the problem with the people

is that if you don’t give them what they want, they quite often find someone who will.

5 thoughts on “the problem with the people

  1. Dusty Muffin says:

    Ja, but they also take a backwards glance, just in case. A finger in each pie, buyer’s remorse and all that…

  2. dolce says:

    Aaaah, Crayola Dude. It’s a strange little place that is a mirror of a time long long ago…a previous incarnation of amagama that made people vicious and evil and lovely to play with. Amagama Lords changed this place to somewhere soft and fluffy and filled with Avatars. But we longed for the old days. Until one brave Dexter had enough, and hands on hips, he stomped his foots and said “no more”. And then there was light.

    You’re welcome to come and play. I think you’ll like some of the not so well people there.

  3. crayola dude says:

    Hey dolcarina, you dead? Or did you survive the Trail Of The Whales? 🙂

  4. K Chasu says:

    well said dolce. you see what the fucking amaboys sent me?

    i am in a rage.

    they didn’t delete me – but really!

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