Waiting. Staring at the eggshell wall. Waiting for life to begin. In all its bristling fulsomeness. Blinking. The muffled thud of neighbours on the stairs. The dappled leaf light. Waiting. This eggshell white cocoon of irony. Ironic really, that I wait here. Waiting. While out there, life is waiting for me.


30 thoughts on “today

  1. Vapour says:

    Great viewpoint, now do you go to it or does it come to you?

  2. Semisweet says:

    Good post Dolce. How are you doing? I also need to go out there and meet life head on…no more waiting…

  3. Sweetiepie darling muffin bun… you should wait for no one, least of all life. So go out, grab it and feck it sensless my little strawberry cheesecake. Or at least until it can’t stand straight.

  4. Interesting that the anti-spam word I have to type in is killfun. Why oh why do you think that is Dolce. Also that the killfun-o-rator on this plog wouldn’t let me say FU*K. But it does let me say shit, crap, f*%k, fark, feck, fock and Vlok. You live and learn my royal Dolceness, you live and learn.

  5. Hmmm…. it appears this anti-spam word is “feast” how appropriate considering the little favour I’m about to ask you. So it appears that Dex is gone awol. Hope you don’t mind but be a honey and offer him a blow job to come back… I’m getting horribly bored and require some entertainment.

  6. dolce says:

    Frankly. *VERY DEEP BREATH* there is going to be blood. I just wrote a whole comment back to EVERYONE, inwhich I ranted because how dare you not be able to swear ON MY BLOG, which then got booted, because I swore A LOT. I got a comment booted off my own blog! *SEEEEEEEEEETHE*

  7. dolce says:

    and I’ll blow dex just as soon as I FEKKIN’ KILL FEKKIN’ AMAGAMA FACISTS.

  8. YODA says:

    Harness the negative energy you must. Pictures of happiness and bliss in your head must appear.

  9. dolce says:

    Yoda. Play with fire you do.

  10. YODA says:

    Yodans – fire proof skin we have. Play with my light sabre you want to?

  11. Semisweet says:

    Did I miss something or has Spoegs evolved into Yoda?

    Just take a deep breath Dolce and let it slide…seems like the gremlins in amagama have not been killed.

    Hmmmm….my antispam word is amagama….nice one!!!

  12. dolce says:

    Vaps Now that I’ve calmed down and can say fuck in my own house again, I wanted to say, ja! That’s the kicker! I’m absolutely 100% sure that we get the life we make. I’m just not sure what I want.

    Semi I’m surprisingly good. Getting there! Thanks. And ja, it’s the getting out there that’s a little scary!

    Frik more of the your Royal Dolceness please! Me like!

    Yoda Jedi, your mind tricks won’t work here. Go play with your own light sabre. Bless!

    Semi….again a LOT of deep breathing yesterday – I was fekkin’ hyperventilating!

  13. Semisweet says:

    Its always hard to get up, dust yourself off and put yourself out there again but we have to. We cant hide in our little caves all the time. Thats not living. We have to take risks and go out there. We all fail. Thats not the problem. The problem is how we deal with it and how we let it impact our lives. What doesnt kill us is going to make us stronger and the stronger we become the more we know what we want from life and how we gonna get it. I can tell you are a strong woman. Flaunt it.
    Respect girl!

  14. Do me a favour, and give me a shout when you & Life do hook up for that drink. I’d love to met up with it too!

  15. Arbchick says:

    Well….geeeeeet off ya freakin ass and go and get it then woman!!!! Tick tock…time is passing, another wrinkle line deepens as you squint at those leaf dappled walls, another cell starts to sag and bag in that idle buttocks! GO GO GO!!!

  16. ekke says:

    I just realised – if it’s out there, waiting, it may be armed and keen on stealing my walkman.

    Uh oh. 😦

  17. dolce says:

    Semi Rwoar! (that’s me being a big, strong girl!)

    Champers Waddaya mean. I’m going to rugby tackle Life to the ground and lash him to me ankle!

    Arb *grin* You leave my saggy bottom alone!

    Ekke Nah. Life’s definitely got his own iPod. Your electric blue, double tape disco walkman is safe. Dead safe.

  18. Semisweet says:

    Thats a girl 🙂

  19. 302 says:

    so have you added a splash of paint to this wall yet.

    eggshell white.

    unfortunately mr delivery won’t bring you a bitta passing life but maybe a brush, and some red. or you could just enjoy your own company.

  20. Dolce says:

    302 Aye. I know. Sometimes it gets a little lonely though. And the world seems very unfriendly. Just passing moments of vulnerability.

  21. YODA says:

    Fulsomeness – another word created you have!

  22. there are so many things that live in vulnerabillity. love. possibillity. tenderness. hope. why shouldn’t you live there too?

  23. Dolce says:

    Yoda It’s a real word, it is. Not made up at all!

    FrikkieThat’s what I’m learning. But like all good lessons, it’s hard and some days I just don’t wanna! P.S. Ta Frankles, for all the gentleness. You are good blogger person!

  24. YODA says:

    Cataclysmic repercussions can be. Asympathetic I fear I have been. Offer to play with my light sabre stands it still does.

  25. dolce says:

    Yoda, you little poppet. Ta. Instant gag reflex still stands too…*wink*

  26. YODA says:

    In your mouth a light sabre you should never put!!! *slurp*

  27. Dolce says:

    you think I might burn my tongue?

  28. YODA says:

    Operating manual I will send you. Problems I see with you operating my equipment.

  29. dolce says:

    you need an operating manual? Mr Yoda “Bobbit” maybe?

  30. YODA says:

    Heavy, dangerous equipment always an operating manual requires. Your enjoyment it will increase.

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