hectic-shoes.jpgOh happy me.  It is the day of Fri AND yesterday began the sale of Spitz.

What more could a girl ask for?

*happy grin*


35 thoughts on “Joy

  1. K Chasu says:

    Spitz sale?

    you made my day.

  2. itsy says:

    I know hey. I think I’ll pop out for a 3 hour lunch and detour via spitz…
    Thanks Dolce

  3. Semisweet says:

    Yeah mine as well…thanx Dolce. Will def go check out the sale this weekend.
    As a woman you know…one can NEVER have enough shoes 🙂

  4. Dolce says:

    K Chas Oh.My.God. I just went for a lunchie wander. *swooooooooon*…But I know, if I wait a week, they’ll reduce the prices even mooooore! Strength, Strength!

    Semi Damn right. Mine are spilling out all over the place at home. It’s getting to a point where I’m heading into spare room cupboard space. Dang!

  5. Semisweet says:

    Im already in the spare room cupboard space 🙂

    Think you can hold out another week Dolce?

  6. Dolce says:

    Not sure….especially in terms of those lovely lace up boots. Grrr.

  7. Arbchick says:

    I am one of the fortunate few… general shoe fetish here….only boots based……Spitz ya say…hmmmm

  8. Dolce says:

    Arb Aaah, but you have other obsessions. How’s that going, by the way?

  9. Dominique says:

    Ah, Dolce. You have to play fair. You’ll get all the ladies salavitating and then we’ll loose all our boyfriends and have no-one to wear those shoes for 🙂

    tut. tut.

    Hope you have a great weekend, hun.

    Lotsa love
    Miss Pi

  10. Spoegs says:

    Dominique – can you salivitate while balancing a beer on your head?

  11. Arbchick says:

    Spoegs – hey there – trying to tame the beast I am…..hmmmm……have to you know – obsession is very disturbing and unhealthy.

  12. Dominique says:

    Well, Spoegs… I have balanced a few things on my head. sadly not beer.
    As a party trick… I think it’d be a winner.

    *runs off to learn a new trick…*

  13. Dominique says:

    PS. Dolce, I’m gonna link link you, if you don’t mind. One needs as many partners in crime as possible!

    Miss Pi

  14. Arbchick says:

    Spoegs….beast actually can be tamed a tad….WOW – progress…..but I would never kill it…..waaaaaayyyyyy too much fun letting it live and claw and bite….

  15. Spoegs says:

    Arb, what beast are you talking about? Beer on the head obsession?

  16. Arbchick says:

    Yes Spoegs……lets go with that.

  17. Arbchick says:

    Man…I loathe MONDAYS…..I really, really do. There is just something so nauseating about them.

  18. Spoegs says:

    Arb – I got a new pair of red undies that don’t smell like burnt fleash, I found a hyenea skin to wear on my head. Stole some curtains from the neighbour to use a cape. I reckon Mondays are what you make of them. If you wear your undies on the outside and play your cards right you can be my KZN queen when I get my Kingship granted.

  19. Arbchick says:

    Ooooooeeee….your KZN Queen ya say Spoegs… that, like that alot….tell you what tho’……’Mondays are what you make them’……..pffffffttt

  20. Arbchick says:

    But hey…Spoegs – what are we going to do about your User Name……it is so dreadfully unsexy.

  21. Spoegs says:

    Once I get the Kingship I’m thinking of Spoegile. Although discussions with Pat that I stick with Spoegs.

  22. Arbchick says:

    Who is Pat….? Is that the one armed one legged lesbo?

  23. Spoegs says:

    PatMokhaune – I think is the spelling – I’ve appointed Pat as advisor on traditional King Stuff (official title). You’re thinking of Zinzi.

  24. Arbchick says:

    Zinzi…that’s it…how’s the old hound doing? You don’t seem quite as obsessed with her these days….good for you….obsessions – nasty little fuckers.

  25. Arbchick says:

    Oh yea….and as for Pat’s opinion re. your User Name… Pat going to satisy your KZN fantasies….I think not… bugger his opinion….unless I’m a leeetle confused as to what your fantasies entail.

  26. Spoegs says:

    Zinzi’s fine – she’s taking part in a synchronised swimming competition this week. Arb – this a professional application and requires a team of advisers. Trust me when works finished and we’re at our palace you’ll have all the time in the world to try and tame the beast.

  27. Arbchick says:

    Promises….promises um Spartan (Spoegs made a tiny bit sexier)

  28. Arbchick says:

    Do you think Zinzi will be jealous…..of me I mean, jealous that you are getting my attention and she isn’t? Maybe we can buy her a present….perhaps a set of handcuffs for her existing arm and leg?

  29. Spoegs says:

    Trust me Zinzi and my relationship is purely professional. I don’t think she’ll be that keen on the handcuffs based on her history of political activism during the apartheid era. Too many bad memories.

  30. Arbchick says:

    But you get ones with pink fluff on them now…..*sigh*……I think I’m going to have to read up on you on your blog Spoegs….ya know – don’t really know anything about you and I’m already planning all kinds of ‘talent shows’. My God – they’re right you know……I’m a total slut.

  31. Spoegs says:

    Don’t think of yourself as a slut I’d say you’re more of a “goer”. As queen you’ll be able to organise any talent show you like.

  32. Arbchick says:

    A “goer”…, you are a peach.

  33. Spoegs says:

    Arb – A lot of people have said I have a way with words. Its only now that I’m starting to realise it for myself.

  34. Dusty Muffin says:

    Dolce! Why did you delete this post?


    Break up, over, splitsville, solo, single, split up, separate, end, part, finish, dumped, jilted, falling out, moving on, unaccompanied, solitary, unattached, lone ranger, unbound, emancipated, released, deserted, unaided, on your own, by yourself, single handed, uncommitted, casual, informal, solitary, divided, disconnected, de… on July 16th, 2007 by dolce — view comments (0)”

    Hope it’s not an indication of your weekend. Was it the new shoes that did it?

  35. Dolce says:

    fekkin’ FEKKING amagama – that was a DRAFT fekkin’ post. I wasn’t going to post it.

    Oh well.


    Will post for real.


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