5fm hypocrisy


One minute the dj is literally gushing about the Live Earth Concerts and the critical role the youff can play in saving the world and the next minute they’re leading into the intro for the Hunters Export Competition where you can win a Hummer.


 Oh and excellent timing on that campaign, Hunters!  Well done.

40 thoughts on “5fm hypocrisy

  1. Semisweet says:

    Guess when the advertisers are paying, you will fake excitement and say anything that needs to be done/said….. radio whores!

  2. dolce says:

    I’m just gobsmacked that anyone would run a Hummer competition during a week where “climate crisis” is the focus of mass media. Hunters and 5fm are now down in my brain map as “pro-global warming wankers”

  3. Semisweet says:

    Clearly ‘climate crisis’ is not that much of a crisis for many. Many think that they not gonna be around in a few years so why worry. Its all about money dolce…unfortunately, its all about the greenbacks…

    The concerts were good though…must admit…good concept.

  4. K Chasu says:

    i got some sort of an invite/desk drop effort on my desk from Philips. it’s one of those energy saving lights. problem is they give off kak light. i tried them in the house but it’s weird light. and dolce – Hummers are not responsible for the state of the environment.

  5. Dolce says:

    KC…ooooh, claws in darlin’!

    Hummers are, in the minds of most people, understood to be the most environmentally damaging car in a long list of environmentally damaging cars. In a long list of environmenally damaging products and consumer behaviour. Sure. But a bit silly to launch a campaign where you can win a naughty Hummer during a week where the first world’s attention is on things that damage the environment.

    Ag. Whom I kidding. I seem to remember you want one.

  6. arbchick says:

    I’ll have them K Chas – I like weird light.

  7. Flutter says:

    Ja D, its irresponsible to own one. It’s like driving a tank on the roads. Spotted 2 this weekend alone – the ‘baby’ version not the full assault vehicle but please! We’re in the middle of a fuel, CFC emission and global warming crisis!

    And yes KC – emergy savers are the bain of my profession. they don’t dim and this give off what I call ‘morgue’ lighting. There is a warm light version but almost impossible to find.

  8. arbchick says:

    GIMME GIMME…..Arb like ‘morgue’ lighting!!

  9. Dolce says:

    Flutter – haha! To be honest, watching all those “Answer the call” adlets during the concert just made me realise how energy-inefficient I am, so I can’t point any fingers just at the moment. But I’m changing, I am. Even started to recycle. Fek.

    Arb…*pat pat*

  10. K Chasu says:

    i do want a hummer. it’s true. but just the baby street version one. will get it fitted with flame throwers so i can blast the street vendors…

    hahahaha. seriously, i read an article somewhere that said all the wood fires in Africa are more harmful, collectively, than the vehicular emmissions in europe. dunno if it’s true or not.

  11. Flutter says:

    D, where are you taking your stuff to be recycled. The only place I know is near Gympis Str?

  12. Dolce says:

    There is a glass and a paper bin in the parking lot of the Obs Community centre. Bergies probably have a pipe out of the glass one, just in case.

    Jeez….you could get recycled yourself if you got out of your car in Gympis Street!

  13. Flutter says:

    KC, it aint true. I heard about a masters done at UCT on emissions and fires are high but car emissions are through the roof. Cape Town is pretty bad, if the wind didn’t blow here we would all have emphazema.

  14. Flutter says:

    Ja D, will try those thanks. Have to get sorted with recycling.

  15. yuck. i’m *so* sick to the bloody teeth about all this global warming stuff. sorry, but i’d probably be the one suggesting the hummer 🙂 don’t worry, i’m going to hell where i’ll probably have to wear crocs and listen to 5fm constantly so it all comes full circle.

  16. Dolce says:

    Ja, ja EXGW – you’ll be sorry when you’re overed in 6 inches of mud, living on the roof of Westminster Abbey, drinking urine and eating rat burgers.

  17. no, see, i smoke. so i’ll probably be long dead by then 😉

  18. Spoegs says:

    Ja, but what about the children, and the animals that can’t protect themselves and the trees. Who’s going to speak for them. You might be long dead, but who’s going to speak for them?

  19. Semisweet says:

    With the high rate of pollution and global warming, they will all probably be dead as well Spoegs.

  20. Spoegs says:

    I just think its such a short sighted approach to say I’ll be dead so who cares. That might be fine for you but what about that rabbit with the little rabbit family in a burrow where water is seeping in because of increased rainfall due to global warming. And rabbits can’t even swim – has anyone thought of that hey, hey?

  21. Dolce says:

    Drowning bunnies. Now there’s an image I find hard to ignore.

  22. Semisweet says:

    We def cant let Peter Rabbit and his family die. But u right…its all well and good to say we gonna be dead but what about the generations that come after us that are not dead. They will have to deal with it. How wonderful are their lives going to be. Makes me think abt if I wanna have kids or not in this world…. and thats not even thinking abt the crime levels…

  23. Spoegs says:

    Vince – Can you get some background music going here – I was thinking “We are the world”. And everyone else put your lighters in the air and sing along. We have to put a stop to this !!!!

  24. Semisweet says:

    Or how abt ‘beds are burning’? 😉

  25. Dolce says:

    No no, I like the “we are the world” one. The Midnight Oil guys don’t seem like they want to hug.

  26. Semisweet says:

    Ok…then we’ll go with that…everyone has their lighters ready?

  27. Spoegs says:

    Struck up lighter and burnt down office – got some damage control to do here.

  28. Semisweet says:

    Ouch…sorry Spoegs. I said lighter…not fire emitting dragon.

  29. Dolce says:

    *clears throat and bursts into song*

    how can we work when our desks are burning, how can we walk when the room keeps turning

  30. Semisweet says:

    the time has come, to say farewell, to grab our bags now and hit the door…

  31. Spoegs says:

    Very sharp Dolce – like a razor I say, like a razor.

  32. dolce says:

    Semi yes, yes!

    Spoegsels Ocams, or just a regular one?

  33. Spoegs says:

    Ocams??? Semi – FYI – I’m a 76 year old retiree living in Knysna.

  34. Semisweet says:

    and thats your story and you sticking to it 🙂

  35. dolce says:


    Sorry. Did I say that out loud?

  36. Spoegs says:

    Yip – I knew Fiela and I’ve seen the pesky elephants!!!

  37. spoegs, luv, perhaps i’ll request a little roast rabbit with new potatoes as my last meal. mmmm. yummy 😉

  38. integrity is dead. whether you selling organic lifestyles or SUVs, there is only one truth. the market is god

  39. Dolce says:

    Ain’t that the truth, DS. More’s the pity.

  40. Semisweet says:

    Show me the money!

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