Look, I know I gush about Cape Town a lot.  And I know it’s all, like, uncool, to gush about Cape Town, because, like, it’s so chocolate box.  But stuff that.  I’m all chocolate box today.  I think I’m a little in love with my city.  And that means I can gush.  A lot.  In nauseating amounts.  Ok? 

Right.  With that out of the way. 


Friday night; divey local pub.  Great, undiscovered chef.  Fab company.  Hilarious barman doing a “Boy George” impression with one lone braid sticky-taped to his bald head.  Lots of beer.  Odd, Observatory-type people.  Bliss. 

Saturday morning; run along the Seapoint promenade.  Sea air, gulls, little old men holding the hands of little old ladies.  Dogs wagging.  Me able to wobble just a little bit further than normal.  Getting freckled in the winter sun.   

Afternoon; Braai.  Serbians, Germans, South Africans, Americans.   More beer.  Some decadent German potato salad and something called “Appletizer Cream”.  Girlfriends squawking with laughter and silliness.  Hugs filled with “I know, we don’t have to talk about it.”  A gorgeous sunset.  A mountain silhouetted against the twilight sky.  Stars everywhere. 

Sunday; lazy, deeply lazy morning.  A solo movie (different to the accompanied kind).  Dark, with the smell of popcorn.  Driving home through the avenues of trees.  An afternoon of couch, book and open doors; open to the corners of mountains and the glimpses of skies.  Listening to street noises and Sunday gatherings.  The ringing of church bells.  The sms’es of far flung friends.   

This morning; mist.  Biting chill.  But enough sunrise to caste the sea with copper.  And the city rising, unwoken.   

It just don’t get better.

74 thoughts on “Gush

  1. Spoegs says:

    I really enjoy the 15:00 rush hour, the kak drivers. That mountain really spoils the view of the stuff behind it though. Disclaimer – I have nothing against Cape Town except for the work ethic, the kak drivers and the mountain being in the way.

  2. Dolce says:

    Spoegs, baby. I know. Isn’t it delicious?

  3. Arbchick says:

    Love Cape Town – have to say it – Durban is ok, Jhb also, but CT is da shit! Miss the place *sob*

  4. The xGW says:

    Stop it Dolc, you’re making me disgustingly homesick… Although the weather here *is* a tad warmer. But i miss the avenue of trees along main rd in newlands, i miss lazily sitting in the sun at caveau draining a bottle of chardonnay, and i miss coming over the top of eastern boulevard and glimpsing the sea, getting excited about it every morning.

  5. Dolce says:

    Lots of sobbing today, Arb…you ok?

  6. Arbs..
    Is there perhaps a RED moon in your Aura…

  7. dolce says:

    Ex-GW I blogged about that EXACT view off Eastern Boulevard once.

    It makes me high. Of course, that could just be the smog fumes. Or the glue.

  8. dolce says:

    Digging You stirring again? And when did you change your surname?

  9. Arbchick says:

    No RED moon DUTD (or DUTS)…….I’m waaaaaaaaaaay worse than this then….you’ll see – I turn into a rabbid vampire and cannot be civil…..blogwise or otherwise………*sigh*.

    Ta Dolce – I’m alright girl……just need to see my soulmate – will be doing so tomorrow so in the meantime, I’ll just do what you do louv…..silently scream.

  10. dolce says:

    Eish Arb. I take it you don’t mean your husband? Man, Arbie…this is a slippery slope, chicken. You sure you know what you’re doing?

  11. Spoegs says:

    Arb’s a goer – she’ll be fine.

  12. Arbchick says:

    Dolce – I have no choice……I cannot quell it……I’ve tried…for 2 and a half freakin years……and neither can he. We slipped once – sexually – we won’t do it again……but we need each other in our lives… breathe and stuff.

  13. dolce says:

    Spoegs – that aside…

    Arbie…can’t you guys make a plan to be together then?

  14. Arbchick says:

    Naaa….Spoegs is cool *luv ya hun*

    Dolce…no…..both married with kiddies, both love our spouses – weird thing is we don’t love our spouses any less………..and there are times I use my pent up sexual desires for him on my husband (who loves it!!!!). It’s just that our spouses aren’t enough…..there are glaring holes that we fill for each other… I making any sense D?

  15. Dolce says:

    Perfect sense. And I do understand. Just, there is such unbelievable capacity for hurt here. Ag. Not my business. Sorry, Arb. Just extending a gentle question.

  16. Spoegs says:

    I’d give you one Arb.

  17. Arbchick says:

    Cool Dolce – thanks for listening….you are right – unbelievable capacity for hurt……..but I think sometimes we are in a hell of sorts already – ya know…….so, so lost.

    Spoegs – *weak smile*….thanks sweetie

  18. Arbchick says:

    But enough about old psycho here…Dolce – how are YOU fairing……after the break up and all……..are you coping…most of the time?

  19. Dolce says:

    Yeah, I’m ok. It feels right, which makes it easier. It would have been our year aniversary on Sat, so that was a little bit kak. BUT that’s what squawking girlfriends are for!

  20. Arbchick says:

    Good one D….glad you are resisting the tide. Strong girl hey!

  21. dolce says:

    haha….we’ll see after a couple of weeks, hey? When my writing sounds like nails on a blackboard. But, sjoe, there are some nice toys out there for a girl in need!

  22. Arbchick says:

    Tell you what! Nice toys….hmmmm……and school’s out so head for the playground…….gorge yourself….pig out…..that’s what I would do!

  23. KaB says:

    Don’t you find it weird how people seem to be on the same wave length as you…even though you’ve never met, spoken or whatevered!

    I have been feeling exactly the same recently! Just the other day I was travelling from the Table View area to work & thought ‘fuck me sideways, I live in the most beautiful city in the world!’ The sun was hitting Table Mountain just so that it was literally breathtaking!

    Have you noticed how beautiful the sunrises have been lately? They’re that gorgeous mesh of pink & orange…so stunning to look at! God, we’re lucky!

    Mmm, I was by the promenade Saturday too…cursing the over-active runners (secretly I was a jealous fool wishing I was doing the same thing!)…don’t you find it weird how some of us are in the same place yet you don’t know one another at all! Quite marvellous really!!!

  24. Flutter says:

    Hey Dolce, cool blog as usual lady! Love them “Odd, Observatory-type people..” and those vibey pubs.
    Cape Town is the best!

    Arbie, agree with Dolce – you’re on a very very slippery slope.
    Be careful.

  25. Semisweet says:

    Dolce – Good blog. I love CT as well. I love the serenity and the quiet and the fact that you can lose yourself sitting on the beach looking at the mountain.

    Spoegs – the kak drivers spoil it all

    Arb – just put on your non-slip suit and have fun babe. Like I said to you, you only live once. Just know where you are going though and dont forget the consequences of being discovered. The whole idea of a soulmate is that it may not be the person you eventually end up with and if you find someone who fills u completely (and Im not talking sexually), enjoy being with that person.
    My little bit.

  26. Spoegs says:

    Semi – I’d give you one (I’m not talking sexually here) too

  27. Semisweet says:

    Sure spoegs what would u like to give me. I havent had any in a while and Ive got lots of pent up energy just waiting to explode (and Im not talking sexually here either)

  28. Spoegs says:

    I was thinking of taking you somewhere for a long, hard ride of your life (and I’m not talking sexually here).

  29. Dolce says:

    Fluff Meant to link to you on the “fab company”, but a meeting intervened. I like to think I am an “odd, Observatory-type” person!

    Semi I absolutely love other parts of SA. But living in Cape Town just makes me squishy. Which is a good thing. I need squishy!

    And I’m not trying to limit that fun factor, with the lovely Arb. And I’m with you on the “get the consequences” bit. The thing is, when you’re in the middle of it, you never think you’re gonna be caught. And when you are, it’s pretty much always not worth it. The somewhat sad and regretful voice of experience. But, like I said, not really my business. Arbie’s a grown up. Or something 😉

    Spoegs Noordhoek beach?

  30. Love the town! And after this past weekend, good to see the town still loves me!

    Great to hear you had one of “those” weekends – where it is so gorgeous, just for being itself!

  31. Dusty Muffin says:

    Dolce – Noordhoek Beach LOL! Only a Capetonian could know that!

    Lovely: “Obs-type people” in Obs-type spots. To me, ‘A Touch of Madness’ is Obs personified. Haven’t been there for yonks though. Must.

  32. Dolce says:

    Champers Sounds like your weekend was a lot more exciting than mine though! *grin* *wink*

    Dusty That’s exactly where we were. ToM is my favourite favourite! Hilarious place. Filled with an licorice allsorts of people.

  33. Dusty Muffin says:

    Dolce – are the chipped golden cherubs still up there? And THAT staircase – not to be negotiated after too much wine. Squishy couches, gloom and red lace in the window. Gotta love it. Yup – liquorice allsorts is spot on!

  34. Dolce says:

    LAWD, Dusty. You have been away for a while. That ToM/Carte Blanche is gone. Long gone. It’s been relocated around the corner in Nuttal Road. Still has the red velvet drapes and the golden cherubs though. And still filled with lifes little oddities (like me).

  35. Martin says:

    I know *exactly* what you’re talking about 🙂

    Saturday morning: Drove into the boulevard view, went for brunch at that place in Kloof Street, up past the trendy spots. Al.. something. The biggest breakfast anywhere, for R32. That, and their chocolate milkshake rocks!

    Saturday night: Also a solo movie, it gives you time to watch fellow movie goers and imagine their stories. No need to drive home through Newlands though…

    Sunday: Packed a lunch, drove up to Rhodes Memorial, walked to the blockhouse at the top, enjoyed a solitary sandwich while taking in the suburbs, such a vista.

    It’s tough, isn’t it?

  36. 302 says:

    ooh wot a rubbish weekend you had there hey!

    give it a few more sleeps and hopefully it’ll be even better.

  37. morticia says:

    were any of you guys ‘from off’ as in not born and bred here?
    if so, did it take a while to feel like you belonged in the shadow of the mountain?

    diablo is a homebody at heart, so we dont get to do much, which is probably the greatest contributing factor to the feeling of ‘outside’ of it… and morty’s bloody madness.

    we go for ‘day trips’ – very rarely – which could mean driving to hell and gone – simonstown, noordhoek etc. (i’m in the blaauwberg region) – and that’s it – no stopover at cape to cuba, which i’ve been itching to do… no new sights and smells… just “oh look – isnt that house awesome” (muizenberg houses rock my world)

    dolce, i’m also one of those ‘odd’ buggers you know – dont like average places… and no matter how hard i hint – we havent even been to obs once since we got here in dec.
    have been into town centre in daylight hrs only – to the chop shop in shortmarket… love the feel of the streets.

    way too confined for a place like this… am going to have to take the couch potato by the peel – and insist – soon.
    what a fekking waste of all that this place has to offer, no?

    now diablo’s gone to the states for two weeks – i’ve never been over the water – and i’m guarding the cats and kids in my perfectly ordinary home… you starting to get the cause for frustration, dolce?

    grrrrrrr – men – cant live with ’em – cant wrap your legs around their necks without em!

  38. dolce says:

    KaB That’s one of the things I especially like about blogging. I often sit in Cafés and wonder if a blogger I know is sitting at the next table. It’s like a secret society. Or maybe I’m just borderline paranoid!

    Martin I’ve never walked up to the blockhouse. Must one of these days – is it a difficult walk? I luuuurve Rhodes Mem – I’ve got a lion called Ralph who’s all mine. Mine, I tell you!

    302 Oooh. Spring in CT. My absolutely favourite. When the oak trees get that new leaf colour of sunshine and green. And when you get those crisp clear days that feel like forever. Man!

    Morti NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Explore, explore lady. So many amazing places to see and play in. And solo ain’t so bad. Time to think and stuff. Get in yer car and drive….seriously. And just ask for recommendations on what to see. I’d start with things like Greenmarket Square, Kalk Bay, Rhodes Mem and then a nice long walk along the promenade. Or head the other direction and go and explore Stellies or Paarl. Gooooooorgeous!

    And haha. Exactly!

  39. Spoegs says:

    Exactly what I was thinking – lets ride like the wind until our inner thighs are so chaffed we can’t walk (and I’m not talking sexually here)

  40. Martin says:

    Not too difficult a walk Dolce, it takes about 45 min if you whistle while doing it. If you don’t it might take longer.

    Ralph? I thought his name was Spike?

  41. Semisweet says:

    Spoegs – no chaffing…thats sore. Lets just ride like wild horses being broken in (no sexual connotation)

  42. Spoegs says:

    Semi – I can picture it now – you, me on Noordhoek beach at sunset taking turns to ride on each others backs like wild horses being broken in! I’ll bring the saddle, watering trough and hay to make the the whole experince really realistic.

  43. Semisweet says:

    ok… and bring the whips as well.

  44. dolce says:

    Martin Are you Mary Poppins? And no, no, my one is definitely called Ralph. Mind you, they all do look a bit alike. It could be easy to mistake them.

    Spoegs and Semi (in a non sexual way) *insert fond eyeroll here*

  45. Spoegs says:

    Dolce – you can join us too. How good are you at making naying sounds?

  46. Semisweet says:

    Oooohhh… I like naying sounds

  47. Spoegs says:

    I can picture it now Dolce with chaffed bum on all fours on Noordhoek beach making naying sounds trying to keep up with us. Fantastic – this way I think I could learn to love CT.

  48. Dolce says:


    Nay – to say no in an old fashioned way

    Neigh – a sound a horse makes

    Which would you prefer I use?

  49. Spoegs says:

    Dolce – you know what I like baby. Are you a jornilist or something. Your spelling are quite good and you know lots of different words for like the same things hey?

  50. Dolce says:

    jorn nilist…there’s something in that to play with, I tells ja.

    Nope, I told you. I’m a corporate crack whore.

  51. Dolce says:

    or rather, a corporate “my crack’s sore”

  52. Spoegs says:

    How you know so many words then?

  53. Dolce says:

    I make a lot of them up.

  54. Spoegs says:

    OK I give up, I tried You very sneaky for a crack whore – When we seeing you out at Noordhoek then?

  55. Semisweet says:

    Dolce, didnt you co-write the Thesaurus?

  56. Nossie says:

    All this “Crazy Horse” -ing around confirms my suspicions of Capetonians….crack whores, whips, all fours on the beach…has anyone got a room to let??

  57. Spoegs says:

    Thesaurus’s died out during the last ice age.

  58. Semisweet says:

    Im not in CT but for whips, the sea and all fours…I’ll be there

  59. Dolce says:

    What do you call a lesbian hippopotemus? A lickalotapus.

  60. Semisweet says:

    No that was the Tyrannosaurus…you getting your saurus’s mixed up here ;). Hmmm, the last ice age – how many ice age’s where there?

    *note to self – buy Spoegs a Tyranno, no Thesaurus, for his alien birthday*

  61. Semisweet says:

    ha ha ha Dolce

  62. Spoegs says:

    Thats it I’m outta here this is getting ridiculous.

  63. Nossie says:

    Spoegs…I’m an eastern cape girl – I can spot the signes a mile off…that Lusikisiki stuff is the sheeeet.

    Semi – do you think we were seperated at birth??

  64. Semisweet says:

    You just going to look for that lickalotapus, Spoegs. Dirty boy.

    Nossie, if you are 21 yrs old, gorgeous, a body to die for, a smile to melt ice and eyes that were made in the heavens…then no we couldnt have been 😉

  65. Nossie says:

    Hang on, let me check *runs to mirror to take a look* – nope thats not me…

  66. Semisweet says:

    LOL…well, thats not me either so maybe we were.

    Anyway doll, Im outta here. Being here so late is overtime for me :).

    Have a fab evening. *hugs and kisses*

  67. Nossie says:

    be good – and if you can’t be good, be good at it!!

  68. Martin says:

    Martin Poppins Dolce, Martin Poppins.

    On the other topic: you dirty, dirty girl!

  69. morticia says:

    Nossie – where eastern cape – you a slummies girl – or plz – or an ‘uplander’?
    slummies born ‘n bred, me. going home two weeks time for rorkus p*ss up and wedding – cant fekking wait – need to go back quite often.

  70. Nossie says:

    slummies was a metropolis back then…naaaa…Transkei girl.

  71. Nossie says:

    left there many years ago and have never been back…want to remember the little dorp the way it was *sigh – longs back for the old days*

  72. Dolce says:

    Nos, you should read Dreaded Outsider’s stuff. He lives in Port St Johns.

  73. Nossie says:

    SJohn’s is my alma amter (spelling?)….learned a lot while holidaying there back in the 70’s….

  74. morticia says:

    nossie… if you should find ben dekker while you there… please let him know there’s an ole hoochie mama up here looking for him.

    slums never changes – that’s the beauty of it. sure it gets grubbier and poorer, but fundamentally – it’s still the same old ‘home’ for me… 12 hour luncheons and braais in the parking lot on fridays! only place on earth, i come into power.
    already got “the boys’ marking their diaries for my arrival!
    i’m not a girls girl… but the lads enjoy my tolerance for their uncouth ways…. i’m the wench they can pretend to be with, if they cant score!

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