*ahem*…T-Shirt Friday*

Well, once again I’ve succumbed to a suggestion by the very suggestive Nurse Myra…a monthly meme known to all her acolytes and fanboys as T-Shirt Friday*

Only, she hasn’t actually posted hers yet…*drums fingers*…whoops, wait she HAS!

But I am not afraids…so….ta daaaaa:

I am indeed

I am indeed

(Pssssst…the lovely Silverstar has jointed in the fun, though, so I’m not completely alone in the interweb…)

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30 thoughts on “*ahem*…T-Shirt Friday*

  1. kyknoord says:

    I’m sure all your acolytes and fanboys will agree with me that it’s a good thing you’re so open to suggestion :mrgreen:

  2. I want this T-shirt. I can totally wig out my whole neighborhood with it.

  3. nursemyra says:

    why are my hands suddenly in the cupping position?

  4. daisyfae says:

    and why am i bowing down? Homina-homina-homina…. WOW!

  5. vapour says:

    God you make me proud to be South African! Wanna see my Umshini Wam?

  6. Dolce says:

    @ Kyk > *gasp* Mr Noord. Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?

    @ SilverStar > Welcome, oh fellow Tshirt wearer! And yes *evil cackle*…people are surprisingly weird when they think they’re being monitored for blogfodder. Which, in turn, is excellent for blogfodder.

    @ Nurse M > You’re practising to be a fielder at the SCG?

    @ Dais > You’re not so bad yerself, which might explain the bowing…gravity can be a bitch!

    @ Vaps > Only in the shower, big boy, only in the shower!

  7. kyknoord says:

    Possibly. Are you thinking that I’m thinking what you think I’m thinking?

  8. thegnukid says:

    does anyone know how to reinsert eyeballs back into the eye sockets after they pop out? anyone?

  9. kono says:

    outeffingstanding, you really should listen to nursemyra more often. i’m going to have a smoke.

  10. Dolce says:

    @ Kyk > Nooooo? Not that! Sies!

    @ Gnu > Eye bunji….coooooooool!

    @ Kono > Aaah. “The smoking man.” Welcome to the good life…and I don’t think I could resist Nurse Myra…could you?

  11. vapour says:

    Just had to have another peek. Perhaps I can print this picture and put it on my T.Shirt with a, “I’m loving this” line?
    *Bites knuckles in excitement and walks away singing* “SoshsaLosa…”

  12. Seraphine says:

    i’m don’t think i could fit
    even logging on my shirt.

  13. Just got to readjust my computer – I’m having sizing issues [it’s a problem I’ve had for years] – *ahem* indeed – tee hee

  14. OK…when can I come visit? 😉

  15. nursemyra says:

    you know about the SCG?

    and what’s an Umshini Wam? don’t make me google it

  16. daisyfae says:

    @nm – i had to google it. worth a read… i may send a link to Mr. Obama over here in these parts…

    and dolce – seriously, do you come with a warning label? brilliance, wit, talent and built like a brick cathouse?!? sheesh, child… with all that goin’ on for you, i’m starting to thing you couldn’t possibly be my long lost little sister. you’re WAY too cool for my genetic pool!

  17. Alex L. says:

    I am massively impressed with that photo… I cant say anymore for fear of being innappropriate. I’m glad I took the time to follow Nursies links.

  18. nursemyra says:

    aha…. Zulu for My Machine Gun 🙂

    that reminds me, have you guys heard of Machine Gun Fellatio?

  19. beaverboosh says:

    *ahem*? By gods girl, I spewed my latte across the computer at the sight of those gorgeous puppies. You have transcended the dizzying heights of T-Shirt Friday. I am of the very firm opinion that T-Shirt Friday be retired to the mammiferous annals as surely no twins will surpass the generosity and stature you have extended to us.

  20. michaelm says:

    Jesus Krispies.
    I’ll be here next Friday :mrgreen:

  21. Dolce says:

    @ Vaps > Opiate for the masses or something, hey Vapurrr?

    @ Seraphine > My cousin always said “more than a handful’s a waste”….

    @ Daddy P > Well I’ll be damned. Daddio pops into the Good Life. Welcome. Perhaps it’s the size of your hard drive, Papersurfer? You might consider an upgrade? 😉

    @ Olga > Anytime, sister, anytime. And I’ve got LOADS of friends you can…*ahem*…hang out with.

    @ Nurse M > Well, I spent more time in the MCG, but watched a few balls take flight in your fair town too. And *rolls eyes*…it’s the “cultural weapon” of our latest fearless leader…who believes showering is an excellent prophylactic in the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDs. He’s not the brighted umshimi wam in the shed.

    @ Dais > Darlin’…our soon to be fearless leader and (hopefully) yours are so far apart, they could be from different planets. Mine is definitely from a brainless one. And *blush*. (The rent-a-crowd cheque is in the mail)

    @ Alex L > Ooooh another new visitor – welcome welcome, make yourself at home. And please feel free to be as inappropriate as you like. I probably will be.

    @ Nurse M (again) > Aaawww. I love those guys.

    @ Beaverboosh > No way! I might only partake occassionally, but you can’t deprive the world of the Nurse action…it’s enough to make a girl’s toes curl in delight.

    @ MichaelM > Aaah. Not sure I have the stamina (or the T-shirt supply) for a regular feature. But pull up a chair and we’ll debate the merits of body/soul/brain exposure on the interweb. I’m always faintly curious about the predilections and pecadillos of our particular 6 degree circle of webizens.

  22. That does it! I am getting rid of my 13 inch screen and getting a 21 incher … I think I’m missing something or two!

  23. Dolce says:

    @ Practically Joe > Hola and hello…and the bigger the better, my granny always said.

  24. gullybogan says:

    Shouldn’t it read “I’M BLOGGING THESE”?

  25. […] 2, 2008 by silverstar98121 This is where I need Dolce’s T-shirt. Because I am soooo blogging this. So there I am minding my own How do you miss seeing a […]

  26. Dolce says:

    @ Gullybogan > Depends on the separation and lift of the OSBH at hand (over shoulder boulder holder). Monoboob is not your friend.

  27. twin says:

    Holy moly…
    I knew there was a reason I stopped participating in T-Fridays.

    ps: I’ve passed along your blog link to my saffa cutie….gazsurf.

  28. […] Oh, Lord and Lady, what I wouldn’t give to have the guts to wear this T-shirt to the funeral. Or this one. […]

  29. tobymarx says:

    You have absolutely nothing to fear. Very nice indeed!

  30. Dolce says:

    @ Toby Marx > Why thank you kind sir.

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