Weskus Wonder

flowers-flowers.JPGEach shout of colour a world of whirling life. Stalks and stamens and wheels of petals. Bees, lazy. Heavy with pollen leg warmers. Ants. Rolling caterpillars. Birds. Iridescent with greens and blues. The smell of the ocean. A carpet, a sea, a thousand prayers to the sun. An invitation to run and roll and to lick up the smell of spring. The rising joy of a childhood happiness. Laughing, snatching up the view. All senses singing. A greedy visual feast of purples, yellows, oranges. Patches of snow white and shocking fuchsia. Exhausting. Like art. Like music. How lucky I feel today, to be full of flowers.


16 thoughts on “Weskus Wonder

  1. Dusty Muffin says:

    ‘pollen leg warmers///’

    This post oozes mood. Dolce, you are a wordsmith of note.

  2. Graham says:

    I’m off to the West Coast for the flower season in a couple of weeks, can’t wait. Your post has made me impatient to leave

  3. 302 says:

    Are the flowers out already? Has Spring sprung?

  4. dolce says:

    Dusty They dooooo look like legwarmers – one bee had so much pollen wrapped round his appendages, he could hardly fly!

    302 The grass is indeed riz! The pic in the post was taken with me trusty cell phone (hence the kak pixilation). There are flowers amuck, I tells ya! A riot. An explosion. A veritable flood of flowers!

  5. dolce says:

    Graham Thanks for popping in! It’s absolutely spectacular. Insane. I’ve need seen them so good.

  6. 302 says:

    need to get up there and go a look. almost always seem to miss the flowers and the whales.

  7. Semisweet says:

    Dolce, take it you feeling better. The warmer weather helps as well. Good post 🙂 Glad you better.

  8. ramon says:

    Dolce, you won’t believe this, but today at work I included a piece similar to this in L’s revenge – there are some phrases almost exactly like yours.
    I need a drink.
    I’ll mail it you tonight.
    Scary, scary, scary.

  9. dolce says:

    302 oh you must. It’s delicious. I had to resist the urge to roll around in them! Oh, and see next post re: whales. I’m inniekak!

    Semi Much better, ta very much. And agreed. It’s the suuuuuunshiiiiiine and the blomme! Ba da bing!

    Ramona We’re fabulous geminis. What can I say. And this etherous place has vomitted up far too many sychronisities for me to be much surprised any more. Will wait for your mail with glee.

  10. How lucky I feel today, to be full of flowers. ????

    Honey, it sounds like a yeast infection. I’d take something for that if I was you.

  11. dolce says:

    Ramona It must be in your blood, Ramona. You can feel the rising of the flowers from here

    Revo *splutter*….thanks mate, that was my tea, all over my desk. Fek, dude. What can you expect after your crazy penis puppetry?

  12. You likey playing penis twister?

  13. dolce says:

    Only when you’ve been very, very naughty. Or you ask nicely.

  14. Now if a woman could do that with her breasts , I’d be really scared!

  15. dolce says:

    My gran probably could…

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