sniff sniff

Have you ever sniffed someone?  You know, just for fun.  To see what they do.  People react in such deliciously lovely ways.  Freaks them out.  Even if they know you’re joking.

Go on.  Go give someone a sniff.  Don’t tell them why, just wrinkle up your nose and sniff.  A couple of little snuffles, or one great big snort.  Or even better.  Get up close.  Sniff.  Sniff again, a little closer to their heads.  Then another quick sniff near the shoulder. As if you’re searching for a particular sent.  Something subtle, but definitely there.  Drives people bonkers.  

Cheap thrills, my friends, cheap thrills.

But it makes me wonder, it does.  About how we flick and slather on the lotions and potions to mask the very scent of ourselves. How conscious we are of the emanations of our corporal selves.  How much we try to hide our baser sides, our animal selves. The stink of humanity.  I wonder if we miss out on subconscious scent signals from others.  The smell of fear, danger, sex, joy.  The smell of a thousand souls rubbing through a day.  A primal survival tool lost to the Givenchy counter.


74 thoughts on “sniff sniff

  1. ds says:

    have you read, or watched, ‘Perfume’ yet. if not, check it out…

  2. 302 says:

    I’ve being stiffing around this little ‘dog of the sea’

    As for peeps though I think I’ll pass on that one unless it’s the Givenchy counter which is a different kind of primal survival all together.

  3. Dolce says:

    DS Both, in fact. Was massively impressed with the film, largely because I wasn’t expecting such a stomach rolling start and I didn’t like their casting. But damn if the book wasn’t fabulous.

    302 Will have a look-see. But, really, try it. At least once. To yer mum or something. Hilarious. Guarenteed giggles.

  4. Flutter says:

    I am a sniffer and a sniffee.

    Being a sniffer is fun. I often tell completely strangers (men & women) that they smell nice. Freaks them out completely.

    I get sniffed alot – epecially at work and only since I have long hair. Men love sniffing hair and Chanel No. 5 drives them wild apparently.

  5. I was going to say that I am a sniffee… I often have guys sniff & comment on my hair. Which is odd. I am completely paranoid about smells. Hmmm. Makes me wonder if I ain’t trying to duck that stuff you talk about in that brilliant last paragraph..

  6. Dolce says:

    302 awesome video… saying I gotta sniff to be sniffed, right?

    Flutter *snort* a sniffee…I like that. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed someone sniffing my hair. How disturbing. I feel like I’ve been left out of the men-sniffing club. *pffft*

    Champers I donno, Champs – I luuuurrrve my smellies – bath stuff, scrubs, lotions, perfume, creams…such a girlie girl. But every now and then, I don’t wear/use anything. And I smell kinda nice. Warm. And a little bit like earth or brown bread. But it made me wonder. And, thinking about it, I’ve probably had Perfume lurking in my subconcious.

  7. Dusty Muffin says:

    Dolce, you’re right – I got sniffed by a lecherous old man the other day, and it totally freaked me out: “Jy ruik lekker, mevrou”. Not sure if it was a genuine innocent compliment, or if it was a grim attempt at a verbal grope. Either way. I make sure I smell neutral when I have a meeting with him. And if he were 30 years younger? Hmmmm….?

    btw, something that doesn’t smell too good: have you notices that your SA Top Sites widget has disappeared? I put it on my blog too, and it’s also gawn – I didn’t remove it, and the test is still in the text box. Do you know why? Is it our Big Brother, or theirs? Doo do Doo do Doo do…(Jaws theme)

  8. 302 says:

    no i just thought you’d like the video, especially the way she blows smoke rings at the end, which is my favourite bit.

    still you could go off at that tangent – scent and odour – sniffer and sniffee – appreciation and repulsion.

    or you could just replay the video.

  9. Dusty Muffin says:

    Vincent yo biskit! You fixed it! I saw you lurking… *mwah*

  10. Nossie says:

    Dusty and Dolce…I need help here. You both have such cool looking sites with all the bells and whistles….Dusty, is it time for blogging 102 yet?

  11. pious says:

    True that… how we disguise our scent, but I have come to find that certain smells still reach their intended destinations. Ever noticed how certain boyfriends just didn’t smell right? And not like in a “god what is that smell!!!” kinda way. Just in the ‘you just don’t gel’ kinda way… so that when you smell the ‘right’ kinda smell, you just know it’s ‘right’…


    i am confusing myself 🙂

  12. Semisweet says:

    Im also a snifer and a snifee. I love nice smells on people and just in general. I also get sniffed and sometimes its annoying. Was a client once and one of the employees walked into the office every 30min’s or so everyday. I couldnt understand why. When I asked her if there was something she wanted, she said that she just liked the way I smelt….FREAKY!!!

    General smells are like the smell of fresh bread and the smell of the earth after it rains….hmmmmm

  13. Dolce says:

    Dusty your Jaws theme could have smelled awful (doo doo). I’m getting quite jealous now – I’m a sniffer, but am yet to be a sniffee. Maybe I smell funny. Paranoooooooooooooia!

    302 I liked it too. And I liked the strange man with the wiggling ears. Replay!

    Semi I love the smell of my mom. There is nothing more comforting. Oh and the smell of a man who has just stepped out of the sea.!

  14. Flutter says:

    Ja Dusy, also love ‘nice’ smells. I think smells can put you in a better mood. Several studies have been done on it.

    I have an accute sense of smell and find it hard to hide my revulsion if someone hasn’t showered or sweaty armpits etc. These days there is no excuse to not smell nice. All those delicious smelling products out there.

    Love the smell of freshly baked bread, fresh laundry and babies the most.

  15. Dusty Muffin says:

    Oh Dolce! *groaaaan*


    The smell of a sea-man?

    My best smells are new magazines, puppies, coffee, toast, bacon, and rain falling on hot tar.

  16. Dolce says:

    Fluts LOTS of studies. More and more retailers are deliberately using smell in stores to attract customers and drive sales. And that baby smell is amazing!

    Dusty MAN! You’re rude :). That is my most incredible Jo’burg smell – hot tar and thunderstorm, ozoney smell. Incredible. And the smell of onions and garlic frying…ALWAYS makes me hungry!

  17. Jam says:

    C’mere and lemme sniff you! I love sniffing my bf without any potions or lotions. Sexy.

  18. Dolce says:

    Jam Sexy indeed. But I don’t have one of those anymore, so will have to sniff random strangers instead!

  19. Flutter says:

    Dusty, I have to say – not quite feeling the smell of a new magazine – maybe because they are deco ones dunno? Don’t get the rain on tar thing either – so many people have told me that the LOVE that and I just don’t.

    Dolce, have noticed that most stores are heavily scented these days – ahh.. so that explains it!

    Think men smell the best right after a shower… in nothing but a towel… dripping wet….but I’m digressing here…

  20. Semisweet says:

    Flutter, also dont get that new magazine smell. Does nothing for me.
    Smell of baby lotion and baby powder on a freshly made up (read bathed and cleaned) baby is the best…makes one broody!

    My weakness on a guy is JPG…makes my knees weak.

  21. ekke says:

    Maybe it’s the smell of the air, just after a thunderstorm…
    Or a fresh towel after a hot bath…
    Maybe it’s the smell of a field of flowers on a summers day…

    What’s the smell that makes you smile?

    sms smile and your favourite smell to 34122 and you could win clothing vouchers worth R2000 everyday for a month, as well Sunlight Fabric Conditioner hampers.

    T&C’s apply. see for details

  22. ekke says:

    damn these google ads.

  23. Dolce says:

    Ekke Hahaha. No way. I suppose I gotta, now that there is an official competition and all. They should pay me! *cackle*

  24. Semisweet says:

    See what you’ve started Dolce. Now you gotta win 🙂
    Good luck!

  25. ekke says:

    Hey, if you’re entering, check the number, I may ahve written the wrong one I was going on memememory.


    I hate it when I start spelling a word and forget to stop. I’m just too lazy to hit backspace. :-/

  26. Dolce says:

    Fluts & Semi…now, what I recommend, for that dripping boy, is a sniff, followed by a lick…in fact, all the senses deserve a go. Sense-sational. Mmmm.

    Fek. How can I concentrate now.

  27. Dolce says:

    Ekke I checked – used the one on the site. If I don’t win, I’m going to sulk.

  28. Semisweet says:

    Im with you Dolce….my concentration also shot to hell now 😉

    *focus semi…focus on your gran in the bath*

    shudder….ok, Im back 🙂

  29. Semisweet says:

    exactly my point ekke

  30. Flutter says:

    Double ewww Semi!

    It’s Friday and I think my brain left my body around 1:15pm today. I probably won’t see it until Monday 9:30am. Eish! Problem is I need it for at least another 2.5 hours.

  31. Dolce says:

    Gran in the bath…mmmm…I wonder if you still get “granny fingers” if you are a granny.

    Fekit. I’m also battling. Had HUGE deadlines yesterday and so today I feel like I’m in holiday mode. NOT GOOD. Still have HUGE deadlines for next week.


    Hey, you okes see our very own little Vince pontificating with Matt in the latest Maverick magazine. Bless. Y’all know we’re just a corporate experiment hey?

  32. Doll, have you been sniffing ‘crack’?

  33. Semisweet says:

    Im also not in the mood today and also have deadlines next week. Today just aint happening. Think I may have to work tomorrow to try and catch up a bit…or I could do it next week

  34. Dusty Muffin says:

    Dolce is there a link to the article somewhere? It’s not on the Mavericks website.

    We haven’t had much attention from the chaps in a while – they hardly even log on any more. Experiments that are abandoned before completion can go horribly wrong…

  35. Semisweet says:

    Take me to the leader… 😉

  36. Dolce says:

    Revo Everytime I sniff crack, I get called a brown nose. I just don’t get it.

    Semi Let’s strike. Everyone else is doing it!

    Dusty Don’t have link, but will try and scan a copy of the article for you.

  37. Semisweet says:

    LOL @ brown noser, I mean Dolce 🙂

    Yep, lets strike…I say we strike to make Friday part of the weekend – a four day week, three day weekend sounds fair enough, dont you agree?

  38. Flutter says:

    I’ll second that motion! All in favour say aye!

    And Semi, would sure love to know exactly what was sooo wrong with the old Blogmark site.

  39. So funny you should write about this! I caught myself sniffing a rather delicious man on the Tube this morning. not in a wierd pin-him-against-the-closing-doors-and-shove-your-face-in-his-neck kinda way. Just out of curiosity. I deemed it a good smell to wake up to every morning, lucky lady whoever she is.

  40. Semisweet says:

    Aye! Aye! Aye!

    I wish I knew as well Flutter…something abt it being too much of a forum and and not much of a blogsite so now we have to move house so we can look like the rest of suburbia…

  41. Semisweet says:

    Moderation Dolce?

  42. Dolce says:


    And I get 3 extra votes, just because.

    Ex-GW *cackle* That reminds me of a loopy night in The CornerHouse (oh god) where I decided it was completely appropriate to lick a man’s neck. He looked surprised. And left to get a pie. Last time I’ll do that, then!

  43. Dolce says:

    I might add he was, naturally, a complete stranger.

  44. Semisweet says:

    Hey Dolce, Im not welcome on your site anymore?

  45. dolce says:

    How odd – maybe you need to be logged in or something – sorry chickens!

    And *gasp* Semi, how could you say such a thing. You, darlin’, are ALWAYS welcome!

    Fekkin’ filters

    Which brings me too…

    Nossie Play around with your “presentation” button on your dashboard…you’ll find something you like!

    Pi yup, some guys just don’t make you weak at the knees. And some…”woah nellie”…yum yum yum. I wonder if that phernome stuff they keep trying to sell in dodgey bottles actually works?

  46. morty says:

    gods! dolce… you made me remeber why i missed this place a bit – i’m almost normal in this place!
    i’m a compulsive sniffer – and after two or three too many scotches – i’m inclined to lean in and sniff yummy men – from the collarbone up to the ear.
    strangely, it seems to be quite intimidating… or maybe that’s just me – not the act.

    fek! havent sniffed a stranger in a while… diablo’s buggered off to the states…
    i think i need to bounce this one off of arbie…. beeeeg k.a.k brewing.

  47. Dusty Muffin says:

    Morty! Lovely to see you! *hug*

    Yeah – Dolce’s keeping the flag flying high here.

    We still miss you though. See you’ve removed your pic on the other side? Problems?

  48. Semisweet says:

    Thanx Dolce. Now I dont have to slit my wrists 🙂 What a waste of good blood that would have been.

  49. Dusty Muffin says:

    Morty – just been to visit you on the Far Side – and it looks like you’ve left? Please tell us where you’ve gone, I love reading your stuff.

    (Sorry Dolce – I don’t know how else to reach Mort)

  50. Arbchick says:

    Ya Dusty – also just went there and same story………..Morty – talk to us – you know I will worry just a little……..’demons out at play?’

  51. Katt says:

    You raise a very valid point, Dolcie. Honestly, there is something sexy about a man who smells of just a hint of sweat, don’t you think? That hard day, toiling thing. Yum yum! Okay, I’m odd.

    Oh, the first comment, about Perfume? Erm, I tried to read the book, I hope the movie is better.

  52. dolce says:

    Morty To be honest? I’m too lazy to move. But I’ll fly that flag, alone in my little log hut in the wilderness. Even if it’s just to pretend I’m part of the old guard. And what K.A.K?

    Dusty go wild, babe. Not fussed. I’ll be like the sad old bar where the old crowd pop into every now and then, just to see who’s hanging about.

    Arb I’m worried too…Morty, what you up to girl?

    Katt Be warned, my friend; the first 20 minutes are hectic! And it’s so funny, a mate was reminding me of some guy sniffing my hair in a club…I’d forgotten. So I HAVE been a sniffee. Good! And you are not odd, darlin’….not unless I am. Um…

  53. Semisweet says:

    NNNNOOOOOOO Dolce, you cannot leave. You are one of the few people keeping this town alive.
    We’ll do anything Dolce, anything to keep you!

  54. Dolce says:

    Semi, honestly, it doesn’t matter whether I blog here or anywhere else – there isn’t anything different about here than somewhere else -t he MG guys can just track what I say a bit better. I hardly even log into the front page anymore. But like I said, too lazy to go anywhere else just yet. Need to find somewhere that was like the old blogmark, and so far, nadda.

  55. Arbchick says:

    Dolce – banish the bloody thought woman!!! Oh….read your last comment – guess you have. I know……..blogmark *sob*……..was the bomb…

  56. Arbchick says:

    By the way Dolce, Dusty…..I bumped into Morty at Dex’s….she seems a little strained, poor girl. Diablo is away and I guess she’s feeling the spaces. Hope she expresses herself by writing something….miss her poems. But, you generally catch her now and then at Dex’s and Ramon’s.

  57. morty says:

    arb, dolce, dusty… here i am. pretty diminutive at the moment – but here. i just get into holes i cant get out of for a while – the last one filled with ideas on how to fek off back to ELD and drown myself in debauchery…. swap the diablo i know for one that will abuse me.

    but – bless you all for giving a shit.

    i couldnt comment at dex and ramon – so i stopped posting until it was sorted. got rid of the avatar at 24and the blog before i hunted somebody down… fekking bunch of plagiarists – a handful of exceptional writers, but the majority are black holes of bunnies and needs – fukem.
    i’m no bloody plath – but at least my shit is MY shit.

    i am there – just not as me – but i’ll be double posting at dex and ramon’s for time and while – so that’s where to find me.
    most of the boys are still linked to me at the old spot at 24 – so you’ll have to search for me as morticia.

    the k.a.k. is the bp kind – feel like shit – go find somebunny to kiss it better – nothing like a chunk or rare ass and a bloodied conscience to pick a lass up. sheeit – and i bin a good girl for so looong, man.

    the commentary on this blog makes you kinda homesick for the old days? it came alive again here for a bit.
    Dolce… if this isnt a great day in cape town, then i just dont know, but apparently a bitch of a cold snap coming up – get the candles out already!

  58. morty says:

    feeek! that was a blog, man – not a comment. sorry dolce!

  59. dolce says:

    Any time Mort! And hold on. I know those craxy days when your blood rips with the need to cause a little bit of chaos. Breathe!

  60. Spoegs says:

    Breathe or go and kidnap a little Zanoidian. Get instructions from KC.

  61. Spoegs says:

    Dolce – apart from mgushing all over the place what’s been keeping you busy lately?

  62. dolce says:

    Well, Spoegs, I’ve been spending all my time wondering why I wasn’t invited to sit on your lap?

  63. Spoegs says:

    Well come on over then. Did you come right this weekend?

  64. dolce says:

    haha. Jeez, Spoeg. There are about 100 ways to answer that.

  65. Spoegs says:

    Well seen as though you’re on my lap, take your time. If you hear grunting sounds – its not me its just my cell phone ring tone.

  66. dolce says:

    I’ve got the giggles now. Thanks. The mental picture, Spoegs, is not very flattering to you!

  67. Spoegs says:

    Are you a big girl then?

  68. Dolce says:

    *snort* *cackle*

    I is all growed up, Mr.

  69. Spoegs says:

    Well proportioned I mean.

  70. Spoegs says:

    Oh well Dolce so much for my attempt at salayshis conversation with you.

  71. Draw a few lines on coke on your bossom and lets see how many people are wanting to come ans sniff you!

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