a comment I made on MY blog just got booted because I used the work “fuck” in it. Are you a bunch of soapy-mouthed facists all of a sudden? My god? What has this place become. You’re kidding around huh? Jokin’ with the populous? Have you, the voice of media reason in this country, really become so school marmish? FUCK THAT!

Please remove this function or I’m outta here.

Sorry, your comment has been rejected because it contains one or more of the following words: porn
Please try posting your comment again, but without these words.

Now I’m really pissed. I just lost the reply to all the comments left last night because I used the word PORN in one reply. NO WAY?


57 thoughts on “VINCENT AND MATT…the update

  1. Semisweet says:

    Another appropriate anti-spam word…. whoa

    Im sure its nothing serious Dolce…or lets hope not. Im sure V&M dont want all the bloggers leaving the site (although it seems like they are all gone now). I havent been on for a while cos Ive been ill and busy but it is very quiet in here.

    Wonder where everyone is now squatting?!?!

  2. Problem solved, you can now post “fuck” in comments and the old message that looked like this:

    Sorry, your comment has been rejected because it contains one or more of the following words: fuck.

    Please try posting your comment again, but without these words.

    Should not appear

  3. Norty norty Dolce…. careful now. I might just run on over with the soap so that you can clean that filthy little mouth of yours out.

  4. dolce says:

    Only if you spank me, Frankly. i’ve been very, very bad. I’d tell you, but big brothers Grim might make me sit in the corner.

    And Semi – I’ll leave an COA when I leave. This is ridiculous!

  5. YODA says:

    Discord in the blogosphere again I detect. Presence of the dark lord again I fear.

  6. morty says:

    Dolce… at iblog… i’ve been spam dunked twice! and i didnt even say the fekkit word.
    on that side, it’s an automated thing that hits a hitch now and again… must be – because that word appears plenty there!

  7. ds says:

    aside from this, i am seriously disappointed with amagama. but fuck it!

  8. 302 says:

    this post contains explicit langauge… (oh heck yeah) viewer discretion is advised…if you know what i fuckin mean…and watch out if you are on the other side of that opening door…ouch #@$%!

  9. ChewTheCud says:

    Wow! Your mingle blog rating is No Under 17. Funny words though –
    * crack (6x)
    * dead (2x)
    * bastards (1x)
    I was expecting much more extreme stuff 😉

  10. ekke says:

    “damn blast bugger balls drat Odin’s beard oh poot.”


    No block for me. I must have special dispensation or something.

  11. dolce says:

    Semi I would always tell you where I’d go. I’m just to lazy to move at the moment. But working on it! I get no benefit from being part of amagama (except you guys)….

    Vinny the hand thanks china!

    Frik My mother used to squirt sunlight liquid into my mouth. I’ve always been filthy!

    Yoda We like dark lords, we do!

    Morty you can now say fuck with impunity! Thank fek 🙂

    DS dreamt about you and dreaded last night. Odd. And yes. Fuck it.

    302 haha. EXACTLY. I should post a rating warning!

    Chew And whaddaya know – Chew provides me with one. Let’s see if the little widget works! How hilarious that crack and dead are bad. Oh, our police state!

    Ekke Suckering suckertash! You’re very bad!

  12. ekke says:

    You know me… “rebel”

  13. 302 says:

    i’ve just been to that rating system and i’m rated for’ general consumption, not even a calorie warning how disappointing, i swear i shall have to make a few amendments going forward into the sunset.

  14. Semisweet says:

    Cool. Thanx Dolce. Would want to know where you go to so I can still read your writings. But if I dont know where you’ve gone to…then yes…Fuck it!

  15. wizard says:

    Eish Dolce! Not improved with the passing of time I see.
    Tee Hee.

  16. wizard says:

    Eish A fine wine improves as it gets more mature — you dont. *grin*

  17. dolce says:

    let’s try this again…without the evil word which denotes pomping for pesos.

    Ekke is that with or without a cause?

    302 What I was TRYING to say to you was that I agreed, that I wanted an x-rating. That I might start writing [insert banned word here]. With lots of throbbing purple headed love warriors and stuff. But now I’m just grumpy!

    Semi Oh, it’s beyond fuck it now!

    WIZ Hellloooooooo darlin’. It’s been ages! Where have you been? And who wants to be mature. Pah! But, yeah, still same old ranty me! How are you?

  18. sheesh dolce…you completely ignored my provacation. hardly makes it worth the trouble

  19. 302 says:

    you’ve already got one – although i’d have to complain to the standards board – i feel cheated – a few good words have been pawned off it seems.

    reminds me of a scene from John Boorman’s hope and glory – when he gets taught how to swear by the other kids who are playing in the ruins…

    repeat after me: bugger

  20. dolce says:

    DS….Waddaya mean…I’m not very good at being provoked. Suspect I’m too busy staring at the fluffy white clouds. Didin’t you see my comment above DS: dreamt about you and dreaded last night. Odd. And yes. Fuck it. Am i missing something?

    302: Haha. Clearly. And I feel cheated too. Cheated and abused. Bugger and bollocks!

  21. Look at it this way – the more we open it up for you the more spam you’re all going to get, so we need to find a healthy balance and that is an ongoing process

  22. dolce says:

    Spam I can delete. Lost comments are gone forever. Can’t we just have a no word filters?

  23. 302 says:

    Here’s the scene Dolce – You be Rowan or even better try playing the gang leader.

    Gang leader (10 year old boy, in a bombed London site in 1942): You can’t join if you can’t swear, go on say those words…

    Rowan: FUCK! (Multiple sighs of surprise from the other kids in the gang).

    Gang leader: That word is special that word is only used for something important.

    Now repeat after me – Bugger off!

    Rowan: Bugger off!

    Gang leader: Sod.

    Rowan: Sod.

    Gang leader: Bloody!

    Rowan: Bloody.

    Gang leader: Now put them all together, bugger off you bloody sod.

    Rowan: Bugger off you bloody sod.

    Gang leader: Alright you’re in, now lets go smash things up.

    (Kids disappear to the bombed ruin site and begin to smash up the rubble).

  24. dolce says:

    I’m rather fond of the opening scene of Four Weddings and a Funeral:

    Late! Late!

    Oh, fuck! Fuck!


    – Fuck! Right, we take yours.
    – It only goes 40 miles an hour.

    What turn-off?

    – Better not be the B .
    – It’s the B .

    Fuck it!





    Fuckity fuck!


  25. 302 says:

    pretty good as well – it was an important occasion so totally in order and stressed humorously the importance of the word.

  26. dolce says:

    302: Strangely enough, I don’t even like using the word. I prefer mutations like fek or fuggit or something. But not being allowed…that’s what riles me up!

  27. 302 says:

    the point is we know how to use it properly, this isn’t some bad muthafekkin ganster rap cd, which needs a sticker contains explicit lyrics…

    you’re bad D but not that bad.

    the anti spam pictured word was – chill – if only it was so easy with regard to censorship but at least it’s made for an interesting subset of comments.

  28. dolce says:

    Too true, Mr. 302.

    (But wouldn’t it be fun if, just for a moment, this was a muthafekkin ganster rap cd? I could grab my crotch and call you beeatch ho!)

  29. jesus says:

    Gosh darn it! How annoying. No wonder you’re piqued. Thanks for the heads-up on Franklywrankles, by the way. Most amusing.

  30. ekke says:

    You know, this smacks of discrimination.

    I happen to have a rare tye of disorder very similar to tourrcock shit fuck balls, except it happens when I type, not when I suck dick flange shit ass.

    Which means that now, I can’t comment on Dolce’s tits shit fuck cock balls.

    I don’t think that’s very fair…

  31. dolce says:

    Jesus Funnily enough, I can blaspheme all I like here. Which is ironic really.

    Ekke Bless you, my muthafukkin’ son of a bitch cock sucker bastard! You’ve just single handedly notched my rating just that tiny bit higher. *mwah*

  32. Semisweet says:

    So what words are we allowed to use ‘killjoy’ oops, I mean ‘killfun’ (how appropriate), ‘gidday’, ‘amagama’ and the likes of all the anti-spam words?

  33. ekke says:

    I can do it again, if you like. 😉

  34. Flutter says:

    You guys made em snort tea everywhere!
    Thanks. I needed that!

    ‘Enjoy’ is my spam control word. Great! I have never enjoyed it here.

    Incidently, why do you think swear words are so closely related to sex organs?

  35. ekke says:

    Well I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve never really hit my thumb with a hammer or stubbed my toe, and shouted ‘BOOBS!’ really loudly to get it off my chest.

    But that’s a really good question…

  36. ekke says:


    Courtesy of the XGW – From many a moon ago…

    Profanity for Sanity

    Way back in 1592
    Or somewhere round that time,
    Began what I shall talk about,
    Throughout my little rhyme.

    A little thing we like to call
    Profanity, tis true.
    That made each day more livable
    And hence a culture grew.

    We learnt to curse and learnt to swear
    When times of stress arose,
    Instead of just a simple “oops”
    Twas an f word that we chose.

    Though why they call that joyous word
    The f word, I don’t know
    There’s millions of different ways
    Your tongue can choose to go.

    Fuck fucker fucking mother fucked
    To name a simple few,
    The list goes on, but which to use?
    From here it’s up to you.

    Coz simple laws of life on earth
    Have proved we all get stressed
    And each of us can curse or swear
    Yet use a word that’s best

    And each one has it own effect,
    Depending on your mood
    But anyway you look at it,
    It still ends up quite rude

    If you’re not sold on this idea
    I’ll show you here and now
    How simply one begins to swear
    Instead of just an “ow”.

    Next time you drop a huge great brick
    Right on your baby toe,
    Or your staple gun becomes possessed
    And blood begins to flow

    You will not stand there, looking grim
    Cry drat, it hurts a bit.
    But rather, whilst your face contorts
    You’ll scream out HOLY SHIT!

    The satisfaction swearing brings
    I cannot quite explain,
    But somehow in an instant
    It alleviates the pain!

    Profanity, that luscious thing
    Not only used in strife,
    Is often used by you and I
    To punctuate our life.

    That stuck up girl who just walks by
    And your palm begins to itch,
    Goes from dear Miss Popular
    To Fucken skanky bitch!

    We learn these words whilst growing up
    Though use them once or twice
    Coz Fuck, at age eleven
    Comes at quite a hefty price.

    But as we grow, and parents shrink
    We take it in our stride
    And vow that never more these words
    We’ll cover up and hide.

    Except of course, at tea with gran
    Who’s growing old and frail.
    Such words would tax her aging heart
    Her face would go quite pale!

    A word has just this very sec
    Sprung up, it starts with c,
    Though, you’d have to get me really drunk
    To hear it come from me!

    I won’t go there suffice to say
    Some words are just too yuck,
    But some girls use it all the time
    They just don’t give a fuck.

    Which brings me to the saddest part
    Of what I have to say,
    The prejudice, the scornful looks
    We’re dealt from day to day.

    By snooty little so and so’s
    Who think it’s just not right
    I bet they’re all in bed right now
    And have OOH turned out the light!!!

    To all of you who share their views
    Who seem to think that I,
    Have limited vocabulary
    Well just fuck off and die.

    Coz when my day is said and done
    My mind will be stress free
    My anger will have all been spent
    And then you’ll envy me.

    Your anal ways will fuck you up
    You’ll reach insanity
    But then my friend it’s far too late
    To use profanity!

    So use it now, just seize the day
    This time you’ll see I’m right!
    Fuck shit piss you bloody bitch
    I love you all, good night!

  37. dolce says:

    Fluffer Donno. Bloody good question though. And why is it that FOK often feels better than FUCK?

    Ekke I, on the other hand, yell piss flaps and fanny batter a lot. In public, if possible. And foreign swear words are great. Schizer and schwine hond are just fabulous. Merde is pretty good too.

    As for that lovely ditty. Did the gorgeous Wrangler write it herself? Bloody genius. It’s cracker!

  38. ekke says:

    She did indeed! It’s one of her best works, if you ask me.

    Go ahead.

    Ask. 🙂

  39. Dusty Muffin says:

    George Carlin did a piece in the 70’s (I think), which listed the seven words that you cannot say on American Television.

    I’ve always remembered it, and recite it with glee when prompted: shit piss fuck c*nt cocksucker motherfucker and tits.

    Strange, but it was banned in the good old R of SA.

  40. Dusty Muffin says:

    (I only put a star in because the comment got nuked)

  41. ekke says:

    She did indeed! It’s one of her finest works, if you ask me.

    No-one does though.

  42. dolce says:

    Dusty. You can’t say c*unt? Rolls eyes! This fukkin’ useless piece of shite place!

    But you can put a little star in there and that makes it all better. Are you less offended by the *. Does a * make one sigh and say, oh goodie, my eyes are protected from that wicked word. I mean, really. How absolutely ridiculous.

    C*nt always reminds me of that joke:

    A king rules a kingdom
    An emperor rules and empire
    Bob Mugage rules a country

  43. dolce says:

    Ekke Man. Now I’m doubly irritated that she’s buggered off with that bloody soldier. See. It makes me all slitty eyed and jealous. Makes me hope it all ends in tears and that she comes back to the blogosphere and pours out all the rage in lovely, entertaining and witty bloglets. But that’s just nasty. And nasty I am not. Naaaaaaasty, yes. But nasty, no!

    Digression is fun on a “friday”.

    Not a lot of people can use swearage elloquently though. Dex (said wistfully) was a man who was expressive ….holy fuckin’ shitballs was a firm fav.

  44. Holy f*cken sh*t balls, f*ck my dawg and shag me gently Amadeus… you mean if I still blogged here – which I don’t because this blog has, quite frankly become the technological version of cold vomit – I couldn’t say things like his erect member entered her wet puss…. nah. Why the (guy) fawkes would I go and write something like that. I’m hardly Harrold Robbins (puke) and those Black Orchid thingies that brain-dead poppies use to get their jollies with…. *shudder*.

    Why it f*cks me over is that freedom of speech is an absolute.

    And quite frankly here – on this forum – is where it has been crucified by the morality police.

  45. robert says:

    porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn,

    How stupid and narrow-minded, conservative and fuckwitted narowfukkinminded of the people who run this blog.

    Dolce – come over to my place anytime you get booted out.

    Love you madly


    PS: Is ‘love’ an ok word to use around here?

  46. vapour says:

    Harrold Robbins was a master, I broke my cherrie and made many a grown women squeel after reading from his carnal instruction. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it! shees fuckall respect around here anymore

  47. Vaps – please don’t tell us you cleared the cobwebs out of some poor granny at the local old age home. My mind really can’t take that kind of imagery late at night. *shudder* And the only thing Harrold Robbins is good for is braaivleis or arson.

  48. vapour says:

    Well they don’t complain and some of them are goers I can tell you, just slap their breats over my back get the ol rocker into a nice steady rythm and then its eeeeyhaaaa, clunk clunk clunk they don’t know the positions they just shout out page numbers.

  49. Oh my God – reading that was almost as bad as being forced to read a Harrold Robbins ‘novel’.

  50. vapour says:

    ag Frankly I know what makes a women hot and wet admit it.
    Page 55!

  51. Arbchick says:

    Bloody hell Vapour – you’ve really done it now!! Getting down and dirty with Dusty (sorry Dust…but this is personal…no offence intended girl)……..motherfucker Vaps….I am more than wounded!

  52. Arbchick says:

    FUCK! We can say FUCK…fuck me if I’m not fucking happy about that…..aaaaawwww Mr V – fuckin A man!

  53. vapour says:

    arb you little tart, fuck following you around these whore houses its been quiet a task keeping up my little pumpkin!

  54. Arbchick says:

    If you can catch me Vaps….you can **** me!!

  55. elrae says:

    I have been following the parental site of this new blogsite since the beginning of the year, without comment, merely the enjoyment of observation. I have enjoyed the blogs of (in no particular order) KC, Tri, Arb, David van W and Silwane, as well as a number of other bloggers.
    However, I have noticed a decline in commentary from a number of regular bloggers since some dickhead motivated a change from the old format to this new piece of ‘king shit. Besides, my understanding of the oriental keyboard leaves much wanting.
    To the owners of this new blogsite, I say “fuck you”! To all bloggers, hail freedom of speech. Sorry David, that excludes you – no offence meant. I’m sure you get my “drift”. COSATU is hell bent on giving you guys a hard time. Takes the pressure off them though. Miss KC, I too am catholic, non practicing though, loooong time. I enjoy your blogs woman! Please come back! ARB – what can I say? You blow a breath of fresh air through our Durban suburbs. All strength to you.
    Silwane? your blog is great my man, always leaves me smiling and thinking. Hey, some of my best friends have friends who are black. And last’ but by no means least, Tri. What can I say. A lawyer/attorney/solicitor. That has to be hard to live up to Tri, especially with so many real criminals running around the country in the form of politicians.
    Nevertheless, I have taken six months to break the ice. You will note from my “Nick” that, my name is Earle and, yes, I am a honkey.

  56. Dusty Muffin says:

    dolce – i just did your mingle blog rating for just this blog, including comments, and it’s ‘no-one 17 and under admitted’.

    p*rn 101x
    f*ck 35x
    s*it 6x
    p*ss 3x
    f*cking 2x
    w*ore 1x

    sheesh, you’re quite a rough chick, hey!

  57. dolce says:

    Ekke oh, fek. What am I supposed to be asking. I feel a bit dof now! Oh. Right. Just worked it out. Stupid fekkin’ spam filter. Sorry!

    Frankly Nah, they’ve just put silly spam filters in place, which kinda stuffs up the grown up fun of the place. Or rather, the old place. This is like kindergarten.

    Roberticus! Darling. Was that a subtly veiled invitation? Oh! And a whole lot of porn too. You sure know how to make a girl’s day. And love is all you need, apparently!

    Vaps….& Frik Shock horror – never heard of Harold Robbins. Will go forth and have a look. And EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

    Arb Hello chicken! It’s been a while – how you doin’ girl?

    Arb and Vaps My dad used to say the best way to lose weight was to hang a sign around your neck saying “if you can catch me, you can have me”….either way, you’re exercising!

    Earl Welcome dude. And don’t spend so much time quiet next time, ok? And we like rabbits here too!

    Dusty WHOOO HOOO! Classic! My mother would be so proud.

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