Today it feels endless.  The heave of shoulder to stone.  Each inch won with sweat and the scrape of skin on rough grey.  The beat of sun and the visceral absence of wind.  The burn of light and the grunt of just holding still.  The cry of birds, mocking their freedom from the sky.  The sweet, barely felt touch of grass beneath naked feet.  Felt through skin thickened by an eternity of exertion.  Up.  Up.  Up.  No water or wine to quench a throat on fire.  No bread to ease the strain of every breaking muscle.  No voice of encouragement to move the soul.  And no end to aim for.  Just a tipping point.  A tiny, fractured moment of release.  Before beginning again.  Nothing else.  Just me and stone.


17 thoughts on “Sisyphus

  1. Martin says:

    You really will love The Fountainhead 🙂

  2. dolceii says:

    Funny you should say that…then tone of this was actually theived from(inspired by?) a book I’m reading at the moment.

    But I must, I will, read the Fountainhead.

    *scrabbles in tattered wallet for Exclusive Books voucher*

  3. Stef says:

    any fever? 😉

  4. dolceii says:

    It’s never the fever that’s the worry. It’s the pustules. 😉

  5. [QUOTE]It’s never the fever that’s the worry. It’s the pustules.[END QUOTE]

    ……and the oozing yellow custard n slime and stuff! Yummy!

  6. dolceii says:

    Aaah. Bertie. Your poetic soul!

  7. 302 says:

    Paddy goes for a job on a building site, and the foreman asks: “What’s the difference between a joist and a girder?” “That one’s easy,” says Paddy: “Joyce wrote Ulysses and Goethe wrote Faust.”

    Bob Geldof, pop star

  8. Jam says:

    Beautiful Dolce. Touching me right where I need it most.

  9. kyknoord says:

    Do we work at the same company?

  10. dolceii says:

    @ 302 > *snort* Ja. Exactly!

    @ Kyk > Nah. Couldn’t be. We don’t have an infestation of Evil Testical Eating Pixies.

  11. dolceii says:

    Thanks Jamboree…I missed you. Very, very,very glad you’re back!

  12. Jean Pant says:

    Grown up life sucks. Blegh.

  13. dolceii says:

    Jeanbean, I couldn’t agree more – being a grownup sucks piles!

  14. Martin says:

    Only if you play by grown-up rules!

  15. dolceii says:

    Martin, you are, of course, absolutely right. I just stuck my tongue out at my boss. Seriously. But then again, he’s used to me. He just stuck his tongue out right back.

    Maybe it ain’t so bad.

    PS A mate is giving me a copy of the fountainhead tomorrow. YAY!

  16. Martin says:


    I would’ve offered mine, but it’s been frayed, torn and read to pieces by several people over the years. I need to get a new copy!

  17. dolceii says:

    Well this one is also a bit frayed too, but I like a well loved book. Some stunning imagry on the first couple of pages!

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