a kiss

I had hoped that you’d kiss me.   Not with an adult hope that lives, with a rueful shrug, beyond experience.  But with a naïve hope I’d forgotten; the boundless hope of the completely impossible.   And you did! Amongst the cars and the trees and the ochre light.  The corners of the books you’d brought for me digging into my side. An impatient kiss. Hungry.  Quick and stolen and filled with surprise.  Your hands barely touching me.  Your grey eyes closed. And as I walked away, I was thinking only that I wanted you to kiss me again.

11 thoughts on “a kiss

  1. Oh bluddy hell. Now I need to go and get kissed.

  2. Oh bluddy hell. Now I need to go and get kissed.

  3. dolceii says:

    Mmmm. Every girl does. I decree, every girl should go and get kissed. Right now!

  4. Martin says:

    See? Hope is real.

  5. dolceii says:

    Aye, Martin. Actually, how odd is that…that both of us blog about hope, in a form, on the same day.

  6. Stef says:

    cool…you have an amazing way with words…loved it…ok…where to find someone to smooch, right now!!!

  7. dolceii says:

    Thanks Stef. I know. Why is no one around to smooch when you need them?

  8. 302 says:

    reminds me of socks! lots of it around but not when you are looking for it.

  9. dolceii says:

    And just when you find a good pair, and wear them all the time, they get holes.

    ’tis true.

  10. 302 says:

    besame mucho, mucho, mucho, besame mucho

    and we are talking about socks

  11. dolceii says:

    I like that tune. Listening at the momento.

    And yes, we are always talking about socks!

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