And so it is, that once again my will to live is sapped by two inalienable facts:

The Spitz sale is on,

And I have no money.

Excuse me while I retire to weep loudly and inconsolably into my pillow.

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16 thoughts on “Woe

  1. kyknoord says:

    Shoe, that’s just sole destroying.

  2. Slick says:

    Isn’t that like Murphy’s Law??!

  3. daisyfae says:

    put up a “pay pal” button. i’ve seen people do it for less important things…

    (oooh… did i type that out loud?)

  4. Yes, it is tragic. what can I say. It’s the story of my life. Although I tend to go for computer hardware rather than shoes.

  5. Vapour says:

    I know me too, breaks my heart. I’ve wanted those Grasshoppers for absolutely ages. Yes you know the ones that Eugene Terreblanche was still wearing when he rushed naked from Jani Allens apartment being chased by Xhosa traditional circumcision chaps.

  6. nursemyra says:

    vapour, can we hear the whole story?

  7. thegnukid says:

    use your ninja skills to surreptitiously sneak in after the store closes and make off with them becoming an infamous evil crook with the some obtuse name like “The Girl Spitz”… ooo… maybe not…

  8. Dolce says:

    @ Kyk > You’re such a heel!

    @ Slick > Hey. Welcome. Damn that bloody Irish git. He’s always raining on my parade.

    @ Dais > You’re an ideas woman, you are….mmmm….does it really work? *plot* *scheme*

    @ Rox > All that lovely pointiness. All the delicious leatheriness. *weep* *wail*

    @ Silverstar > I’m usually debating between shoes and food. Don’t even get me started on how sad it is that I can’t afford to shop at Giovannis anymore…those glorious panchettas. The cheeeeese. My god the cheese. *sigh*

    @ Vaps > do those come with or without riding chaps?

    @ Nurse M > Oh, it’s a tale of woe indeed!

    @ Gnu > Do. Not. Tempt. A. Desperate. Woman!

  9. Vapour says:

    Ah Nurse it relates back to the early to mid 90’s. As you know SA was going through some change and the white right wing Afrikaner resistance movement (one of the many) was headed by this guy called Eugene Terreblanche who besides being a banjo player of note and a really bad horseman, seemed to have a Hitler quality about his oration (no I didn’t say erection). He spoke with passion about the how “traitors” like FW De Klerk had succumbed to the Satan (Human Rights) that was the democracy we now have. Anyway at the time we had a “liberal” reporter who had a prominent column in the Sunday Times who went by the name of Jani Allen. She was doing an entire “negative” report on Adolf Terreblanche, when she too allegedly succumbed to his passionate play and ended up entertaining him in her apartment in Sandton. The details of these dangerous liasons were to be revealed later by her flat mate. Apparently on one occasion when Terreblanche had to leave in a hurry, Adolf made good his escape leaving behind a pair of underpants, with holes in them, as evidence that he had in fact bagged his own Liberal. Lady Liberty unable to control her quivering lips of passion, her knees weak with desire to collect more underpants, did the only sensible thing a girl should do and spurred on by a bomb explosion in her kitchen fled to England to a self imposed sexual exile where she was later to be dealt a serious blow after losing a case against Channel 4 over a Documentary they ran about the “whole” episode.
    Terreblanche was eventually arrested for attempted murder and ended up sharing a cell with some really nice Xhosa blokes who were in for amongst other things sexual assault. Apparently legend has it the Eugene fell in love with one of these gents and moved from being called Baas to being called Bitch. Of course as in all stories like this Terreblanche having served his sentence is now back in the saddle and Jani, well she is now a born again Christian living in the USA were she is rumoured to be romantically involved with Elvis Presley. A Hound dog indeed.

    Teereblanche wears Grasshopers.

  10. Dolce says:

    @ Vaps (and Nursie) > *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*…fuck we live in a funny country. And the worst part…it’s all true!

  11. michaelm says:

    As a guy, I own one pair of sneakers, several pairs or dress shoes and sandals.
    Can’t remember the last time I bought shoes.
    What is it about shoes?
    Living with four women, my life is inundated with shoewear.
    I just don’t get it.
    It’s almost diabolical. 😆

  12. Dolce says:

    @ Nurse M > ’tis true, my fine Nurse friend. Lust and politics…a heady mix! And let’s not get started on our current machine gun totin’, showerin’ fool!

    @ ~m > Well. You know how guys are about gadgets (well some of them)…the latest this with these specs and those tools and attachments? That’s (some) chicks with shoes. I just love the way a strappy pair of heels makes me feel. *Grrrrroooowwwll*

  13. christian says:

    I would like to say that i love your site livingladolcevita.wordpress.com a lot
    now.. back to the post lol
    I cant say that i agree with what you wrote… care to explain more?

  14. Dolce says:

    @ Christian > welcome, dear one. Now what don’t you understand? You don’t have to agree with me…if you are happy without shoes, more power to you darlin’!

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