Happy Birthday Madiba*

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

90 today.  Who would have thunk it?

Well, that means only one thing….all together now…..





I hope we still hear your voice in another 90 years.  Even if it’s just in our dreams and our decisions.

*his best birthday present would probably be a donation to the 46664 Project.  That’s what I’ll be doing.

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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Madiba*

  1. Rox says:

    Hip hip, hooray!
    Hip hip, horrray!
    Nog ‘n piep, HOOORAAAY!

  2. nursemyra says:

    joining in the chorus!!!

  3. Dolce says:

    @ Rox > I cried a little in the traffic this morning at all the awesome tributes and snippets from the archives. Blow the vuvuzelas indeeed!

    @ Nurse M > he’s just fab, isn’t he? *proud grin*

  4. daisyfae says:

    Great man! He joined the “Semester at Sea” voyage following the one my daughter was on… she was a bit bummed that it was announced for the Spring voyage that year, rather than the Fall one she chose… can you imagine? Nelson Mandela teaching your classes?

  5. kyknoord says:

    He wouldn’t have lasted this long if he’d still been with Winnie.

  6. Seraphine says:

    90 years is amazing.
    happy birthday and
    a pinch for good luck.

  7. beaverboosh says:

    I read Mandela’s biography on a trip to SA a few years back. The read along with a trip to Robben Island was both humbling and inspirational! In a world with few leaders to look up to, many of whom do not offer leadership at all, Madiba is a living legend. A hero to millions, and a personal hero of mine!

  8. Parenthesis says:

    Yay!! May he have 90 more!! [We wish …. ]

  9. Dolce says:

    @ Dais > ooooh I’m rather jealous myself. And what an awesome experience anyway – I’ve always wanted to do that!

    @ Kyk > the pooh or the shit?

    @ Seraphina > he’s definitely the kind of man who’d like a little pinch. I think. 😀

    @ Beaverboooooosch…> Hey. Welcome. And yeah. I went to Robben Island only a few years ago (having lived in CT my whole life and seen it from afar)…it was one of the most moving experiences of my life. To imagine the person you must be to live that and come out talking peace and negotiation? He really is amazing.

    @ Ms. P > HEAR HEAR!!

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