Chakra kisses


You gave me seven kisses.  An awakening trail of breath and softness.  Each one the intent of your heart.  Each one a gift.  Each a line on the map you drew of me.  One on my crown for bliss and understanding; an amethyst kiss, thoughtful and considered, filled with knowing wishes.  One on my third eye, indigo kisses, so that I could intuit your meaning; see into the centre of you.  Trust the singing of my instinct.  One on the curve of my throat (which tickled bright blue), to connect us through air and water and fire; a code kiss to unravel the meaning between us.  One on my heart.  A lingering green kiss.  Filled with compassion and a willingness to be.  A promise of lips and a future of moments.  And one on my belly, where my laughter lives.  And my fear.  A kiss the colour of the sun.  And your breath wove tales of how it could be, if we believe and listen and know.  You kissed me above my womb. The coral kiss of desire.  And you lit up my body with a fire of carnelian and ochre and tangerine.  And, for your seventh gift, you kissed the base of my spine, to ground me.  A ruby red kiss.  A shower of garnet.  A flame glow to hold me.  Namaste, lover.  I see you.  

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16 thoughts on “Chakra kisses

  1. kyknoord says:

    What? No Australian kisses? Sounds like you may just have been short-changed there.

  2. daisyfae says:

    dog kisses are nice, also. unless your dog eats poo.

  3. Dolce says:

    @ Kyk > Good point. Mmm. And I *do* like kisses down under. Mmmm. Bad Noord.

    @ Dais > *ALL* my dogs eat poo. And bits of dead sheep. And eggs out of nests. Revolting. No kisses allowed. Ik.

  4. Parenthesis says:

    This is a stunning, stunning post Dolce dear. If only we could all feel love like that. I love how you describe love as a colour, I’ve always imagined it as octarine 🙂

  5. Rox says:

    Staggeringly beautiful piece of writing indeed, sjoe.

    It always blows me away how human beings are capable of such incredible emotions and thoughts. In the book I’m reading at the moment, the main character gives such a good sum up of people passing like ships in the night: ‘we were both unstable, awkward lumps of flesh, warm pieces of meat kitted out with digestive tracts and hearts and brains and reproductive organs’ and yet we also have the most astonishing depth of feeling imaginable.

    I just wish things like the chakra kiss didn’t seem so impossible to believe in to me. Not that I don’t believe it exists – I just don’t know if it exists in my dimension.

  6. thegnukid says:

    If any chakras are blocked, they need extra kisses. Loves!

  7. nursemyra says:

    that’s lovely

  8. Dolce. What a dream. What a sublime languid slipping from one world into the next. Falling into beauty. Awesome.

  9. daisyfae says:

    and by the way, it is beautiful… and like Rox, i struggle to believe – not in the existence of such things, but the possibility that i will ever be able to experience spiritual love.

  10. Dolce says:

    @ P > Octarine. Exactly! The chakras all have an assigned colour, and they all worked really well for this. I kinda like the idea that love has different hues (or is octarine 🙂 ). It makes sense. I love that the third eye is Indigo…since I’m an indigo child.

    @ Rox > Hey Rox. I’m not entirely sure I believe either. But I believe in the possibility. I have to. And the more I let go my own ego, my own stuff, and let love (in all its forms) be, the more I believe. Because it’s unbelievably huge, all that energy.

    @ Gnu > Especially the sacral chakra 😉

    @ Nurse M > thank you.

    @ Mandy > You know how I feel about kissing. And boy, are these kisses hot and tender and kind and hot and soft and fabulous. I’m addicted.

    @ Ms Daisy > Yeah. Spiritual love. I think we struggle with the “namaste” concept: the god in me greets the god in you. We. Or rather I. Battle to believe in our own godhead*. I don’t feel very goddess-like most of the time. And I’m so quick to be suspicious. And to judge. And to see what’s missing. To relearn how to just be; for now, for this moment, is what I’m concentrating on now. And it’s good. Very good.

    *(oh, lawd, even when I’m being serious, I’m thinking puerile)

  11. Rox says:

    You know, we should all let ourselves believe in it – the POSSIBILITY, like you said Dolce. Because it *is* out there somewhere, like the truth and aliens and ghosts.

  12. tenmiles says:

    Words like flame and mercury, deadly and blazing. Just exquisite.

  13. Dolce says:

    @ Rox > As long as it’s not *with* aliens, I’m ok! 😉

    @ TenMiles > Hey! Welcome. Thank you. I think. Ooh eer. Deadly? Eep.

  14. tenmiles says:

    But the good kind of deadly.

    Yes, there is a good kind of deadly.

  15. Dolce says:

    Well, in that case, I shall bow gracefully and say; why thank you kind sir!

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