour says:

    Ooooh fuck the bedroom last place I like to have sex is the bedroom, in the garage in the back of my old jeep, on the kitchen counter, outside on the patio…but the bedroom na thats where my folks did it and it never worked for them. So who’s first for a good grinding!

  71. K Chasu says:

    dolce. i don’t understand this fluffy bunny side of you. makes me wonder when the teeth will come back and shred some poor hapless blogger.

    please don’t post any more “nice” blogs. it is disconcerting.


    lots of love
    St K Chasu.

  72. K Chasu says:

    vapour. *faints* if only your 24.com acolytes could see you now….

  73. arbchick says:

    Vapour: I offered shithead

  74. arbchick says:

    Dolce—-all hugged out yet?

  75. vapour says:

    K leave my bunnies alone I love everyone cept Jesus he is still in deep shit with me. Anyway there are kids on that site and we have to be PG.

  76. vapour says:

    Arb ja but it was a bit of a tease from your side all willing and ready and then *poof* no where to be seen, clearly you and my wife went to the same school of sutra.

  77. Arbchick says:

    Vapour…vapurrrrr….vapurrrrrrrrrrrr…..you are quite like high maintenance, aren’t you. I’m in a terrible fucking mood. Rip my clothes off….take me…….I’m a willing victim….no teasing here….just give it to me, or shove over and let someone else sort me the hell out…..just no small talk please and God….don’t even try foreplay.

  78. vapour says:

    Arb, Arbie * vapour runs in slow motion towards Arbs wide open thighs and promised heaven * I’m coming darlink just need to get my wet suit off ….fukin zips ahhhhhhhhh new I should have got circumsized…..Arbie stop it stop pulling at my thing its fukin stuck in the zip owwwww, yes okay the zips taken half of my manhood 8 inches is just gonna have to do

  79. Arbchick says:

    Ooooohhhh BABE! I’m feeling better already. I’m gonna just wrap my legs around your neck and squeeze……shit- are you choking…..???????…..ohhhh..you are – and you’re liking it…….let me just secure your flailing arms – *clip*, *clip*, not too tight I hope – sorry, they’re not the fluffly ones, they’re real cuffers………a bit tighter…….like that – you’ll get bruises you know – just think – a reminder of our second time – how romantic – sheesh…I’m a hopeless romantic, aren’t I….fuck, I’m getting so chatty – grab that masking tape and sort me out………*mmmmfff*…..*mmmfffff*

  80. K Chasu says:

    quite the ho arbie.

  81. vapour says:

    Vapour thrusts hard and deep and given the thoughts and recent conversation is just happy he missed Arbs naught, but is so intent on thrusting and gyrating he can’t hear her hear the screams of protest or is that ecstasy through the duck tape, Arbs body shakes with a massive orgasm……she looks deep into his eyes and then in a shaky voice says “Okay I’ll make you a ham sandwich then”, vaps smiles quietly to himself as his broken member speews blood across the sheets. He is happy he knows Arb makes the best sanni’s

  82. Arbchick says:

    K Chas…are you watching? Hell, woman, I like you more and more everyday….now get your bony ass over here!

  83. Arbchick says:

    Arb chuckles as she generously spreads the bread with the wonderful lard she made from that poor, unfortunate fuck who stole her parking this morning…..tsk…tsk……where have all the gentlemen gone, she sighs…….She cuts a large piece of ‘pig’ – it still hasn’t been cured properly but she knows her man…..he likes it raw and matted. Damn, she loves him – he completes her……she opens the fridge again and feels the temperature of the dark red in the bottle…..still warm – no good……oh, well, maybe it’ll be ripe for supper…

  84. vapour says:

    Hahaha Arb excellent! “tsk…tsk….” love that.

  85. dolce says:


    One little hug. And it’s Lord of the Flies, Deliverance and 9.5 Weeks all in one.

    That’s the LAST time I go to a meeting!

  86. K Chasu says:

    holy mary, joseph, sweet baby jesus and the wee donkey…

    filth and smut, Dolce… it’s your blog, YOU DID THIS.


    *crosses self*

  87. Arbchick says:

    Dolce…see what you’ve done….all that hugging has caused this…I hope you’re feeling happy now.

    Vapour: You bring out the beast in me.

  88. dolce says:

    And they wondered what I was up to.

    *insert evil cackle*

  89. vapour says:

    Dolce so glad you’re back we have been waiting, now lie back and say ahhhh, that’s it….

  90. Arbchick says:

    Thank God – method in the bloody woman’s madness after all. You’re alright Dolce, ya know…I mean, for a member of the GT.

  91. vapour says:

    KC hunney have you got that sister theresa outfit …..and hold onto the cross I think I have a plan….., and Arb I told you…”I got the devil in me”….*mad laughter* hahahahahahah

  92. dolce says:


    Gin & Tonic


  93. dolce says:

    Vapour…dream on big boy! Go play with Jez.

  94. vapour says:

    dolce, I talk big…… you know souwf afrikant and all that but Jez….. no man …scares me shitless, I think Jez has trophy’s of those that tried, mounted on her wall like dead animal heads, and pure human skin rugs around her fireplace with the heads still attached, ya know with that morose look of ecstasy as morti described it

  95. vapour says:

    dolce ok so you won’t suckcum to my advances …….hmmmmm ……wanna hug!

  96. K Chasu says:

    actually vap, it is Saint Theresa. I am Saint K Chasu – my uniform is boots and stockings….

  97. dolce says:

    Jeez Vap. I’m not sure. I suspect you’re looking for an excuse to grope my ass.

  98. vapour says:

    dolce *grin*

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