Win a Date with Dolce

Ak. I’ve done it. Signed up with a dating site. I’m half excited, half horrified. I feel like those women of a short decade or two ago, waiting in quiet, clock loud drawing rooms to be introduced to suitable young men. Smoothing their sensible tweed over untouched knees. Mopping palms against the chitz cushions and staring at patterns in the carpet. I feel like something on display, with a return policy and a best-before date. Like a coat that doesn’t fit anymore. Secondhand. Pre-worn. Previously-loved. The euphemisms of things recycled.

Or maybe I just feel vulnerable. And I don’t like it.

But I’m kinda proud of myself for being brave. For being brave when I don’t really want to feel awkward and shave my legs religiously and worry about my armpits and make banal small talk. When I don’t want to be rejected or have to say, “thanks, but your navy blue stokies make me want to retch”. But there’s excitement too. Possibility. The unexpected. Where maybe, just maybe, this opened door will lead to something good. Something new. Something different.

And then I see this:

Seeking people for social contacts, friendship and possibly more who have an interest in bondage, discipline, spankings, sadomasochism, leather or rubber fetishes, power play, chains, ropes and other related BDSM activities.

Oi vey.

I’ve got a feeling this is going to be interesting.

P.S. why do I give you guys the ammunition.
P.P.S. Oh, the irony. My ex is on my first page list of matches.


15 thoughts on “Win a Date with Dolce

  1. Stop moving already! I can’t keep up.

    Good luck with the dating… if it goes really well, please find out if he has an equally suitable brother. Thanks!

  2. bluepete says:

    so you wanna date then, dolce?

  3. dolceii says:

    @ Champers > sorry lady! But I’m like a hermit crap. And what? You didn’t find any good ones in NY?

    @ BP > 😉 Silly blue boy.

  4. crayola dude says:

    How about friday? I make a mean, um, take-away korma…

  5. dolceii says:

    @ Crayola Dude > Bless you Crayola Dude. But you live in Jo’burg. So I can’t even pretend that you’re being serious. Pfffft. Besides. My, um, bits are very averagely sized, so how could I compete. Pffft. Again. Boy bloggers.

  6. Hanlie says:

    I met my husband on Datingbuzz. This coming Monday will be our first wedding anniversary. But be warned, you may have to sort through a whole lot of weirdo’s before you hit gold. I did… but they gave me plenty to write about.

  7. dolceii says:

    Hanlie….haha….yes, I suspect I’m going to have to trawl through a lot of interesting characters before I find anyone fun to play with. But, hey, you don’t meet men sitting on your couch.

  8. So how is this going??

    Oh, I met some GREAT ones in New York. They just couldn’t be convinced to leave that great city, no matter how much they loved me back.

  9. dolceii says:

    And would you not consider a life in the Big Apple?

  10. In a heartbeat… just gonna take some time to convince the US authorities to let a broke AIDS activist/ humanitarian worker through their doors a little more permanently… Plus I still need to first get this whole HIV mess sorted out here in Southern SA.

    How’s the dating going????

  11. dolceii says:

    Jaaaaa! So, planning on being in SA for a while then!? Spot the cynacism!


    Hmmm. The dating. Haven’t been on any yet. But things are in motion. That said, there are some strraaaaaaange mofos out there!


  12. crayola dude says:

    “Sure, I may have an incredibly large collection of antique tea strainers, and a picture of my great aunt Mathilda sewn into my trousers, but deep down, I’m a very caring young man…”

  13. dolceii says:

    Crayola. *snort*. Aye. And who expect you to iron those trousers to boot.


    How are things with well endowed lady?

  14. crayola dude says:

    Oh that ended. Rather abruptly, I might add.

    I have no found someone who is Awesome, Caring, Digs Me Lank, and has a Normal, Common and/or Garden Variety Koekie.

    Which fucking ROCKS. 🙂

  15. Dolce says:

    @ Crayola > YAY for you darlin! YAY!

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