The Boardroom

Duncan was late.  The boss would have his balls if he didn’t fix the AV before her meeting at 12.00.  And it was 11.45.  Fortunately, he was pretty sure it was just a fuse in the plug points under the boardroom table.  He dashed into the boardroom, barely glancing at the panoramic view of the city through the glassed wall of the 27th floor.  

He ducked under the massive dark wood table and aimed straight for the mess of wires at its centre.  He quickly replaced the fuse in the offending plug, reset the wiring and listened as the hum of the working system resumed.  He was about to back out from under the table when Vivian and the Chinese delegation walked into the room.


Duncan froze.  He knew she’d rip him a new one if she found him still here.  It wouldn’t do for the AV technician to be seen fixing anything in front of this critical group of investors. The Chinese mobile deal was going to make or break the company.  Duncan knew this salient piece of information because he’d been fucking Vivian for about 2 months.  Ever since she’d been at the pub around the corner, alone. drinking a martini, and had bought everyone a round of drinks in an uncharacteristic act of generosity.  By the end of the evening, her predatory blue eyes were practically stroking his arse, and he’d found it impossible to resist her whispered offer.


Trapped under the table, Duncan decided to wait it out.  He knew it was a dangerous gamble.  He listened as Vivian invited her guests to sit, ordered drinks and turned on the now working projector.  Her low soft voice, which often led men to underestimate her, soothed and caressed the egos in the room.  She invited her Chinese counterpart to begin his presentation and sat down in one of the leather chairs.  The lights dimmed.  From his vantage point, Duncan watched her cross her ankles to the side, her long calves bare, her surprisingly small feet tucked into black, pointed stilettos.  Her grey wrap dress pulled up slightly to reveal her knees.  Duncan smiled, thinking about how smooth her legs were.  Hot and silky to the touch.  He felt the urge to touch them.  He crawled silently over to her side of the table and touched the edge of her shoe. 


Vivian flinched and he heard her sharp, indrawn breath.  But she didn’t look down.  Duncan inched his hand on to the arch of her foot.  Vivian kicked out a bit.  Moved her foot away.  But still, she didn’t look down.  Duncan, feeling bold in the knowledge that she would never jeopardize the meeting, moved a little closer and ran his calloused hand up the back of her calf.  Again, Vivian tried to move away from him, as subtly as she could without giving herself away.  He held her right leg by the ankle and with his other hand slowly began to stroke her, his cock hardening against his jeans.  He lightly trailed his fingers up the curve of her calf and behind her knee, tracing circles.  He edged his hand up over her knee, dragging the grey wool of her dress further up her thighs.  He leaned in, pushed her legs slightly apart, and kissed the soft inner flesh just below her hemline. 


He felt her shiver and wondered how far he could go before her public stoicism cracked.  He hesitated, knowing that if he went any further, is could be at the expense of his job.  But she surprised him.  Shifting her bum closer to the edge of the chair, she widened her legs and presented him with the long, sleek line of her thighs.  As usual, she was not wearing any knickers.  He grinned and leaned in to lick the soft arch of the proffered thigh.  Alternating from one side to the other, he nibbled and stroked, drawing lines and symbols in her flesh, trailing his fingers along and under her leg to relish the round edge of her arse.  Her breathing deepened slightly.  He moved even closer to the dark triangle at the top of her thigh, his breath and fingers lightly, gentle, teasing the sensitive skin.  He slowly ran his fingers over her pussy, stopping only when he felt how wet she was, slipped a finger into the wetness and deeper into her.  His tongue followed, tracing upwards until he found her clitoris.  There he stopped.  Waited until she moved infinitesimally against him.  He took it was his cue and rubbed the tip of his tongue up, around and over her, changing the pace and intensity with every lick and suck.  She was hot and throbbing and as sweet as ripe fruit.  He could feel her rocking in the chair.  Wondered briefly how she was keeping her face still for the audience above the mahogany table.  He slid his hands up the outside of her legs to grab her lower hips for purchase.  Felt her begin to clench against his lips.  He felt her press her thighs against his shoulders.  Felt her fight against the pleasure that was building in her raging, silken centre as his tongue worked along the length of her.  Until she couldn’t hold out against it and came against his mouth with a barely controlled shudder.


He kissed her thigh.  Pulled her dress back over her legs.  And sat back to listen to the last 15 minutes of the Chinese presentation.

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16 thoughts on “The Boardroom

  1. Mrs. Benitez says:

    Damn you, woman! And I have a meeting in 5 minutes, and everything…

  2. dolceii says:

    @ Mrs B > Ooops. Sorry. Did I write that out loud? *innocent grin*

  3. kyknoord says:

    Duncan reflected on her earlier boast that she could “take a lickin’ and keep comin’ back for more”.

  4. dolceii says:

    @ Mr Noord > Pffft. Boys! The challenge, however, is not in the licking, or, for that matter, the coming, but in finding a willing (and able) lickee.

  5. kyknoord says:

    Hmmm… I would have thought it would be more of a challenge to find a sufficiently capable licker, although I suppose you could train one if you were prepared to invest in a suitably comprehensive instruction programme (sponsored by Shell, of course).

  6. dolceii says:

    @ KyK > Bugger. I forgot. I was confused. The ‘ee’ is usually the one doing all the work, so the semantics stuffed me up. Licker, licker! But I do like the way you think…

  7. Tristan says:

    wicked story. I especially like “her predatory blue eyes were practically stroking his arse, and he’d found it impossible to resist her whispered offer.” This must be how evolution started 🙂

  8. jenty says:

    Glad I didn’t read this at work. LOL!

  9. daisyfae says:

    Nice fantasy – as the ‘bosslady’ of a large organization, it simply makes me sad that all of my minions are clueless (and likely skilless) dork-boy enginerds. (sigh) Maybe i need to train up a technician or two?

  10. Parenthesis says:

    And we’re supposed to concentrate after THAT? Evil woman …

  11. thegnukid says:

    Oh my…I’d say ‘goodness’, but I think that flew out the window after reading the first paragraph. Where do I find such a considerate and professional boss as that?

  12. Ramon says:

    Hot. Hot. Hot. Phew. I need to stick my tongue in a beer right now..

  13. globus says:

    globus likes your writing. and the way your blog says ‘welcome back’ when globus goes to post. cosy 🙂

  14. dolceii says:

    @ Tristan > thanks for popping in. Do you have a nice arse?

    @ Jenty > Pfffft. I wrote this at work. *wink* It’s much better than actual work

    @ Daisy > Can I have them when you’re finished with them? I have a suspicion they’d be fekkin’ excellent after a little trailer trainage.

    @ P > *evil grin* No, Ms P, I expect you to grab the guy in finance and ravage him in the stock cupboard.

    @ Gnukid > Flanders and Swann anyone? A gnother gnu? *shakes head* Ignore me, darlin’. And welcome to the good life. I’m working on my management potential.

    @ Ramona > aaaw pickle. You came to visit the other side. Ta a lot! Now, don’t get your tongue stuck on the ice!

    @ Globus > Dolce likes Globus reading. And you are welcome every single time. It’s a cosy kinda place.

  15. Tristan says:

    Yes, my arse is indeed nice. Do you have predatory blue eyes?

  16. dolceii says:

    @ Tristan > Why yes I do. And currently they are stroking a particularly yummy arse. Lucky me. *grin*

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