Fondly Fabulous Felicitations

May the choruses sing and the corks fly…it’s the birthday of the incomparable Kyknoord.  Hurrah and Huzzah!  With highly polished brass knobs on!

ta daaaa!

I wish you mountains (both sides) of presents you actually like, buckets of tea, much blog fodder and more hits than you know what to do with.  

*birthday mwah*+


+Do tea drinking demon’s get jealous?

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6 thoughts on “Fondly Fabulous Felicitations

  1. Parenthesis says:

    What, no three box strip to celebrate? pfffffffft 🙂

  2. daisyfae says:

    thanks for ratting him out! we shall drink some sangria and cold spanish beer in his honor!

  3. nursemyra says:

    no corset friday from you this week? not even as a birthday present for kyknoord?

  4. kyknoord says:

    Thank you :mrgreen: & what nursemyra said.
    + I’ll ask and get back to you. You’d best leave town for a while, just in case.

  5. Dolce says:

    @ Ms P > you want me to strip? *shock*

    @ Dais > It’s so cold here, the beer just sits outside for half and hour and it’s frosty. Brrrrr.

    @ Nurse M > I need another corset. But I’m considering some options. And I think Mr. Noord was spoilt for choice with your double duo!

    @ Kyk > Sjoe. Just my luck that I’m halfway up coutry. *ducks*. Did you have a good birthingday? Did you get spoileded?

  6. kyknoord says:

    Oh yes, most definitely.

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