The Road

Just when the time slows and I can just feel my grip begin to tighten, the head speeds up and I’m lost again. Rushing into a whirling space of misunderstood phrases and assumed remembrances. I can’t believe I’m no further than I was before. (Even though I know I am.) I can’t believe this road is the same one. (Only different.) I recognize this place. This place where my feet walk the same ground. Where the vistas are unchanged in their endless changing. I’m afraid. Not afraid because the change will hurt. Will, by its nature, change. Not afraid of whom I could become. Afraid that even if I choose another path, it will be the same. And I’m too tired. Too tired to do much but walk at the moment. Put one foot in front of the other. Survive. And watch the same stones and crossroads and spaces roll by.


4 thoughts on “The Road

  1. kyknoord says:

    There’s no GPS for the soul.

  2. 302 says:

    Give the table a bang and the record spinning at “33-and-a-third” revolutions will jump free. Ooh doesn’t life just have its own subtle and slowly progressing sequence of iterations.

  3. dolceii says:

    @ Kyk > Only for the sole. Which is covered in blisters (see new post).

    @ 302 > Does a record spinning at 33 and a third, when played backwards, play at 666? Hey, by the way, I’m not ignoring that mail, just waiting for life to chill a little so I can respond with a plan!

  4. 302 says:

    the key is 33 and a third revolutions a minute. Emphasis on revolution, not scratchin’ the thing, and it’s not country music either so no happy ending.

    and no worries, good planning takes time.

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