This blog is on holiday

…and will largely and mostly be eating, drinking and being merry for the next 2.5 weeks.

It will pop in occassionally to poke people lethargically.  It might post pictures of particularly good Christmas gifts.  But it’s not promising anything.

On the whole, though, it wishes you much lovin’ and squishin’ and snoggin’ under the mistletoe!


10 thoughts on “This blog is on holiday

  1. I say miss, yes you!

    Pray tell, how does one lethargically poke one?

  2. dolceii says:

    slowly and very insipidly.

    Not much of a poke, really. More of a sloth like nudge.

  3. Y’mean as in a slow, deliberate but gentle slothlike poke of the ribcage?

    An ever so gentle tickle perhaps? Or just the merest glancing of skin against cool skin?

  4. By the way – you better be around a laptop for Part 2 of my Blogroll Slagoff.

  5. kyknoord says:

    Recharge, refresh, reboot.

  6. Rox says:

    Have a fabulous one hun, look forward to lots of juicy stories in the new year.

  7. […] Dolce – If words on a page or up on a blog dripped and oozed sex appeal then this La Dolce Vita makes it […]

  8. Holiday done. Stop eating, and getting back to skryfing…but first pass over more of that very strong coffee!

    Happy 2008!

  9. Ok, Holiday is done. Stop eating. Get back already. Writing time. And here is wishing you one gorgeous 2008!
    (And here is hoping this comment now posts, because yours & Robs blogs seem to dislike posting my words of wit & insight! :P)

  10. dolceii says:

    @ Bert > Thanks for the link love, darling – you really do rock! And the glancing of skin…mmmm!

    @ Kyk > In retrospect, not so much!

    @ Rox > ditto, city girl, ditto!

    @ Champers > My silly spam catcher was confusticated. But I’m definitely going to have to stop eating. Soon! Or I’ll be blimpish. Or rather, more blimpish!

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