whale breath and bird song

Whale breath and bird song.  The quite, warm smell of fynbos in a sea breeze.  Breath.  Sun.  A wide expanse of sky.  A slow unfurling into a space bigger than my imagined self.  Waves the colour of freedom, roaring and exploding on sculptures of limestone.  Mountain streams.  The yellow spring glow of Leucadendrons and the honey sweet smell of new flowers.  The lift of a soul on a peak, a valley of patchwork and sparkling rivers below.  The rise and float of birds on air that barely brushes the skin.  And the stars.  The night stars beyond imaging.  A vast well of stars bursting through the sky.  Three dimensional sky.  Bigger than the day.  Bigger than the night.  And at its break, sand between the toes on an empty beach. No footprints but ours.   Oyster catchers. Gannets.  Cormorants.  Calling the morning in.  Rousing the sun.  A cobra coiled on a warming rock. Lizards with blue heads and quick eyes.  Scuttling through the cracks.  Swimming in tidal pools filled with starfish.  Anemones. Arlekruekel.  Bristling black bunches of shining mussel shells.  Sand filled with jewels. Curved and spiraled fragments with opalescent shades of orange and pearl pinks.  Stones with quartz stripes and whorls, worn smooth by the movement of the eternal sea.  And all around the leviathan leap and crash into the moving blue, ride the waves like slow dreams, lift their tails to the sun and slap their reverberating joy to their kin and to us.  Flukes and mouths like invitations to the deep.  Like meditation.  Like awakening.  Like pure self.   

The view from the 611m Potberg Mountain Peak day 1.


The view of our hut and destination on day 2


The incredible rock formations day 4


20 thoughts on “whale breath and bird song

  1. cool post. and the blog is looking great. btw, what is the AG thing about?

  2. Christoff says:

    Hi There,

    Lovely posts. And LOVELY pics! Makes a Gautie like me wanna move down to the Cape!

    Anyways, I see you recently registered your Blog on AMATOMU. If you want (it’ll help both of us in boosting our traffic a bit), we can swap links by adding each other to our Blogrolls.

    Check my site at http://zavibes.com and let me know if you’re keen.


  3. dolceii says:

    thanks DS…some people are keeping their amagama (AG) spots, some are doubling up on iblog and on blogspot….so I’m just trying to keep track 🙂

    You would have been interested – we held student group interviews for our grad recruitment yesterday and one of the discussion topics was around what Biko would think of SA today…man, a whole bunch of them didn’t even know who he was (??????????????????)

    Don’t know why I’m surprised! But its a bit depressing.

  4. 302 says:

    So it sounds and looks like it was worth every ounce of effort and all of that white collar anxiety.

    Did you see any whales?

    And stop moving around from blog to blogsite crickey!

  5. dolceii says:

    Christoff I’m always up for a bit of link love – you’re on!

    302 Dude, amagama was a facsist state. I had to leave…been a long time coming. And my heart home is back (www.theoldmark.com), so I’ll mostly be lurking there – come and play.

    But I wanted somewhere I could just collect my thoughts, links etc in one place.

    Besides, I’m a gemini…

    (Glad you followed me over though.)

  6. 302 says:

    the old mark is too communal for me still there is always living the dessert of life and we can’t tolerate facist behaviour to hard to stomach, what a shame does this mark the beginning of the demise and fall of amagama.

    and stop fishing for compliments, it’s bad enough I had to update the link.

  7. Dusty Muffin says:

    Sheesh Dolla, it’s dark in here – like one of your favourite Obs spots!

    Your new home’s looking good – love the couch

  8. dolceii says:

    @ 302 > I suspect not – just a recreation into a fluffier, more “commercial” form. Which is kinda sad. And to your previous point about the whales. Aye. LOTS. In fact, at one point, there were 25 we could see. Absolutely mind bloggeling (sic).

    @ Dusts > ta…I used to have an old blogspot haunt which was where the couch was from. Originally, the whole the point was leaving the couch for the good life. So a bit of history in there. Now I prefer to use the couch for more nefarious purposes! *grin*

  9. Nossie says:

    Dolce…classy looking site for a classy girl…

  10. dolceii says:

    Ta Nos…me like it too.

  11. Nossie says:

    Feel free to pop in anytime – nossie.wordpress.com…I’ll get the crystal glasses ready..

  12. dolceii says:

    Nice one Nos!

  13. Doom n Ruby Red gloom!

    I liked the other site theme. Preferred it. Change back. Now.

    Oh wait – this is not beige so it is hokay missus!

  14. dolceii says:

    Robert, you cheeky bint. I liked the other one too. But too many people used that template. So it was a little beige. So, I’m going dark for a while!

  15. 302 says:

    That’s a lot of whales, need to go around the corner to see them they are tremendous, the first time (a few years ago) I’d gone out that way we saw a couple about 100m from the rocks. A misbehaving calf was splashing around under the watchful eye of an elder. So I’m glad that they didn’t cheat you by sending out a whale of a trek without those large mammals for company.

  16. crayola dude says:

    Oh good. You’re not dead… 🙂

  17. dolceii says:

    no, not dead. Reincarnated!

  18. music says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  19. Wenchy says:

    I am feeling the fear!!!!!

  20. Dolce says:

    @ Wenchy – NAAAAAH! It’s gorgeous – you’ll have so much fun – promise!

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