I am SO excited for the CT Book Fair.  I plan to stalk* John van de Ruit, Pamela Jooste, Max du Preez Diane Awerbuck and Wilbur Smith**

Oooh. Goodie.


*Not really, you over zealous body guard, FBI types.  It’s a turn of phrase

** Yes, yes, mock me.


19 thoughts on “Glee

  1. K Chasu says:

    dolcerina – you are such a nerd. and wilbur smith??? the guy must be nearly mummified for godsake.

  2. dolce says:

    KC…you’ve discovered my secret secret…I are the uber-nerd. But if I am, you are too!

    And ja, Wilbur must be zimmerframed by now. But hell, I read those instead of Mills and Boon, so it’s kinda like meeting Enid Blyton.

  3. 302 says:

    you should quizz pamela jooste about her time in big-bad-oil-and-gas because that’s where it all started. and then there are those that i ‘plug’ who should be worth checking out.

  4. vapour says:

    Dolce will Louis L’ Armour be there, or JT Edison.?

  5. Dolce says:

    302….who do you plug? That sounds rude!

  6. Dolce says:

    Vaps, sadly no. Not a single writer of the Western genre. It’s a travesty. I shall be writing to my local MP.

  7. R U going to be one of those sexual stalkers?

    Like ‘Please autograph my ass!

  8. K Chasu says:

    dolce. what’s that funny little counter effort on your blog? down there *points at bottom right*

  9. 302 says:

    ben oswest and rustum kozain

  10. vapour says:

    Dolce/ KC I am looking to get to grips with a seriously funny book. I loved Tom Sharp and works like the Throwback, but just haven’t got to find anything that is clever, as Sharp was. Currently reading a lot of Journals and such, so I need some reprieve. Do you know any good manic writers you could suggest?

  11. K Chasu says:

    Good and manic? Most recent laugh out loud was Dahl’s Uncle Oswald. Robbins can be a laugh. Stephen Fry is delicious. I like Pratchett and Neil Gaiman is sometimes funny (American Gods is brilliant). Not reading much humour lately – mostly heavy stuff. Maybe Dolcerina will be of more help.

  12. Dolce says:

    Revo, me darlin’ Absofugginlutely! My ass is practically covered in the fine scribbles of famous ones. That god its large!

    Chasooooo it’s a little stat counter. It tells me how many people have visit me. I need the affirmation, man!

    302 Will you judge me if I’m not sure who those people are? Do they write nice bodice rippers. Or soft porn. Or Westerns. Or thrillers?

    Vaps Mmmm. Let me have a think. Nothing “sharpesque” is springing to mind. But that’s probably because my mind was sprung years ago. What else do you like?

  13. Dolce says:

    Oooh, yes, Fry is good. And Dahl. I’m reading the latest John Irving – “Until I find you” – not funny, per se, but deeply quirky. Tatoos and organists anyone?

  14. Dolce says:

    Douglas Adams is funny…but you’ve read Hitchhikers, I’m sure.

  15. K Chasu says:

    where did you get this counter? i want one.

  16. vapour says:

    Ta Dolce/KC am in town for a bit tomorrow will lurk around Exclusive do the usual come out with everything except what I went in for. That place should have an addiction warning!

  17. Dolce says:

    KC –

    Vaps…I know…I can’t afford my book habit. Hence the membership to a coven…ehem…bookclub.

  18. 302 says:

    the one writes poetry and stuff like this:

    The other can be found here and i think he is running the book fair’s blog anyway:


    but i wish they wrote westerns instead but sometimes we drink beer and watch football which must count for something.

  19. pmszdrrbmi says:

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