Proof of life*: office haiku

Hamster wheel of stuffs

Endlessly running in place

*Work sucks piles, my friends



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18 thoughts on “Proof of life*: office haiku

  1. kyknoord says:

    Tyranny of need
    Drives the stuttering engine
    Of grudging labour

  2. Parenthesis says:

    Oh dear 😦 hurry back when sanity prevails again …

  3. 302 says:

    you think the hamster got it?

  4. daisyfae says:

    Slavemaster owns me
    Farting in elevator
    Aromatic gift

  5. I no longer toil
    Because I am tired
    and retired
    This, too, shall pass.

  6. thegnukid says:

    Furry friends fly
    willy nilly about
    cruel smiles abound

  7. Dolce says:

    @ Kyk > Tyranny of need? / Kak! Tyrannasaurarse of boss / yanks my chain all day

    @ Ms P > Sanity? SANITY? *weeps* A far distant memory…

    @ 302 > Yeah, poor Hammy. He just didn’t see it coming.

    @ Dais > Revenge is a gift / laid on the chairs in boardroom / arse meets drawing pin

    @ Silverstar > I shall be the one / to shrug off this mortal coil / if 5 doens’t come!

    @ Gnuuuuuu > Hamster assassins? / this office needs some bloodshed / are they for hire?

  8. beaverboosh says:

    Ah ah ah ah eh
    Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh eeh
    Ick ick ick ick uck

  9. Dolce says:

    @ Beaverb > *howling with laughter* …Fuck. More tea in the keyboard. Ta muchly, Meester Boosh.

  10. nursemyra says:

    work gives you haemmorroids?

  11. daisyfae says:

    i want to fuck goat
    boss says it’s bad for HR

  12. daisyfae says:

    …and yea. i’m pretty drunk tonight. beyond fucked up. “lock-up-the-livestock” drunk. You got a problem with that?

  13. The big machine – damn it can be a hell of a thing. Don’t let the hamster wheel of life eat you alive. Best to eat more pleasurable things and be eaten by more pleasurable things.

  14. michaelm says:

    Came here looking for T-shirt Friday.
    Leaving a bit frustrated . . . :mrgreen:
    Nice toon, though

  15. Dolce says:

    @ Nurse M > And hives. And bunions. And chronic nausea. You know. Run ‘o the mill office hypochondria!

    @ Dais > Stop bleating and get of your knees! (oh and hahahahahahahahahahaha)

    @ Dais > THAT’S m’girl!

    @ Mands > Eish. I swear. These last few weeks have been killer. Like I’ve actually had to do some real work for a change. Bastards. (Oh and *grin*)

    @ Michael M > Yeah. If Friday’s were about T-shirts at the moment, I wouldn’t be knee deep in shitsville. Counting beans and slavin’ to the man. Or something. *sob*

  16. nursemyra says:

    daisyfae is fucking goats? wow – to think I shared a bedroom with that goatfucker…..

  17. egadfly says:

    Set the hamsters free
    Give boss to goat as sex toy
    Now where’s that t-shirt?

  18. Dolce says:

    @ Egadfly > Goats are people too / in their goaty bleating way / they have their standards!

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